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Ping Introduces i10 Irons, G10 Series Woods, Irons, and Hybrids

Aug. 13, 2007     By     Comments (45)

The last time anyone released this many new clubs they were named "TaylorMade" and it had been two months since their last new product release.

Bag DropPing has long been one of the top club manufacturers of game-improvement clubs. Their latest innovations continue along this track as they plan to release two new sets of cavity-back irons, the G10 and i10, along with a new addition to the G-series of drivers with the G10 and G10 Draw Drivers. And that's not all: Ping is also releasing new fairway woods and hybrids to accompany the drivers and irons.

Let's take a look at Ping's latest clubs.

G10 Irons
Ping's new game improvement irons employ a new cavity design to increase the performance of the large-headed forgiving irons. Ping engineers utilized several techniques to ensure the consistency of these irons - low toe weighting to increase the moment of inertia (MoI), a new cavity shape, and a wider sole top the list.

Ping engineers also moved the center of gravity in the club away from the face and lower in the club, producing a ball flight with a higher launch and less spin. The new cavity shape is fitted with a Custom Tuning Port (CTP) and stabilizes the hitting area for consistent ball velocity across the club face.

The final addition to these irons is the elastomer insert in the CTP, which Ping says produces a better feel and sound from the clubs. Ping hopes that these advancements will make a game-improvement iron that can appeal to a variety of golfers.

Ping G10 Iron

i10 Irons
While the G10 irons are primarily game-improvement irons, the i10 irons look to be a step up for players who prefer a more blade-style club that still has the forgiveness of a cavity back. From address the irons appear to be blades with a thin topline concealing the cavity beneath. The new, smaller cavity design was engineered to create a solid feel across the club face.

Like the G10 irons, the i10s contain a Custom Tuning Port (CTP) which stabilizes the face, increasing the clubs consistency. Unlike the G10s, the i10 irons have a center of gravity closer to the face allowing a lower, more piercing ball flight. While the i10 irons appear to be superior players' irons, they have enough "performance enhancers" to help the capable mid-handicapper as well.

G10 Driver and G10 Draw Driver
The G-series drivers continue for Ping and these two models appear to be following the same mold as the previous models, Ping's G5. Both with 460cc bodies, Ping follows suit of other major club manufacturers using a taller face and deeper crown to produce a higher moment-of inertia (MOI). Although it appears only minor tweaks have been made in the creation of the G10 drivers, Ping's worldwide tour staff, including Chris DiMarco and Angel Cabrera, have so far enjoyed the small changes.

The G10 Draw Driver is Ping's answer to TaylorMade's r7 Draw driver. Like TaylorMade's version, the G10 Draw Driver uses heel weighting to produce a right-to-left ball flight. Perhaps John Solheim, Ping's Vice President of Engineering, sums up the new G10 Drivers the best: "We've engineered a lot of little improvements into the G10 driver which added up to significant performance gains."

Ping fans know the G5 was little more than a warmed over G2, and the G10 appears to be little more than a warmed over G5. While one warming over usually doesn't result in too much change, two such iterations may be enough to warrant a purchase.

Ping G10 Driver

G10 Fairway Woods and Hybrids
As with the G10 drivers, Ping's G10 and G10 Draw Fairway Woods have undergone some minor tweaks. One of the largest is a lower center of gravity created by a large weight pad on the sole. This allows for a higher ball velocity with reduced spin.

The G10 Hybrids are available in six lofts to allow players to replace anywhere from a 1-iron to a 6-iron. As in the drivers and fairway woods, the center of gravity is well back in the clubhead to increase launch angle, which should aid players in escaping from tough lies and to reduce spin for added distance.

New Shaft Technology
In addition to releasing new clubs, Ping has released new technology in the shaft department. With both the G10 and i10 iron sets Ping uses an Ascending Weight Technology (AWT) shaft design. The longer the clubs, the lighter the shaft will be and the shorter the clubs, the heavier the shaft will be. The aim in this design is to provide the golfer consistent weight progression with clubs and to increase clubhead speed in long irons while adding consistency and control with the short irons.

In graphite shafts, Ping is releasing the TFC 129 and 129i shafts. These are the standard shafts for the G10 Drivers and are available in numerous flexes to match each player's swing type.

Availability and Pricing
All of these products begin shipping on September 1, 2007 and stick to the usual Ping price range. The G10 Drivers will be available at $350, the fairway woods at $255, and hybrids at $150. Set pricing for the irons haven't been released as of yet but invididually the G10 and i10 irons are both available at $107.50 with steel and $135 with graphite shafts.

