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Practice Drills and Games

Drills (Description forthcoming)   Games   Up & Downs A game for two or more players at the chipping green. First player drops a ball around the chipping green and names a hole to chip to. Player can chip/pitch to the hole with any club. If the player holes out the chip/pitch they get 2 points. If player does not hole out chip then the player has one opportunity to putt. If the player holes the putt and gets Up & Down they get 1 point. If the player fails to get Up & Down they get 0 points. The remaining player(s) have to hit the same shot and try to get... read more

Big List Of Golf Terminology

  • by iacasAdministrator

From time to time I'll mention things below. This list should make for a handy reference. Abbreviations and Preferred Terms DL/DTL - Down the line (view) FO - Face-on (view), also called caddie view RE - Rear (view), also called posterior view Inclination to the Ground - Too many people use the word "spine angle." Your spine changes its flex throughout the swing. "Inclination to the Ground" or "Inclination" is a far better phrase. Motions Basic Motion = "Chip Length Swing" = Clubhead goes two feet back and two feet through (kinda like a... read more

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