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Clicgear Rolls Out Cart Model 2.0

Apr. 15, 2008     By     Comments (7)

Clicgear USA comes out with version 2.0 of an already impressive push cart.

Bag DropUnless I'm required to or play a course in a housing development with tee boxes about a mile from each other, I try to stay away from motorized golf carts as much as possible.

While I enjoy the exercise I get from walking, I've long given up carrying my golf bag. It's not that I physically unable to carry, I just prefer to dump my bag on a cart and push my clubs around during those hot summer days. Golf can put enough stress on your back, why add more carrying your clubs and bag?

I've used the same pull cart for the last five years or so and it's pretty bare bones so I've been on the lookout for a new one, (plus the pulling can add stress to your shoulders as well). Functionality is pretty important but so is storage space. Ask anyone who has children and you realize that trunk space becomes a premium.

The folks at Clicgear USA must have had me in mind when the came up with this ingenious design for their cart for their first version and have come out with an updated 2.0 model for this year. Let's take a look.

The Clicgear cart's frame is made from aircraft grade oversized aluminum tubing and sits on three "maintenance free airless tires" (which is a new feature from last year's model) so you won't get a pesky flat tire on the hole farthest from the clubhouse.

Clicgear Fold Sequence

A covered console sits next to the handle that allows you to store extra golf balls, tees and your scorecard. The hand brake is located conveniently next to the handle is looks to be an easy way to lock the wheels into place on slopes.

Additional features include a beverage holder (for whatever beverage you deem necessary for your golf game) as well as a new umbrella tube to store your umbrella. Adjustable bag brackets secure your bag to the frame to prevent it from falling off, which for those of us who have dumped their bag off their pull cart in the past is a good thing.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Clicgear cart is the storage factor. As far as push carts go, it takes up a ridiculously small amount of room. Add in how easy it is to fold and unfold when you want to use it, and that makes the Clicgear cart a must-try for me.

Price & Availability
Clicgear FoldedThe Clicgear cart comes in seven colors: black, orange, blue, silver, red, lavender, and kiwi and is available now at authorized dealers as well as online. One can be yours for about $200, which seems to be the price point for higher end (non-motorized), push carts.

Clicgear also offers several accessories, including a GPS holder, a shoe brush, mittens you can attach to the handle to keep your hands warm, wheel covers, and a storage hook. Check the website for more on those.

Final Thoughts
A couple hundred bucks seems like a pretty hefty chunk of change to drop on a push cart, but considering you will get many more years of use out of that compared to the latest and greatest $400 driver and it suddenly looks to be a pretty good deal.

Add in the benefits of walking during your round of golf and burning some additional calories and the Clicgear cart looks to be a pretty good investment (and much cheaper than a treadmill).

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  1. fastrack says:

    Excellent review, and I am fully tempted to try this 💡
    One I am currently using is very bulky even after folded 😡

  2. jaragon126 says:

    Looks great!
    My old one is about on it's last leg.

    Love the no-air tires, I can't tell you how many times I've tried using NO FLAT to try to seal up the holes in my old Sun Mountain push cart ... only to have the tires go flat again.

    And I love that it folds up so tiny ... hopefully leaves more room in my trunk than the old one!

  3. Phil Bunch says:

    I am really impressed with this cart. I am curious though I have a staff bag and am wondering if this would support it?


  4. Mom says:

    I just ordered one for my son and I cant seem to find anyone who carries the umbrella attachment. Help if anyone can tell me where to find it I will be greatfull.

    Mom 😕

  5. Joe says:

    Yes, this cart is great, just got one. It carries my staff bag fine.

  6. Jerry Emery says:

    Can we purchase the new tires to replace the old, air type, tires?

  1. [... Unless I'm required to or play a course in a housing development with tee boxes about a mile from each other, I try to stay away from motorized golf carts ...]

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