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Cobra Golf AMP Cell Technology

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Cobra Golf AMP Cell Technology




AMP Cell Driver


With the AMP Cell driver series, Cobra has improved upon its wildly successful AMP series by including full loft adjustability through MyFly Technology and SmartPad Technology, as well as incorporating AMP Cell technology, which enhances their existing E9 Face Technology.  In addition to all of its technological advances, Cobra has taken a lead from its parent company, Puma Golf, and is offering the AMP Cell drivers in a variety of colors including red, blue, orange, and for the more traditional golfer, silver.     





MyFly Technology

Cobra’s innovative MyFly technology allows the player to adjust the loft with six available loft settings from 8.5° to 11.5° (full loft increments) including “Draw” settings at 10.5° and 11.5°, reducing buyer’s stress when it comes to choosing the proper loft when purchasing.  This also allows the player to dial in their game, regardless of conditions by maximizing distance and properly managing trajectory.               


SmartPad Technology

SmartPad technology is incorporated into the soleplate of the club, and helps the club deliver a square face at address, regardless of loft setting which inspires confidence during set-up.  It also allows for player adjustments at address to present a slightly open or closed look at address. 


AMP Cell/E9 Technology

E9 technology has been a long-standing feature of Cobra drivers, and it provides a larger effective hitting area, allowing for maximum distance on a larger area of the face.  AMP Cell technology enhances E9 by strategically re-positioning additional discretionary weight, resulting in a 12% larger effective hitting area.  The result?  More forgiveness and reduced distance loss on off-center hits. 

Construction:  460cc head with 6-4 titanium body with a 6-4 ti face.


Other AMP Cell Driver Options





The AMP Cell Pro is the player’s version of the AMP Cell driver.  It features all of the technological advances of the AMP Cell, but has a slightly smaller 440cc head with a lower, more neutral center of gravity to allow for improved shot-shaping capability, is offered in silver and orange colors, and comes stock with the Mitsubishi Rayon Kurokage 60 shaft.  There are six available loft settings from 7.5° to 10.5° settings (full loft increments) with “Fade” settings at 8.5° and 9.5°.  Construction:  6-4 titanium body with a 6-4 ti face.



The AMP Cell Offset driver assists the player who struggles with a slice by reducing the severity of the slice through offset hosel design.  MyFly technology and the SmartPad have been removed from this driver, but AMP Cell and E9 technologies are included for maximum distance on off center hits.  The AMP Cell Offset driver is offered in 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5° options.  Construction:  460cc head with 3-1-1-1 titanium body and 6-4 ti face.  





AMP Cell Fairway and Hybrid


The AMP Cell fairway wood and hybrid are also available in red, blue, orange, and silver head colors, and both incorporate all of the exciting new technologies as the AMP Cell driver including MyFly, SmartPad, AMP Cell and E9 technology. 


With MyFly technology, the AMP Cell fairway woods are now offered in a 3-4 fairway wood (with 13°, 14°, 15°, and 16° loft settings as well as 14° and 15° “Draw” settings) and a 5-7 wood (with 17°, 18°, 19°, and 20° loft settings as well as 18° and 19° “Draw” settings).  The AMP Cell fairway wood comes stock with the Fujikura Fuel graphite shaft with dozens of custom options available.


The AMP Cell hybrid is available in a 2-3 hybrid (with 16°, 17°, 18°, 19° loft settings as well as 17° and 18° “Draw” settings), a 3-4 hybrid (with 19°, 20°, 21°, and 22° loft settings as well as 20° and 21° “Draw” settings) and a 4-5 hybrid (with 22°, 23°, 24°, and 25° loft settings as well as 23° and 24° “Draw” settings).  The AMP Cell hybrid comes stock with the Cobra AMP Cell Mitsubishi Rayon graphite shaft.

Both the AMP Cell fairway wood and AMP Cell hybrid feature an ultra-hot 17-4 stainless steel head with a high-strength 455 steel face.








AMP Cell Irons


The AMP Cell irons from Cobra golf incorporate incredibly exciting and innovative new technologies to improve your game including Metalwood face-weld construction (with E9 face technology), AMP Cell technology, V-Skid sole design, and a vibration dampening system.  Cobra is also offering the irons in red, blue, orange, and silver cavity backs, providing the player with personalization and choices without sacrificing a traditional look from address. 







Metalwood Face-Weld Construction With E9 Face Technology

This innovative new technology has allowed the engineers at Cobra Golf to weld an ultra-hot, thin face to the soft body, resulting in longer ball flight with a soft, supple feel.  The E9 face technology produces a larger effective hitting area, resulting in reduced distance loss on off-center shots. 


AMP Cell Technology

AMP Cell technology adds to the E9 technology by strategically re-distributing weight from the face of the club to the perimeter, while positioning the center of gravity directly behind the sweet zone.  The result of this process is a more stable clubhead through impact and more accurate iron shots.


V-Skid Sole Design and Vibration Dampening System

The Vibration Dampening System located in the cavity of the head reduces vibration on off-center shots and provides the player improved sound and feel through impact.  The V-Skid Sole is strategically shaped and sculpted to provide optimal turf interaction through impact, guaranteeing the best possible face-to-ball contact for improved distance and accuracy.

Construction:  3-7 irons--431 stainless steel body with a plasma-welded high-strength 17-4 stainless steel face; 8-LW—431 stainless steel. 


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