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Nike Covert - The New 2013 Clubs

Nike VR_S Covert Driver




With the introduction of the VR_S Covert series, Nike Golf has brought cavity-back technology to drivers, fairways and hybrids. This seemingly simple engineering concept completely changes the way woods and hybrids perform on both professional and amateur levels. Its technological changes are matched with a striking visual design to make it even more unique.



The VR_S Covert is the world's first High Speed Cavity Back driver that complies with USGA and R&A rules. The breakthrough cavity back technology strategically positions weight to the heel and toe, increasing the MOI (Moment of Inertia). This creates more stability and energy when the driver makes contact with the ball, resulting in greater distance. You won't be able to see the cavity without looking at the sole, though – it's concealed by the crown to make its performance potential truly "covert".

Another technological advancement in the VR_S Covert is its intuitive FlexLoft feature, a dual-axis adjustment system with an easy-to-use pull, turn and push/tighten mechanism. The 3 face settings and 5 loft settings (ranging from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees) give you a total of 15 options you can independently dial in to work with course conditions and your own playing style.

The VR_S Covert also comes with a more familiar feature: NexCOR technology. Previously used on the VR_S STR8-FIT driver, NexCOR is a variable face thickness that creates a more expansive hitting zone on the face. This means that you get faster ball speeds from more positions on the face. The combined forces of the cavity back, FlexLoft and NexCOR make the VR_S Covert both powerful and extremely playable.


Style and Design

At Nike, innovation trumps tradition. The VR_S Covert follows that philosophy with its mix of a traditionally shaped head and the new cavity back design. The rich red paint scheme and angular cavity shape give the driver a high-performance look that matches its cutting-edge technology. The red crown also sets it apart visually from other drivers on the market. As a final touch, Nike's placed white Swoosh emblems on the sole and heel that act like an artist's signature.





VR_S Covert Tour

The Nike VR_S Covert Tour has the same cavity back, adjustable hosel, FlexLoft and NexCor technologies as the standard Covert model, but there are two key differences. One is that while the Covert has a 460cc head and a deeper face, the Covert Tour has a 430cc head, a wider face and a fixed weight screw. The other difference is that the Tour model's face has a black finish instead of the standard model's chrome finish. Both models feature the new Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft, which is made with high-density carbon fiber to enhance control and generate more power.


The VR_S Covert driver is definitely the most advanced driver Nike's released in years, and even the company itself is calling it "the most innovative club Nike Golf has ever produced." PGA and LPGA pros like Jhonattan Vegas, Paul Casey and Suzann Petersen are already raving about it. The cavity may be covert, but there's nothing subdued about its stunning design. The VR_S Covert is set to be a game changer, and there's little doubt that it will be.


The VR_S Covert and Covert Tour drivers will be available for pre-sale starting on 1/8/2013 here on GlobalGolf.com. These hit the streets in North America and Europe on February 8, 2013. They will be available to the rest of the world on February 15, 2013. Save the date – a revolution is coming!




Nike VR_S Covert Irons


Nike introduced a landmark change in club design when it brought to its woods the cavity back technology of its irons. While the idea of a High Speed Cavity Back in the VR_S Covert irons isn't as groundbreaking as it is in the woods, the irons still offer incredible advances in technology that make them Nike's most versatile and widely appealing irons to date.






The headlining feature of the VR_S Covert irons is, of course, the High Speed Cavity Back. This technology uses extreme perimeter weighting, meaning that shifts more of the club's weight into the heel and toe to elevate the Moment of Inertia (MOI). This adds forgiveness and boosts ball speeds on more areas across the face. What makes the High Speed Cavity Back especially unique is its "covert" design. By remaining hidden from view, the cavity back gives the iron the high performance of the VR_S iron with less bulk and a sleeker look at address. To counter the harsher feel and sound that can often be produced by irons with less center weight, a softening polyurethane badge has been added behind the sole.


Speaking of bulk, the toplines and soles of the VR_S Covert irons are thinner than those of Nike's original VR_S irons. This engineering makes the Covert irons more playable for more types of players. The no-weld, 1.6mm-thick sole in particular creates a hotter face for faster ball speeds and greater distance.


A more familiar feature of the Nike VR_S Covert irons is the NexCOR face design, which was previously used on 2012's VR_S irons. NexCOR is a variable face thick technology that adds distance through speed. However, the VR_S Covert's NexCOR technology has been enhanced to make the face more flexible and forgiving.

Lastly, the sole of the VR_S Covert irons has a new dual-beveled shape that reduces turf interaction for cleaner shots with less digging.


Style and Design

As mentioned earlier, the hidden cavity back of the VR_S Covert irons gives it a streamlined appearance the sets up nicely at address. The irons also have a black finish at the cavity and etched VR_S and Swoosh emblems, as well as a matte finish.