In the End…
Technology changes every day and club makers have to rush to keep up with the new and latest advancements. These clubs follow new advancements in golf technology.

Ping continues to assert itself as one of the leaders when it comes to golf club manufacturing. However, with such minor tweaks and no major jumps in technology Ping may have a hard time getting their existing users to upgrade. I expect that most of their marketing will be towards attracting new customers to the Ping line.

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  1. headtilt says:

    πŸ˜› I have loved my G2's I will give these a try when they arrive in the shops.

  2. Cris says:

    So is ping ever going to come out with an affordable set of irons? Or is their quality on every club actually that much better than everyone elses? I'm honestly asking out of curiosity. But I am looking forward to G-10 Irons, I love the look from the picture above, and hope they hit as good as their predecessors!

  3. Michael says:

    Cris, Ping's pricing is about average when it comes to top tier companies such as Ping, Callaway, and Taylormade. If you want some cheaper ping clubs, use ebays club finder and you could find a set of G2 (which still perform excellent) for $350-500.

  4. Doug says:

    I am very interested in seeing the i10 & G10 irons. I like the G2s that friends have, but they are too far to the game-improvement side for my liking. They may be just the ticket. I also am interested in the G10 driver as the last thing I need is to hit the ball higher. The deeper clubface is always a help there, provided they have some lofts less than 9*.

  5. Scott says:

    I didn't play much golf for about ten years and got back into it 3 years ago. At this time I bought the G 2 's as a game improvement iron and they've been great. Now, having gotten back in the game, i need a club with less offset and one that will give me a lower ball flight. I was going to try the S58's, but was a bit nervous to go with a true player's club. The new I 10 's look to be exactly what I need; Ping is in my area next week for a demo day, so I'm off to try the I 10 's, and I'm hoping they'll be the answer.

  6. Matt M says:

    I think this shows Ping was aware of the people moving away from their product lines. The Rapture G5 and i5 irons where on the large side. From what I've read and heard Ping is really trying to get back to the better player segment of the market. I haven't seen the i10 but I have heard they are some of the smallest irons Ping has made.

  7. Neale says:

    I have just had a chance to hit the new i10, at present I play the i5 and this new club is a better playes club but .... it is still as forgiving as my i5 (Demoed at Golf Galaxy). The G10 looks to be the most advanced line of clubs to date.
    Swing Away....

  8. Matt says:

    This is encouraging for me, too. I currently play Ping ISI irons and have "whittled" my handicap down to being a bogey golfer. You may laugh, I am quite excited.

    The i10 seems like what I am looking for, since I am shopping Callaway x18 or x20, TaylorMade r7, and Mizuno MX25, for their mid-handicapper game improvement clubs that will work for me as I continue toward my goal of being a 10 HI or lower. I was afraid Ping didn't have what I was looking for, but now they might.

    I think the i10 is more suited to my game as my general weakness is not ball flight or distance, but putting and wedge play.

    I look forward to testing these, and hearing more opinions and first-hand experiences from you all.

  9. Scott says:

    I just hit the i-10 blades and the new driver. I am a big Ping fan and loved the look and feel of both the irons and the driver. I actually think the driver is much better that the G5. I look forward to purchasing these items in the near future.

  10. Matt says:

    Are the G10's priceed less than the g5's? I was on Golfsmith just looking around and that is what I found.

  11. Andy says:

    We had the PING Tech van come to our club this weekend. I demoed the I10's and G10's. They are both awesomne clubs. I ordered a mixed set of I10 & G10 and was told that this is becoming a very popular way to have clubs custom fit these days, even PGA pros are using mixed sets of clubs.

    I would highly recommend that if you decide to buy these you go get custom fit, it takes about 45 minutes but is well worth it.

  12. Dickie (UK) says:

    Just got fitted for the Ping i10's, there not out in the UK until Sept.

    I have seen pictures over the web and I wanted to know if they resemble the S58.

    Please help how are they playing. :smile:

    Should have mine in the next 3 weeks. πŸ˜†

  13. sh0rty says:

    thinking of buying the rapture irons, but just canΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β΄t get my mind of the g10Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β΄s, anyone tell me if there is much difference???

  14. Teo It says:

    Just got fitted for the Ping i10's, there not out in the UK until Sept.

    I have seen pictures over the web and I wanted to know if they resemble the S58.

    Please help how are they playing. :smile:

    Should have mine in the next 3 weeks. πŸ˜†

    Well.. I got them yesterday... they're not so S58 looking but more i3 blade.
    smaller than my i5, thinner, they have definely a nice players look

  15. Chuck Thompson says:

    I'm in the same boat as ShOrty. I was ready to buy the Raptures based on the way I hit the demo set and also based on Golf Digest's mid-handicapper ratings, which put the Raptures in first place in "Game Improvement Irons". Now, the G-10's come along, and I love the way they feel and I love the way the graphite version looks with those orange shafts. I'll be trying out the G-10 steel shafted demo set tomorrow.

