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Embedding Links to TST Resources - Tutorial

The Sand Trap forums have a great way to embed links that's historically under-used, so we've written this article about it.


We'd like to encourage you to embed links to The Sand Trap resources rather than just copying and pasting the URL. It's something you can do daily to help make The Sand Trap just that little bit more awesome. So check out this new embedding feature, play around with it and have fun!



When you're responding to a discussion and you want to link a thread, article, product, or review, it's a good idea to Embed it. It looks nicer and cleaner than just posting a link, like this:



Here are the steps to take to linking to a TST resource when responding to a discussion.


1. In your tool bar click on the "</>" button:



If you can't see the "</>" button, you're probably viewing the simple editor controls. Just click the "More" button to the right to view the full controls.


2. Search for the link or resource

In this reply I want the user to check out a thread where he can see what other users have said about the grips I have recommended. 


Just type in words like "pure grips" or "newbie helpers" or "5SK video thread" in the search box, and click the "Search" button.



3. From the list of results, Click on the link (red) you want.


In this case, I'd like to select the first thread listed.



4. Choose how you want to link to look:


You'll probably use "Inline" for most posts that link to threads.


5. Your post with the embedded content will look like this when submitted:



And when you hover the mouse over the link it will look like this



6. You can also embed products easily!


Here I'm searching for a review for a specific set of irons



7. We recommend going with "Block" for Products.



8. Your post will look like this:


Comments (2)

Does this function not work with blog posts? I just tried to use it to link to the "Filming Your Golf Swing" blog post and I couldn't find it. I ended up linking to the thread that links to the blog, instead.
Thank you for this. Been a member for a while and just found it.
TheSandTrap.com › Articles › Embedding Links To Tst Resources Tutorial