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Frogger Amphibian Towel Review

Sep. 19, 2008     By     Comments (11)

Frogger Amphibian Towel HeroSeveral weeks back I discussed some towel options you may want to check out during your next trip to your favorite golf shop (or to look at during lunchtime at the office). One of the towels mentioned was the Frogger Amphibian towel, which I've been using for the past month.

I know what you might be thinking, "It's just a towel" but if you're even semi-fanatical about keeping your clubs clean while on the course, you know how important a good towel can be. A good towel is key in keeping your clubs free and clear of debris and looking good. Read on to find out why I think the Amphibian towel is the best towel currently on the market.

iGolf Neo GPS Review

Sep. 19, 2008     By     Comments (46)

The iGolf NeoAre you still pacing off yardages? How many times do you find a marker that seems inaccurate? Wouldn't you rather have a rangefinder? I know, they're expensive, but now there's one that costs less than a new fairway wood.

The iGolf Neo represents the new entry point for GPS rangefinders. At $149.99 (plus a $30 annual subscription), the iGolf Neo will make owning a GPS rangefinder a more likely proposition for many golfers.

I know what you're thinking, a GPS rangefinder for $150? It must be seriously limited in features. Well, as a matter of fact, this review is a bit overdue, because I've been enjoying playing golf with the iGolf Neo instead of writing about it.

Leupold GX-I Laser Rangefinder Review

Aug. 29, 2008     By     Comments (35)

Leupold GX-I Laser RangefinderI started a Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 review in 2005 with the sentence "Tiger Woods has long said that the secret to good golf is always being pin high." A lot has changed since 2005, but Tiger's advice still rings true.

What has changed is that three years ago rangefinders and GPS units were a rarity. In 2005, these types of devices were illegal. Since 2006, they've been legal for tournament play under a local rule, and it seems as though every serious golfer has one (or more!) in their bags. The market has expanded quickly, and the early guys in - Bushnell with laser rangefinders and SkyGolf with GPS - are being challenged at every turn.

One of the challengers in the laser rangefinder category is longtime rifle scope-maker Leupold (& Stevens) with their GX-I and GX-II laser rangefinders. These rangefinders notably improve upon the venerable PinSeeker 1500 in just about the only ways I think a laser rangefinder can really be improved: by adding features, making it smaller, and shaving a hundred bucks off the asking price.

I've put the GX-I to a thorough test. Read on for my results.

Clicgear Cart Model 2.0 Review

Aug. 22, 2008     By     Comments (36)

Clicgear FoldedSince finding out that the folks at Clicgear had made improvements to their award-winning push cart, I eagerly anticipated getting my hands on one to find what the fuss was all about with this easy-to-store, easy-to-use push cart.

Personally, I would much rather walk when playing golf versus having to use a motorized cart but don't like having to sling my clubs around anymore (must be a sign of getting old) so a push cart is a vital piece of equipment for me and the enjoyment I get from playing golf.

You may not think of a push cart as being that big of deal but having had some not-so-pleasant experiences with some push/pull carts in the past, I was hoping that the Clicgear would be the final answer to my search for the "perfect pushcart." Read on to find out whether my search is over.

Frogger BrushPro Review

Jul. 23, 2008     By     Comments (25)

I once heard that Tiger Woods, when he's working on something, will clean his club between each of the thousand or so golf balls he might hit on the practice range that day. The rest of us, why, we're often content to clean our clubs on the golf course between shots.

Unfortunately, most of the brushes I've ever seen are ill-suited for the task. They've got thin handles, weak bristles, and ineffective clips.

The Frogger BrushPro solves each of the problems with the traditional brush and includes a few extras as well. Read on to find out what makes the BrushPro the best brush on the market.

The Club Caddy: An Interview and a Short Review

May. 20, 2008     By     Comments (21)

Bag DropDavid Jones' Club Caddy won the first edition of Fore Inventors Only. Unfortunately, it's taken David until this month - nearly a full year later - to put in place his business and manufacturing partners and to begin selling the Club Caddy en masse to resellers and consumers.

Other folks from the show, like Gary Sherrell and Dean Thompson, have been interviewed by this site, and this time around we're going to talk with David about the troubles he's encountered. Following the interview, we'll share our thoughts on the Club Caddy.

Read on to see how the winner - and his product - have fared in the year since Fore Inventors Only concluded.

Velocity Wipes Review

Feb. 23, 2007     By     Comments (10)

Velocity Wipes HeroThere are a plethora of accessories available to make you golf life easier. Some meet expectations and some don't. Velocity Wipes are an item intended to make cleaning golf clubs easier.

Somebody was going to come up with a product like this sooner or later. Velocity Wipes fills a niche: an easy to use golf club cleaning product. While they can't do anything for bag chatter or dings, let's see if they do a good job of cleaning post-round grit and grime or if they're just a glorified wet-nap.

Basic Construction
Each wipe is approximately 9 x 13 inches unfolded. They come out of the dispenser folded once, just like a baby's diaper towelettes. The wipes look somewhat like a blue paper towel, but are made of a more fabric-like material and are much more durable than all but the strongest of paper towels.

QuickRange GPS Review

Nov. 17, 2006     By     Comments (2)

QuickRange GPS LogoWith the USGA decision to allow the use of distance measuring devices, the market for laser range finders and GPS units has grown considerably in the last year with companies coming out with various approaches to help golfers judge distance. Can a talking GPS unit be far behind?

Well, look no further as it has already arrived with the QuickRange GPS unit. The QuickRange GPS bills itself as "the simplest distance to green device available" and while that may be true in some areas, there are still some issues that hopefully will be resolved in future versions.

Bag Boy Navigator Electric Cart Review

Oct. 22, 2006     By     Comments (37)

Bag Boy Navigator HeroThe folks at Bag Boy make some of the most widely used golf carts in the world. Bag Boy led the move from the older pull-cart style to the more popular push cart nearly two decades ago, and golfers who prefer to walk without carrying have showed their gratitude ever since.

Widespread use of the push cart eventually led to the motorized push cart, and eventually someone thought of adding remote control capabilities to the electric cart. A lot of companies make electronic carts, and Bag Boy has jumped into the market with a cart they've named the "Navigator."

Having previously reviewed the remote-less electric cart from Sun Mountain, I was interested to see how much more I might enjoy golf with a remote-controlled mechanical caddy. At $1,499, I knew the Navigator had a lot to live up to!

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