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Cobra Releases New AMP CELL Line of Clubs

Feb. 7, 2013     By     Comments (0)

Building off of last year's AMP woods and irons, Cobra has debuted the new AMP CELL line which features new technology and colors.

Bag DropLast year proved to be a pretty big year for Cobra Golf. In addition to signing Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson to endorsement deals and acquiring Puma, the company released the very successful AMP line of clubs. That line included everything from woods to irons and helped put Cobra back on the map. For 2013, Cobra is updating its popular line with the new AMP CELL line of clubs and they are packed full of new features and colors.

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Five Reasons to Be Excited for 2013

Feb. 6, 2013     By     Comments (6)

Why I'm excited about where the sport is headed.

Trap Five LogoNow that the 2013 has started, it's time to look a little bit back, and a little bit forward.

And sure, there are some reasons to be a bit turned off by golf. It's as expensive as ever, it can be painfully slow, and gone are the days when use your gut as a third hand while putting (if you're into that sort of thing), but there are even more reasons to be optimistic. We've got two players who tower over the rest of the field (plus a select group of more-than-competant runners-up), the majors are all entertaining, and the Playoffs won't take a plead from the President to work (unlike the BCS).

It's fun to follow sports on a week-by-week basis, but it's also valuable to take a step back once in a while. Let's dive in.

The Three Eras of Golf

Feb. 6, 2013     By     Comments (3)

The game of golf has dramatically evolved from a game played with hickory shafts and gutta perch golf balls to massive titanium metal composites and surlyn covered golf balls, has the evolution been a good thing?

Thrash TalkI believe that golf has gone through three distinct eras, with each of these eras defined by the equipment of their times. The three eras are: hickory, steel, and "metal." The first two refer to shafts, while the third refers to the heads of drivers. There have been great golfers within each of these eras and a few like Tiger Woods pushed the era changeover to take place. I know that separating these eras as I have is a bit of an oversimplification, but nonetheless each is important in its own way.

I will be the first to admit that I do not know much about the hickory era. There will be some argument, but the greatest player from this era is likely Bobby Jones. Only if you are the truest of traditionalist will you play the game with the equipment from this era. I have used a replica of Calamity Jane, which is the putter used by Bobby Jones, and even that putter is pretty darn hard to hit. I can only imagine trying to hit a driver consistently along with the lousy golf balls from that era. Still, it is the considered by many as the start of the modern game as we know it.

Titleist 913 D2 and D3 Driver Review

Feb. 6, 2013     By     Comments (4)

Titleist updates their acclaimed 910 drivers. Do these drivers hold their own?

Titleist 913 D2 TechIt's been a few years since I reviewed theTitleist 910D3 Drivers, and in that time frame Rory McIlroy has won a pair of majors with both the 910 and the 913 before jumping ship for a great big bag of money. Titleist tends to take the approach of not overpaying for talent, with the inkling that they'd rather spend their money making better golf equipment for the serious player.

The 913 D2 and D3 drivers are the latest in the line of Titleist equipment, and feature an evolutionary leap forward from the 910, further refining all that the 910 did right and improving on the soft spots with a hotter clubface and more consistent launch characteristics between the two drivers.

Join me as I take a look at the Titleist 913 D2 and D3.

I’m Caddie Tour GPS Review

Feb. 4, 2013     By     Comments (9)

The I'm Caddie GPS is the model of simplicity and convenience when it comes to golf GPS devices… Read more to find out how it might improve your golf experience

I'm Caddie 3I subscribe to the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple Stupid). On the golf course I rely on my stock ball flight unless I am absolutely forced to move the ball one direction or another. My first thought on every short game shot is what is the simplest way to play it, and I always try to err on the safe side with any shot decision. So it's safe to say I am not exactly Phil Mickelson. So when I was asked to review the I'm Caddie Talking Golf GPS, one if the simplest golf GPS devices on the market, I thought this gadget might be right down my alley.

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Seven

Jan. 20, 2013     By     Comments (0)

Rory and Tiger take the weekend off.

Hittin' the LinksHello golf fans and welcome to the 2013 Golf Season! I am back again with a collection of all that is interesting and golf related. This is the beginning of my sixth year here at The Sand Trap, and I have enjoyed every minute. Here is to another great year of golf!

In this first 2013 edition of HtL we begin with a look at Bubba's charitable side, then investigate what Tour players think of Rory's switch, and find out how that switch worked out for him. Also, we check out Stricker's semi-retirement, look into Rory's decision for the Olympics, and do a wrap-up of the weeks events. Read on!

Mizuno MP-H4 Iron Review

Jan. 19, 2013     By     Comments (12)

Mizuno's newest addition to the MP line invites mid-hadicap players to the party, but can they retain the buttery feel that players have come to expect from a Mizuno player's iron while bringing a new level of forgiveness?

Mizuno MP H4For the last few years now, Mizuno has maintained a lineup of clubs that included two different families of irons. For better players, there is the MP line of clubs which offer great feel and workability but little in the way of forgiveness. For players seeking more forgiveness, Mizuno has also offered a game improvement line; first it was the MX line and in more recent years, the JPX line. With the release of the new MP-H4 irons, Mizuno has blurred the line between players and game improvement irons, and let me tell you, it's a good thing.

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New Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, and Irons from Adams Golf

Jan. 15, 2013     By     Comments (0)

Adams Golf unveils two new product lines; the SUPER S and the SUPER LS.

Bag DropAdams Golf, long known as the "number one hybrid on tour" is releasing two new product lines at the end of this month; the SUPER S and the SUPER LS. This release of products is special for Adams because the SUPER S line represents the first time that the company has released an entire family of products (driver through irons) under the same name. According to the company, this is because the clubs share much of the same technology and at its core is designed to make golf more enjoyable.

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What to Watch for in 2013

Jan. 14, 2013     By     Comments (7)

2012 was quite a year, I take a look at 2013 and what to expect from the PGA Tour.

Thrash TalkNow that the PGA Tour is about to kick off the West Coast swing, it is a good time for some thought on what to expect for 2013. In retrospect, 2012 was a really good year. I have already reviewed the season's majors here, but the rest of the season had tons of intrigue as well. Tiger won three times, Rory won three times and took player of the year honors, and a new crop of rookies made their mark as well.

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