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Tour Edge Launches New Exotics XCG-3 Hybrids, Fairways, and Drivers

Nov. 10, 2009     By     Comments (17)

Like Enzyte for your long game, Tour Edge guarantees you’ll be longer, or your money back. Hopefully the creepy smile isn’t a side effect.

Bag DropIt seems like all too often, all we hear about is Callaway, TaylorMade Titleist, Nike, or Ping - the big boys in the industry. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing, but some of the smaller guys deserve a look sometimes as well. They are possibly even more deserving of attention than the giants are because we all hear about it as soon as one of them brings us the latest in moveable weights, adjustable heads, etc. The marketing guys cleverly place ads with everything from Tiger to Trevor to a smooth talking baby in a high chair, sporting a certain visor and calling his buddy a shankapotamus.

What we don't always see are the products from companies such as those from Tour Edge. Though they make some pretty strong claims ("20 yards longer or your money back"), they also stand by another guarantee - one that says you can play their club for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied, you're entitled to a full refund. That alone may make the latest in the Exotics line worth trying out. Continue on to see many other reasons to give the new XCG-3's a chance.

XCG-3 Hybrid
For starters, the new Exotics XCG-3 hybrid mixes the best of the older XCG hybrid with some new materials with a great end-result. So much of the emphasis on modern hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers is placed on the location of weighting, these being no different. The tungsten sole allows for the weight of the head to be low, deep, and well distributed along the outside edges. In fact, the tungsten sole in this hybrid is twice as heavy as steel, which helps to get the weight under the ball therefore improving launch. This low, deep concentration creates a center of gravity that assists in squaring the face, making the XCG-3 longer and more accurate than its predecessors.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3 Hybrid

The tungsten sole is mated to the maraging steel cup face via a weld-less process in which the two pieces are chemically treated, fused together and vacuum heat cured to create the permanent bond. That especially thin steel face works in conjunction with the low CG to bring the spin rate way down. Also hidden inside the clubhead are two weight pads, which not only helps locate that low CG, but also improves the sound of the hybrid.

Price, Options, & Availability
For $199, the XCG-3 hybrid comes with a Fujikura Motore 80-gram graphite shaft and the Golf Pride Exotics New Decade cord grip. 3H through 5H models are available, ranging from 16° up to 24°. Shafts are available from L-flex to X-Stiff, and the 3H and 4H have both right-handed and left handed options. They are available now at your favorite retailer.

XCG-3 Fairway Wood
Quite a number of design features are shared between all 3 clubs in the XCG-3 line. Like the hybrid, the woods employ a titanium cup face, crown, and body. The tungsten sole also returns in order to push the weight down and deep. In fact, the sole alone weighs 126 grams, and attributes to 63% of the overall load of the head. That low center of gravity produces a great deal of additional stability and forgiveness to help the golfer out on those not-so-perfect swings.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3 Fairway Wood

The face is improved thanks to a variable thickness, which is said to provide more flex and rebound across the entire face of the club. According to Tour Edge, this unique face combined with the previously mentioned low CG delivers drastically longer distances than any other competitor's product. Like the hybrid, the XCG-3 fairway wood is assembled using the same no-weld Combo-Brazing process.

Price, Options, & Availability
Again, the Fujikura Motore Exotics shaft is the stock shaft option, in a wide range of flex profiles. It is topped off with the Golf Pride Exotics New Decade cord grip. They are available now for $299 in a number of lofts ranging from a strong 3W (13°) up to a 7W (21°).

XCG-3 Driver
As expected, many of the same design features are shared between the hybrids, the fairway woods, and the driver. The 460cc driver consists of a heavy tungsten sole, an aerospace titanium body, and an amorphous carbon crown. The variable thickness cup face also has an X-contour technology that contributes to an explosive launch across the width of the face. In order to produce a larger sweet spot, an inner O-ring lines the outer edges of the face and allows the face to flex more.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3 Driver

A thinner, lighter crown is achieved by the use of amorphous carbon, which is essentially a more lightweight, yet stronger version of the carbon materials used in other clubs. The reason for this use of this lighter carbon is so that weight can be moved to the sole via the use of more tungsten. In fact, 28 grams of the material is used to take the CG lower than any previous Exotics driver ever made. Again, the benefit here is more stability through impact and a higher overall MOI.

Price, Options, & Availability
The stock shaft is once again, the proven Fujikura Motore Exotics, though if you choose the X-stiff flex you then step up to the Morore Exotics Tour 80 shaft, which is a lower launching shaft than the standard model. Three loft options are availabe - a 9.0°, and 10.5°, and a 12°, all of which are 45" long and maintain a square face angle. To maintain consistency with the other previously mentioned clubs, the Golf Pride New Decade corded grip tops off the club. Tour Edge has set the MSRP at $349.

Final Thoughts
Though the Tour Edge Exotics line may not be the first you evaluate when looking for a new wood, maybe they should be. It's obvious, the emphasis has been placed on forgiveness off the tee, which I know most of us can no doubt benefit from at times. The 20 yard guarantee may be a little played out, but far too often the engineers and designers get a bad rap because of the marketing department. Though I won't necessarily expect to hold them to that claim, I will definitely make an effort to at least try one of these new clubs because as I said, you never know until you try it.

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  1. UserK says:

    Looks like these guys copied the design from the new Nike VR Driver

  2. Dennis says:

    Looks like these guys copied the design from the new Nike VR Driver

    Besides the red, they look completely different. Exotics is legit.

  3. Matt says:

    Looks like these guys copied the design from the new Nike VR Driver

    Have you seen the Nike VR, I'm not sure I'd say Tour Edge Copied them. Besides from the sole plate picture how can you tell?

