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Crocco Concho!

Nov. 23, 2004     By     Comments (0)

The Crocco Concho belt by Footjoy is hot on tour and in college.

Being a fashion–plate, as well as an avid watcher of golf on television, I have noticed that many of the pros seem to wear a similar distictive belt. You know the one, it's black with the silver pointy tip and some small metallic plates around the side. Well, I finally stumbled across the hottest accessory on tour. The Crocco Concho belt, by Footjoy.

It appears that Tiger wears the Crocco belt as well as some of the other PGA top guns. Not only is it popular on the big boy tour, even these snot-nose college pukes are getting into the act. It's practically part of the uniform now.

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Winter Fitness

Nov. 23, 2004     By     Comments (0)

Heading into winter? Exercise, ya lazy fool!

Golf FitnessGolfers in many parts of the world are about to be hit - or have already been hit - by a plague collectively known as "winter." Winter golf is what it is: if you live near an indoor driving range, you can hit balls. You can watch golf on TV, you can swing in your basement, and you can putt on your living room carpet. But what if you want to stay fit?

The Sand Trap .com will soon be reviewing the Golf Fitness Guide. We're impressed with the virtual weight of the eBook: 240 pages. If you are looking for a fitness program to keep your game in shape through the snowdrifts of winter, you may want to check out the ebook. Or wait for our review in a week or two… Or try golf pilates, if you're into that sort of thing.

Thanks, Aaron.

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What’s Your Handicap?

Nov. 23, 2004     By     Comments (2)

How do you figure out your golf handicap?

Wizard Of Id HandicapWhat's your handicap? If the king asks, don't answer!

In the early 20th century, the United States Golf Association (USGA) introduced a handicap system aimed at allowing players of all skill levels to compete against one another. In other words, and theoretically, the handicap system allows a player who has trouble breaking 90 to compete against Tiger Woods. This is done by granting the weaker player "strokes." On tough holes, the less skilled player is allowed to take a stroke (or more) off of his score.

The USGA handicapping system was fitted in the 1980s with a new gadget: the "slope rating." The slope rating aimed to level the playing field (pun intended) by accounting for the relative difficulty of different courses. Thus, handicapping involves three numbers: your score, the course rating, and the slope rating.

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Cold-Weather Balls

Nov. 23, 2004     By     Comments (0)

Change out your regular balls when the weather gets chilly.

You may beat around a bunch of Pro V1x's all summer, but come fall and winter, the chill in the air gets a little more pronounced. Cold-weather golf is a different beast: more clothes restrict turn and speed, colder temperatures affect the physics of golf balls (flight, compression, etc.). Greens are either softer or harder (depending on the area in which you live).

In particularly cold weather, you may want to sacrifice your pride and play a lady's ball. The Precept Lady is a fine choice, and long the favorite of decent amateur players.


Nov. 22, 2004     By     Comments (0)

You've only got one grip per club. Take care of it!

GripsTake care of your grips. They're your only link to the club.

  • Change your grips out about once every year or two.
  • To keep your grips feeling tacky, spray them down every few rounds with Windex or similar cleaner, wipe dry.
  • During a round, wipe your grips prior to playing a shot.
  • Keep an eye on your grips for wear patterns that indicate problems in your swing.
  • Pay careful attention to the thickness of your grips - thinner grips promote more hand action, thicker ones less.

We recommends grips from Winn Grips or Golf Pride. Professionals can install grips for about $5/grip, grip cost included.

Woods Wins in Japan’s Dunlop Phoenix

Nov. 21, 2004     By     Comments (5)

Tiger Woods entered the last round of the Dunlop Phoenix ten strokes ahead. To say he was going to win was a foregone conclusion is an understatement of Woods-ian proportions.

TigerHe hasn't won since February. He's slumping, he's hurting, he's got a DVD, and he's… got a ball and chain. Tiger Woods folks, the former World Number One, has won a tournament! Granted, it was against a no-name field in Japan, but he won by eight.

Woods shot a final-round 67 (3-under) to win the Dunlop Phoenix by eight, his first win since the Accenture Match Play Championship in February and his first ever win in Japan. Woods, finishing at 16-under 264, beat second-place finisher Ryoken Kawagishi, who bravely fired a final-round 65. K.J. Choi also fired a 65 to finish at 6-under 274. Woods' last stroke-play victory was in October 2003.

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Annika Again in the ADT

Nov. 21, 2004     By     Comments (1)

Annika Sorenstam bogeyed the first hole of sudden death but hung on to beat Cristie Kerr for her eighth/tenth win of the year.

AnnikaHo hum. Annika Sorenstam wins another tournament. It's become old news, as we said two days ago when she built a one-shot lead after the second round of play. After Cristie Kerr forced a playoff with a 4-under 68, Annika bogeyed the first hole of sudden death to beat Kerr's double bogey from a splashed-down approach.

Sorenstam made it interesting, yanking her own 7-iron approach into the spectators, but two-putted from eight feet for the win. "It wasn't as pretty as the previous holes," Sorenstam said. "A win is a win. By the end of the day, the trophy is in my hand. I'm happy."

The victory marks Sorenstam's 56th career win and into fifth all time. She's now also the first three-time winner of the LPGA's season-ending championship.

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Putter Forward

Nov. 21, 2004     By     Comments (0)

Put the ball forward in your stance to hit the ball with a smoother roll.

Your putter is designed to get the ball rolling smoothly. You diminish its ability to do so if you play the ball back in your stance. To roll with topspin, putts should be struck - like your driver - with a slightly ascending trajectory. Put the ball just forward of center in your stance to ensure that this is happening.

There are times to play the ball back, too: when your ball is against the fringe or a cut of rough, for example. Hitting down on the ball introduces backspin, which causes putts to skid and slide offline and with less control.

A Real Hell Hole

Nov. 20, 2004     By     Comments (0)

Weequahic Park Golf Course, contender for worst golf course in the US.

For years, golf publications have inundated us with lists of the best courses that can be found in America as well as the rest of the world. These numeric lists are always accompanied by a few choice quotes and some carefully manufactured PR photos, usually taken at the break of dawn, to accentuate the landscape.

Rarely do we find out which courses are the worst of the worst. A possible contender for the title may be Weequahic Park Golf Course. This public muni located in Newark, New Jersey was listed as the #4 hell hole by Maxim. Not because of the ripped up tee boxes or the unkept greens but because of the three bodies found there over a six–month period between then end of 2002 and April 2003.

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