The VR_S Covert long and middle irons are made from 450 Carpenter steel, while the short irons have a 1704 stainless steel construction. All the irons come with your choice of Nike Kuro Kage Black 70 or True Temper Dynalite 90 steel shafts.


They will available for pre-sale here on GlobalGolf.com starting January 8, 2013. These hit the streets in North America and Europe on February 8, 2013 and in the rest of the world starting February 15, 2013. This is one of the most anticipated iron series in golf, so save the date!



Nike VR_S Covert Fairway Wood & Hybrid


The Nike VR_S Covert fairway woods and hybrids go above and beyond other woods on the market with their breakthrough technology and distinct aesthetic. Like the VR_S Covert driver, the fairway woods and hybrids feature a revolutionary hidden cavity back sole design. This High Speed Cavity is created by redistributing material from the back of the club to the heel and toe. This increases the MOI (Moment of Inertia) and produces almost the same ball speed on slightly off-center hits as it would when hit directly on the sweet spot.








Another great feature of the VR_S Covert line is its high-strength stainless steel face with Nike's proprietary NexCOR technology. In the same way the cavity back design used to belong only to irons, NexCOR was previously only found in Nike's VR_S STR8-FIT driver but is now used in all VR_S Covert woods and hybrids. NexCOR technology is a face design that is thicker in the center and thinner around the edges. This expands the sweet spot, creating a larger effective hitting zone that minimizes power loss on impact. Together with the cavity back sole, NexCOR makes the VR_S Covert fairway woods and hybrids exceptionally playable golf clubs.


The VR_S Covert comes in two models: standard and Tour. There are two major differences between them. The standard VR_S Covert 3 and 5 woods, as well as the 2, 3, 4 and 5 hybrids, have glued hosels. The Tour versions, however, feature FlexLoft technology, a dual-axis adjustable hosel similar to the one found on the VR_S Covert driver. This lets you adjust the face angle to Open, Closed, or Neutral positions and the loft angle within a 5-degree range. It also lets you make adjustments independently of each other; in other words, you can change the face angle without changing the loft. A torque wrench is included to make fine-tuning your club even easier.


The other main difference between the VR_S and VR_S Tour is the paint scheme. Both have rich red crowns, angular cavities and contrasting Swoosh emblems, but the Tour version uses a black finish on the sole and face while the standard version uses a chrome finish. The standard and Tour models both come with Mitsubishi Diamana Kura Kage shafts. According to Robert Boyd, Nike Golf's Innovation Team Leader for metal woods and irons, both models are close to hitting the USGA limits on COR (Coefficient of Restitution), but still conform to USGA and R&A rules.


As part of the Nike VR_S Covert series, the VR_S Covert fairway woods and hybrids are ready to make the entire industry rethink club design. Their sophisticated new engineering and eye-catching looks guarantee a lasting impression, if not a total game change.


The VR_S Covert and Covert Tour will be available for pre-sale on GlobalGolf starting January 3, 2013. They hit the street in North America and Europe on February 8, 2013, and the rest of the world gets them on February 15, 2013.



Comments (10)

does anyone know how the hybrid compares to the rbz phase 2 hybrid?
The physics sounds similar to the Tour Edge XRail FWs and hybrids. Both Covert and XRail talk about their heel-toe weighting to increase stability and MOI. XRail has diamond-shaped rails on the sole rather than a cavity, and a below-face V similar to TM Raylor (circa 2008).
Here's XRail clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bSvW3Wl_5ns
Great driver tried it yesterday great feel and some more distance
hit the drivers yesterday - local store had demos hit both the full size and the tour option. Wasn't impressed (so far), didn't get a lot of distance.. I still like my VR Pro a LOT more. But I only hit a few shots, and the shaft wasn't as stiff as I like either. Seems that when I connected I really had a lot of control on how straight it went though..... I'd like to hit both side by side and do a bit more than just play with a few shots before drawing any conclusions.
Got to hit the drivers at a local Golf Town today. Very impressive.
Hit it yesterday and the ball went through the simulator screen. #not
I got rid of mine could not get the correct accurecy on the course so got Nike to build me the vr pro ltd 8.5 topur ad miles better and getting a better flight
shame as i really liked the driver on the trackman but in practice could not get the comfort factor
Loving the new driver. I was fit for the non-tour version, stiff flex, 11.5*. I also cut the shaft down 1" and regripped. I picked up an easy 15 yards over my 909d2 which was a regular flex, 9.5* loft. The 15 yards was probably due to using the correct flex and loft, but nonetheless, this driver feels, sounds, and looks amazing.
Demo'd and considered the Covert driver. Although not a fan of Nike, trackman does not lie and this was one of two that #'d well for me. Will most probably buy one this summer.
Bought both the Driver & 3 wood.....hitting them longer and straighter.
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