  4. david forde f says:

    I'm fed up with being tempted by every new driver that seems to arrive seconds after you have just bought the latest super Tech Model!! I'l stick with my new Ping G15 thanks .

  5. UserK says:

    Nothing Serious. I just found them to be similar. If you see other pictures of the exotics, like the side view, they have the same red channel thing across, only the exotics is a little bit thinner.

  6. Andreas says:

    I have the previous 3 wood from them and it really is 10 metres longer than anything else I tried. I will definitely try the new driver

  7. snowman says:

    I was put into a Tour Edge Exotics 3 wood last year by a high-end custom fitter in Scottsdale area... It is 'hot'; 15 yds longer than my previous 3 wood on good strike (full disclosure - custom shaft also: mitsubishi bassara). I will be checking these out. I've been looking for hybrids recently and Im ALWAYS Looking for Drivers/Distance. IMO, Tour Edge is a quality company.

  8. freed0m says:

    Tour Edge makes high quality clubs. I am currently using the XCG-V line Driver, 3 & 5 Woods. Best clubs I've hit in 2009, and I've tried quite a few other name brands.

  9. John P. Orr says:

    Lots of public-course golfers in St. Louis area carry Tour Edge clubs. From 2002 until this spring, I played Tour Edge Bazooka Tungsten Beta Ti fairway woods. The 3 wood was 14º, the 5 wood 19.º Came with Grafalloy Bazooka Ultralight stiff shaft.

    Beta Ti models preceded the GeoMax drivers and woods, which preceded the Exotic.

    Beta Ti clubs had a solid feel, but didn't seem so head-heavy - felt almost like persimmon-headed clubs! Clubs got the ball up on contact, but didn't balloon that much in the wind. Only problem was a low profile design; I had trouble popping the ball up when I used them off the tee.

    The Beta Tis got retired this spring when I went from stiff to regular shafts. Haven't tested any TE clubs lately, but may give them a try.

  10. Steve says:

    I've used the original XCG hybrids for 2+ seasons now. A 16* #2 and 21* #4. Wouldn't kick them out of the bag for nothing. Don't even bother carrying a 3wd, as the 2h is an easy 230 off the deck average. Yes the lofts are jacked a little, thats why the 4h is my 3 iron replacement (substittute 5wd). Have tried some of their other offerings, but the drivers don't do anything for me and I like my irons forged with no gimicks.

    Fully agree, try these if you can. The technology is real and solid. Just not enough respect.

  11. Paul says:

    The XCG is outstanding and has everything you'd every want. I've hit the major hybrids and this one rises above the rest.

  12. Phil says:

    Since we are talking Tour Edge...
    I owned an early TE Iron-Wood which I trade for Houdini #3 Utility (16*). Great trade as the Houdini was much easier for me to hit. Then I tried the CB2 Driver. I was expecting a ton more distance... but never got it. Nice club but not the outstanding distance of the fairway woods.
    Could I have some feedback on I whether I should get an Exotics XCG 3 wood to go along with my Houdini Utility 3. The XCG is stronger in loft by 1 degree and shaft is longer by 1/2 inch. So on paper the difference is minimal... but I am assuming the CB face on the XCG must make it far longer than the Houdini??? Yes, I'm greedy and would like an extra 15-20 yards if the XCG would provide it. Thanks. Go TE E!!

  13. Scott says:

    Tour Edge Exotics line is the best of the best as far as I'm concerned. Three months ago I tried out the xcg-v 10.5 voodoo stiff and picked up 15 yards over my 9.5 speedline. I liked it so much I tried a set of cnc forged blades off eBay.... $150, loved the price so I got them. I liked them, then a friend hit them and bought them on the spot $250. Got a newer set , no bag rash on these had my fitter pull the dg300 and upgraded to 6.0 KBS Tours after all was done, getting heads all balanced (7 grams diff) flowed the shafts every club in bag plays at firm and perfect!! I picked up 8 yards per club and dropped 4 strokes in only three rounds with them. They are the best irons money can buy I'm glad they go cheap on the bay, no fakes!!! I will get a xcg3 3 wood when I can get my hands on one but TEE has screwed the pooch with shaft choice it's not a true motore same piece of junk TaylorMade puts in there woods. If I can find head only that's what I would do and put a speeder in it. Oh yeah David Glod Tour Proto 2.1 replaced my Scotty Cameron sold it. Exotics is the deal, the real deal!! IMHO

  14. jim says:

    I have used the Original Tour Edge driver and been absolutely satisfied with the quality and performance and always go back to this old faithful over my other drivers. Looking at the new models my local distributor suggests that i am unlikely to gain much better performance from the new models. With that in mind, those of you considering these clubs may want to look at the original Exotics line which is as good as any new driver from any company that i have tried. I ma yet to see any real difference between my old Exotics and any of the newer drivers out there.

  15. Tyler says:

    I traded my FT-9 for this driver because it is at least 20 yards longer!!!

  16. Dr. Jay says:

    A few years ago I tried the XCG 3-wood and was so amazed by the accuracy, distance and the boring ball flight that I got the driver, 5-wood and 3 and 4 hybrids. I play the stiff shafts with a mid kick point in all of them.They are all very forgiving and have a great, boring trajectory. Prior to this, I never had a matching set of woods, let alone matching hybrids.

  17. Mike says:

    Hitting the XCG 3 wood 250 carry into a firm wind at the range again last night. Easy off the deck too.. play to a 9 hcp. Used everything else and this is the most forgiving thing EVER. Feel is very very good. Launch is high, hard to hook and cut (20 yards either way). I am buying the hybrids next.

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