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Sand Trap Site Awards

Starting in November, 2011 The Sand Trap began offering "awards" to members on a regular basis. Awards show up beneath a user's signature and, when clicked, bring you to this article. Awards are intended primarily for fun and recognition, and we're happy to hand them out to deserving members of our forum so they can be shown off proudly!   There are two types of awards and, as of right now, 15 awards in total as of the time of this writing. They're all discussed below. Staff members of The Sand Trap are ineligible for awards, so if you're wondering why none of us... read more

Social Groups On The Sand Trap

Social Groups on The Sand Trap Social groups are a new feature that allows forum members to create "clubs" to discuss topics of shared interest. This feature will allow forum members with similar interests to have a place to gather and share information, banter away, or to find other forum members in the same geographical area.     How to Set Up a Group   Any forum member can start a social group. Each group will have its own forum and the group page will list the members of the group as well as a "Join" button to allow visitors to join. All content in... read more

Facebook Connect Faq

What does "Connect with Facebook?" mean? For a couple of years now Facebook has been offering a service to allow folks to sign into other websites easily without having to enter a whole lot of information everywhere they go. This system has evolved over time and we've integrated it here for our members' convenience. If you'd like to hear what Facebook has to say, check out their developer's guide and help pages.     Why is this on the site? The main benefit is an easy registration process for new members who discover this forum via Facebook. Traditionally,... read more

Followers And Following

  What is Following? Following is like subscribing to another member; you'll receive notifications of their activity in public areas.   How do I follow another member? To follow a member, visit their profile page and click the "Follow Member" link under their avatar. You will be able to "unfollow" someone in the same place.   What will I be notified about? When following another member, you'll be notified about many of the same things that appear in their activity feed: replying to threads, writing reviews, and other actions they take around the... read more


Reputation   In the past, when The Sand Trap was powered by vBulletin, we used to have both positive and negative reputation. Members who had achieved a certain standard (the Established Member ranking) could vote on reputation, deducting from or adding to another member's reputation point total. Once they reached a certain total, their points would count as two, at which point they were capped.   Huddler has now implemented a "reputation" feature, but no longer can members vote negatively. Reputation on Huddler is, for now, positive only.   To the left you'll see... read more

Welcome To The Sand Trap Community

How To Add A Course To The Map And Write A Review

You might have noticed that if you click the "Courses" tab you then go to a page with continental US regions and states.  If you click on a state that hasn't had a mapped golf course, a default map of the Atlantic Ocean appears.   Here's how you add a course: 1.  Click "add item" 2.  Type in the name of the course you are interested in...and click "search" 3.  You will then see a page that starts with "anything look familiar"  with product pictures. 4.  If the course hasn't been mapped you will see a random assortment of products. 5.  Scroll down to the... read more

Discussion Forum Tutorial

  • by iacasAdministrator

Learn how to: Use the Forums Start A New Thread Reply To A Post Reply With A Quotation Edit Your Post Rate Posts Report A Post Export A Forum Post To A Wiki   Read the Forums Understand The Icons Read All New Posts or Help Beta Test The New Activity Feed! Use The "More Forums" Jump Menu Go To The First Unread Post In A Thread Mark Forums As Read   Using the Forums Start A New Thread Begin by navigating to the appropriate forum. Once in the desired forum, at the top left, you'll see the Forum... read more

Community Profile Tutorial

  • by iacasAdministrator

Learn: Edit Your Community Profile Edit Your List Change Your Avatar Edit Your Account Change Your Password User Name Changes     Edit Your Community Profile Your Community Profile is the place for you to tell other members of the community a little bit about yourself. Navigate to your user page by clicking on the "My Profile" tab. Toward the top right hand side of your user page, you will see the "Edit Community Profile" button. Click the "Edit Community Profile" button to answer the Profile Questions.  Feel free to... read more

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