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Five Fearless Predictions for ’08

Dec. 14, 2007     By     Comments (20)

Trap Five Logo2008 is almost here. What will it hold for the world of golf?

I put that question to a few friends and came up with a couple ideas of my own. The farthest fetched prediction: one friend again predicted that this would be the year he scores a hole in one. He was there when I had mine two years ago, so I'm rooting for him. Of course, he's been predicting the same thing for several years now.

Pros and Cons of Amateurism

Nov. 29, 2007     By     Comments (10)

Thrash TalkOther than maybe Byron Nelson or Gene Sarazen after their 90th birthdays, can you think of a professional golfer with a double-digit handicap index? Well, I know one.

Me. Sort of, anyway.

It may well prove to be the high water mark of my life in golf. It was a cool, rainy Sunday in February, 2005. The location was the Dallas Convention Center. Perhaps the good karma was foreshadowed by how easily I obtained the Kitchen Pass from my wonderful wife to leave the house, the unfinished homework projects, and the bulk of my "honey-do" list to attend the Dallas Golf Expo. I figured it would be a way to kill a few hours, maybe check out some new equipment, and otherwise obtain a much-needed winter golf fix. It turned out to be much more than that.

All the Same CoR to Me

Nov. 27, 2007     By     Comments (2)

Bag DropAnd now all is right in the world. The R&A reminded golfers on November 11, 2007 that a new rule would go into effect on January 1, 2008 that would align themselves with the USGA to have a limit to the "spring-like" effect of drivers and establish a world-wide coefficient of restitution (COR) limit of 0.83 for all drivers, down from their previous limit of 0.86.

While this ruling doesn't mean much to most golfers (especially those under the rules of the USGA) it will have an effect on the rest of the world as some previously legal drivers will now need to be replaced in order to fall under the new limit.

Golf Rant: Assorted Mythology and Nonsense

Nov. 15, 2007     By     Comments (19)

Thrash TalkBefore I can settle into hibernation mode, it's necessary to blow off a bit more steam. Join me this week as I rant a little.

Equipment Companies
Don't get me wrong, I love golf equipment. I love fondling it in the stores, ogling over it in catalogs, and wasting my kids' college money buying it for no reason other than it's obviously better than the crap already in my bag, even if that crap is last year's signature model. I am also a technophile, and believe today's golf equipment is the best in history and contributes significantly to my enjoyment of the game. Rock on, men. There are, however, a few minor things for which I'd like to, oh, maybe gore the equipment manufacturers in the eye. To wit:

Dean Thompson, Inventor of Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

Nov. 14, 2007     By     Comments (7)

Throwing DartsToday's interview is with Dean Thompson, inventor of the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine, which made it to the final five on The Golf Channel: For Inventors Only show.

Dean graciously gave us a few minutes of his time to share his thoughts on Fore Inventors Only, developing the "perfect putting stroke," and what product he thinks should have won. We hope you enjoy the interview.

Brian Howenstein Swing Analysis

Nov. 3, 2007     By     Comments (7)

Swing CheckBrian Howenstein is an athletic player who struggles with consistency due to some bad habits he's developed at the start of his golf swing. He is a young player who just graduated from college. Brian has been playing golf on and off since his sophomore year in high school.

Brian's misses tend to be to the right in the form of large fades or giant slices. He hits his driver around 275 yards, but admits that number varies considerably depending on how he is playing that day. His 5-iron is his 200-yard club, which tells me he must hit his irons better than his driver. Lately Brian has been working on his swing path, keeping his head still, and shifting his weight to his left side, all of which can be good aspects of the swing to work on. But as we dissect his swing, we will find out some of these are not his main problems.

Srixon Buys Cleveland Golf

Nov. 2, 2007     By     Comments (21)

Bag DropThe speculation can finally end. For months, golf industry observers have been wondering who was going to snap up Cleveland Golf and the Never Compromise brand of putters from surf duds company Quiksilver. The surprise suitor is the parent company of Srixon, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a leading Japanese tire company.

Quiksilver has agreed to sell Cleveland Golf to the SRI Sports Limited division for $132.5 million. The deal is expected to close during the fiscal quarter ending Jan. 31.

The Markers Club Redefines Luxury Golf Membership

Oct. 24, 2007     By     Comments (0)

Mitch Brinton and Ron Wade had a dream and a passion for the game of golf. The high school pals wanted to live at and play on the best private courses in the country, and they wanted to let others do the same. With The Markers Club, they've done so.

The Markers Club is perhaps best described as an exclusive, virtual golf club. With membership and luxury homes at 11 of top golf destinations in the U.S., Mexico, and Scotland and an additional 13 planned, including spots at St. Andrews and in Ireland, The Markers Club has gotten quite a start on the dream.

Extending the Season

Oct. 19, 2007     By     Comments (9)

Trap Five LogoEven if you are not lucky enough to live in place blessed with a 12-month golf season, you can still get more golf out of your year (as long as you're willing to make a few concessions to Mother Nature). As JP recently pointed out, many of us in the northern half of the northern hemisphere are facing another winter with less golf than we can enjoy in the summer. Here in Ohio, we are currently enjoying bonus rounds (in shorts!) at the moment, but Old Man Winter will surely rear his ugly head at some point.

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