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The New 2nd Swing Golf Website 1 Year Anniversary Of Relaunch

May 16th marks the 1 Year Anniversary of 2ndswing.com Version 2 Launch!


Over the past four years 2ndswing.com has made great strides to become an industry leader for golf e-tailers.  We have completed two site redesigns to ensure our customers have the best shopping experience possible.  The aim of the website is to make sure customers know exactly what they are getting before they step into the store or open the box of clubs they’ve ordered.  


As you can see, our original homepage had many tabs promoting our inventory of 11,000+ used clubs and encouraging customers to call in with orders or questions.  We asked our customers for feedback on our website. 



v1 homepage.jpg



The feedback suggested the website looked like it was from the “90s".  While we were happy to have an online presence for both our local and national customers, we wanted to make sure our website was indeed an industry leader.  The goal was a website that incorporates more functionality to serve the needs of our customers (rotating banners, much easier left hand navigation and updated inventory count every 5 minutes, just to name a few!).  In addition, we added a service team that is available during business hours to help any customers that call, email or chat with us!



v2 homepage.jpg



The biggest changes made over the last 4 years have been to our product pages.  At one time our customers were only able to find the most basic specs for an item.  There was not much information available and this led to many unsure of what they were looking for.



v1 2ndswing.com product page.jpg



With the release of our latest version of 2ndswing.com we have added many new features that give a clear and accurate account of the club for purchase.  We have added the ability to trade-in equipment, learn about the importance of fittings (and schedule your fitting!), as well as detailed descriptions of clubs written by our staff writers.   We have also added product videos and, most importantly, the ability for the customer to work one-on-one with our service reps if they have any questions.  In addition to these upgrades we also take multiple hi-resolution photos of each item with zoom-in capabilities, so our customers can see every detail.  We are the only company that takes unique photos of EACH product that we receive on the used side – READ MORE HERE



v2 2ndswing.com product page.jpg



At the end of the day we want our customers to have a great shopping experience.  With over 17,000 unique products on 2ndswing.com you could shop our website for hours without seeing the same item twice.  Combine that with the real-time product updates and you never know what you might find.  


We are always looking for suggestions on how to make our site better and would love to hear from you.  Let us know what you think of the site and any improvements that you would like to see!












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TheSandTrap.com › Sponsor Articles › The New 2nd Swing Golf Website 1 Year Anniversary Of Relaunch