  16. JP says:

    Question, if one was to get a mixed set. Should theh4,5,6,7 maybe be the i10's and 8,9,P,U the G10's??

  17. Nate says:

    No.. If you use a mixed bag, you would want the longer irons 3-6 or 4-7 or so, be the more forgiving of the two clubs, the G10's. Then your shorter more scoring type clubs will have less offset, and be more precise. In theory.

  18. mick says:

    Question, if one was to get a mixed set. Should theh4,5,6,7 maybe be the i10's and 8,9,P,U the G10's??

    Don't want to confuse you but I believe you want to do the opposite of what you have stated. You want to go with the "game-improvement" irons or G10's for the lower (3,4,5,6,7) irons as they are harder to hit and you would benefit the most from the forgiveness. You then might want to incorporate the player's irons or i10's for the higher (8,9,W) clubs to aid the workability while throwing darts at the flag :smile:

  19. JP says:

    Thanks, two both reply's I did have it backwards. :mrgreen:

  20. JC says:

    Verdict btwn G10 and i10's ? Or will you go mixed set .. ??

  21. JP says:

    Yesterday I ordered my mix set. 4,5,6,7 G10 and 8,9,PW U i10..

  22. samson says:

    in case any of you are still checking this post, i have had my g10 i10 mix, 3-6 and 7-pw, incredible set, if you are up in the air about raptues g5s or g10s, go with the g10s, technology from both sets as well as a nice price tag compared to the raptures and how the g5s were until just recently, but keep in mind, buy only what fits your game, regardless of price, because i had to work my wife for a month to get these and believe me, i took my time,

  23. JP says:

    Samson, thanks for the input. Still waiting for my set to come in. Looking forward to hitting them, OBTW my wife has no clue what's in my bag. Mom's the word. 😈

  24. samson says:

    hopefully you have your set in by now, i know mine took awhile to get in but once they it took no time to shave strokes off of my score, by the way, good form on keeping that from the mrs...... it was a bear talking my wife into this with my own money, i'm such a sally, but a sally with great clubs though

  25. JP says:

    Got them yesterday, and hopefully will get a chance to use them this weekend. Look forward to hitting them. OBTW do you have there woods? Just sold my Hybrid and was thinking of getting the G10 21 0r 23 degree?

  26. JC says:

    Great stuff on strokes shaved .. just got my hands on a couple of demo clubs and going to test them out whilst on a full round 2moro. Have tried the hybrid G10 (15deg), a breeze to hit but not sure I like the sound on contact, a lil' hollow / unmetallic ping .. !!

  27. weri says:

    ➑ bought PING i10 yesterday...can't wait to feel the performance... πŸ˜†

  28. samson says:

    i do not have the woods, demoed them and loved them, same with the driver, just havent made the purchase quite yet, give em a try, if its got the ping name its got the ping game, wow i'm a dork, but u'll love them

  29. bill says:

    i tried the i10's at golfgalaxy and hit the 7 iron in the 160's consistently i found them more consistent and predictable than the g10's. i also hit the i10's with a little fade and a medium ball flight and just a bit further than the g10's The i10's feel like a much lighter club and more solid at impact.

  30. Tony says:

    I am picking up new irons in March and am considering the i10's. From what I have read here you all seen to like them but I was wondering what your handicaps are? I am playing off a single digit but want some forgiveness too.

  31. kieran says:

    How long did it take to get your I 10s after you ordered them?

  32. Matteo says:

    I am picking up new irons in March and am considering the i10's. From what I have read here you all seen to like them but I was wondering what your handicaps are? I am playing off a single digit but want some forgiveness too.

    I have i5 and than I get i10. I'm hcp7. I found i10 a little bit less forgiving but in any case they're great. The look is much better than i5 and they are easy to hit as their elder brothers...

  33. fred says:

    I have tried the g10 and i10 at their release, I was really surprised how great they played. I am a high handicaper (18) but I have been lowering my handicap consistently over the last 2 seasons with regular lessons. I was leaning towards the g10 but they had more offset than my actual clubs. My coach wanted me to learn how to hit correctly and not let the club do the work miraculously. The i10's (that i have since purchased) are sill very forgiving but let you know when you hit off center. My last game I played 82 and it is one of my best game ever. These clubs are forgiving enough if you are looking for a non-game improvement club that you can still be able to hit great even if you are not T.W.

