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Mizuno JPX-800 Pro Review

Jan. 5, 2011     By     Comments (20)

Mizuno JPX-800 ProThough Mizuno said goodbye to the MX series this year, they had the new JPX series waiting in the wings to fill the game improvement gap. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to review the new JPX-800 Pro, since this new series would replace that which contained the MX-300s I loved so much.

Though a large number of players may not have been very excited about this change, Mizuno was there to reassure everyone, saying that this was their biggest commitment to the game improvement category yet, and that the JPX series may in fact be a game changer. When a global company such as Mizuno pools all of their talented engineers from around the world, you know they really do mean business. So how did that pay off in real world results?

Next Generation with Sean Foley DVD Review

Dec. 30, 2010     By     Comments (32)

Sean Foley DVDSean Foley made a splash in 2010. Though he was known prior to this year as the coach of Sean O'Hair, Justin Rose, and Hunter Mahan (along with lesser knowns Stephen Ames and Parker McLachlin), Foley's dim star became noticeable at dusk as rumors that Tiger Woods, dumped by his coach Hank Haney, was going to begin working with the 36-year old Canadian. When the arrangement became official around the time of the year's final major, the Foley star became one of the brightest in the sky.

Capitalizing on his new-found fame (and helping charity - see comments), Sean Foley has put together a Blu-Ray/DVD instructional video that shares his understanding of the golf swing with the masses. Tiger's already shown remarkable improvement, despite remaining winless in 2010, but with solid performances in the Ryder Cup, Australian Masters, and his own Chevron World Challenge. For about $50 USD including the $12.50 S&H charge, you too can learn from Sean Foley.

Tifosi Sunglasses Review

Dec. 13, 2010     By     Comments (4)

Tifosi Sunglasses HeldSo, you purchased the latest high street brand golf bag, perfectly matching your brand new $800 irons. Of course you did, after all, you wouldn't want your clubs getting all damaged in some pencil bag. You purchased the latest driver from whomever, only setting you back another $400 or so, maybe more or you got it with a custom tour shaft that is suited perfectly to Tiger Woods, or your favorite golfer, but probably not you. It even came with a magnetic head cover, "state of the art" they say, and again, you don't want your latest investment getting damaged do you? I bet you even have a nice travel bag for those two trips a year you make to keep your clubs from getting knocked about on the plane.

Mizuno MP-63 Irons Review

Nov. 26, 2010     By     Comments (18)

Mizuno MP-63 IronsA few years ago, I sold a set of Mizuno MP-60s and have been ruing the decision pretty much ever since. At the time, I thought I'd found a better fitting set for my game (plus, newer clubs are always better. Right?). Unfortunately, I haven't found an iron with that same sweet feel that those MP-60s had. The MP-57s were very close, but the MP-52s and 62s seemed to lack the buttery feel that solid impact delivered with the 60s. Plus, that "Cut Muscle" design employed by Mizuno on the MP-32, -57, -60 and -67 made for some very good looking golf clubs.

TRUE Linkswear Tour Shoes Review

Nov. 8, 2010     By     Comments (24)

TRUE Linkswear HeroWe first mentioned the TRUE Linkswear shoes in our Bag Drop article. The first and only "TRUE" shoe - the "Tour" model - was introduced back in September and has been shipping since earlier last week.

I've had the opportunity to try out a pair of the Tour shoes (I'll likely slip and call it the TRUE several times throughout this review, but for now the terms are almost synonymous) for the past several weeks, and though I don't want to give away the ending, I will say this: Ryan Moore ain't a dummy for wearin' them.

Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track Driver Review

Oct. 12, 2010     By     Comments (13)

Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track Driver HeroWhen you say the name "Mizuno" to the typical golfer, they first think of one thing - forged irons, often a muscleback or blade type material.

If this typical golfer kept thinking, they might never arrive at "drivers," let alone drivers with adjustable weights. As popular as Mizuno is for their irons, they're at least as unpopular for their hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers.

Unfortunately, their stellar irons overshadow an impressive woods/metals lineup, the best of which may very well be the MP-630 Fast Track driver. Read on as we shed a little light on Mizuno's under-appreciated driver.

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Mizuno MP-CLK Hybrid Review

Sep. 9, 2010     By     Comments (12)

Mizuno MP-CLKWhen I think of Mizuno Golf the first thing that comes to mind is a forged iron. Mizuno for years has been manufacturing forged irons that are among the very best in the golf industry. I personally played a set of MP-32s that remain one of my very favorite sets to this day. In more recent years they have even successfully gone after the higher handicap player with the MX line of game improvement irons.

That being said, I have never been a real fan of their line of woods. Even their Tour players have rarely played their woods and almost never played their drivers, a trend that continues to this day. So when I heard I would be receiving one of their new MP-CLK Hybrids I was anxious to try it to find out if it was more like their world class irons or their often unsuccessful woods.

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LeviTee Golf Glove Review

Aug. 13, 2010     By     Comments (15)

leviteebackHow many times have you heard teaching pros say something to the effect of "grip the club like a bird: tight enough it won't fly away, but not so tight you crush it." Strangling the club is a common problem, and it leads to mechanical flaws, funky tempo and general stress on the hands and wrists.

A new glove on the market, the LeviTee Golf Glove aims to ease your grip with technology, rather than with cute analogies about wildlife.

Adidas Tour 360 4.0 and Tour 360 Sport Shoe Review

Aug. 12, 2010     By     Comments (12)

Tour 360 4.0 SportThe Adidas Tour 360 is entering its fifth year and fourth version and the Tour 360 Sport its third year and second version with the new "Tour 360 4.0" and "Tour 360 4.0 Sport" models. Though the styling has remained fairly similar due to the common technology of wrapping the Adidas-style triple bands around the undersole, the shoe has come a long way in five years and has claimed its spot among the leaders in the golf footwear arena.

I'm a long-time FootJoy guy - shoes with "FJ" on them have always fit me well - and I gave a pair of the 360 4.0's and the Sport models a try. Let's see how the shoes fared.

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