  34. fred says:

    How long did it take to get your I 10s after you ordered them?

    It took exactly 8 days (I'm in Quebec, Canada)

  35. Ray Flemng says:

    What is difference Rapture vs G10 FwyWds?

  36. SkinnySkin says:

    Just got a G10 21* hybrid with stock ping shaft to replace my broken Nickent 3dx. Sick... sick... sick...

    Best hybrid I have hit. I am usually a 9-10 handicap and this thing is simply perfect. I can put a little draw on it a little fade on it, but mostly, it wants to go straight.

    I think the Cobra Baffler is a great club, the Callaway FT is super nice, but for my money, this junk is the shizzle.

  37. Paul says:

    Just purchased the I10's this last week. First new set of clubs in a long time. I got out of golf for a while (5-8yrs) then recently picked it up again. I was looking for a players club with forgiveness. Looked at mizuno mp 57's and 25''s. Still like the 57's but A little rough right now because my swing still needs some repitition to regain consistency.
    The I10's were a good compromise between a true players club and a thick soled non feeling game enhancement iron. I got extra distance and accuracy in my irons right away on first round, when i made a decent swing. I would have never considered Ping in the past however, these clubs have made me eat a little crow. With the fitting and customization that you get when you order Pings make it worth the price. Still cheaper or equal to Mizunos, taylors, callaways...

  38. ronnie holmes says:

    hi ive been reading through this thread and was wondering if anyone could help,im a 11 handicap and was going to go for the g10s but im buying them from edwin watts in orlando,they said they would custom fit them but im only there for 2 weeks will they be ready in time for when i come back home or does it take longer than 2 weks thanyou

  39. Keith says:

    Help, I am a 28 handicap player, I purchased a set of i10Ò€ℒs irons 4-PW because I really liked the look of them and thought they would improve my game. 6 months later I am struggling to hit the ball consistently. If I am honest I have gained 4/6 strokes over 18 holes and my game is getting worse each week. Should I have gone for the G10 or Raptures or something else, any thoughts good advise most welcome.

  40. JC says:

    Bought my G-10 irons (5-PW) after testing both i's and G's, definitely more forgiving with more offset. Greater distance (even w steel shafts) and accuracy. H'cap still 18, but that's mainly cos I play less than 15 rounds/yr. Added a 58 deg Ping Tour wedge.

  41. Socks says:


    Don't fret. You have some quality tools there, you just need to learn to use them. The G10's would've been better for your skill level but the I10's are a very solid iron. Slow down your swing and take divots. You'll be fine.

  42. Rob says:

    I have been researching and testing the newest drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. The Ping G10 driver really stood out in distance, feel, and sound categories. I will be making my purchases soon but need to seriously test the finalists at a driving range. I hope to try the 3 different shaft availablities (TFC 129D, ProLaunch Red, and V2 High Launch 65) along with the standard clubhead versus the draw clubhead, and the various lofts. Since I periodically fight a slice I will most likely end up with the G10 draw version.

    My only hesitation is Ping's color choices in shafts, head cover, and club soles. The bright obnoxious color schemes drastically cheapen the look of your wonderful products.

  43. steven hansen says:

    Once apon a time it was Ping Irons but not Ping Woods. Well now I play Ping Woods and Mizuno MP57 Irons. My driver is a 12 degree loft, no draw, stiff shaft shortened by Ping to 44 inchs and this club is a fair way lover. Now this G10 driver is really a great feeling club. Still have a G5 3 wood 14 degree loft stiff shaft, a good club. No more long irons I use a G10 7 wood and a G10 9 wood, no hibreds or what ever you call them. The 12 degree G10 short shaft cost me just alittle distance bit on the tight courses I play I could care less. πŸ˜€

  44. bobby_14_handicap says:

    I use Cobra s9 irons graphite shaft regular flex. They are very good for me for the 4 iron through 9 iron. However with the PW and GW I had trouble hitting high from a tight fairway. I saw how one of my fellow player was easily hitting high soft lobs on to the green from 50 yards in with her Ping G10 U wedge. So I tried it and liked it enough to order a I10 Utility wedge in graphite regular flex, red dot. I picked I10 over G10 since I hate offset short irons.

    Now I am able to hit the ball as high as I want so long as a divot is taken, even from the tight lies in fairway. The red dot has a
    slightly flat lie which is suited to my swing. I am enjoying this club
    so much today I ordered a I10 W wedge! A Mixed set is Nirvana!

  1. [... Ping has long been one of the top club manufacturers of game-improvement clubs. Their latest innovations continue along this track as they plan to release two new sets of cavity-back ...]

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