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Ogio Grom Stand Bag Review

Dec. 9, 2005     By     Comments (21)

Ogio LogoA good golf bag is akin to a well-designed fly-fishing vest. A good vest keeps your most important items handy without getting in the way when you're in the middle of a battle. The Grom stand bag from Ogio does just that. It is thoughtfully designed and innovative in many respects. It is a bag you might want to have a look at if you're in the market for a place to put your clubs.

Sonartec MD Hybrid Review

Dec. 1, 2005     By     Comments (7)

Sonartec LogoThe Sonartec MD has been a consistent performer on the PGA Tour since 2002. Once an obscure player in an obscure market, Sonartec is now a name most will not only consider, but often choose for their long iron replacement.

Sonartec truly broke through back in the 2004 British Open when Todd Hamilton used one religiously around the greens. It was interesting not only to see a pro player use a hybrid in this manner but just to use a hybrid period. From that point forward (so it seems), the hybrid revolution hit the golf market. An explosion of options in hybrid irons and woods from all the manufacturers can now be found. In large part to this event and Sonartec, the hybrid club is found in bags of tour players and amateurs alike.

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PeakVision Sports Glasses Review

Nov. 18, 2005     By     Comments (12)

PeakVision LogoYou might have noticed that an increasing number of Tour pros wearing sunglasses during their rounds. And you might also have noticed that most of those shade-sporting players tend to take off their sunglasses around the greens.

PeakVision Sports is trying to change that. The company has a unique line of golf-specific sunglasses that are supposed to improve your vision from tee to green - and even help you see the contours of the putting surface better than without sunglasses. Longtime Tour players like Billy Andrade and Bruce Fleisher have been wearing the shades on Tour this year and have become enthusiastic spokesmen for the product.

Fellow Sand Trapper Jeff Smith and I have had a chance to try out PeakVision Sports glasses for the last couple months. Did they turn us into putting masters? Read on and find out.

TaylorMade r7 Fairway Wood Review

Nov. 11, 2005     By     Comments (11)

Taylormade R7 Fairway SoleTaylorMade must really like their "r7" logo because they're sticking it on everything these days. Just recently they announced "r7 irons," their r7 driver line (Quad, HT, and TP) continues to sell well, and earlier this spring the r7 TP fairway woods were announced. It's taken us awhile to get this review online because, with a $399 price tag, the r7 TP fairway wood isn't one that your average golfer is going to want to try.

Make no mistake about it, this club - like most of TaylorMade's "TP" or "Tour Preferred" line - is for the better player.

Better players who do put this club in their bags will find one of the best fairway metals on the market today. They'll also find their wallets four bills lighter. Read on to see whether I felt the performance justified the cost.

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Scotty Cameron Putter Restoration and Custom Shop

Nov. 8, 2005     By     Comments (47)

Scotty CameronScotty Cameron is an artist. Modern artist to some, renaissance artist to others, and an artist of his own breed to a thoughtful few. Though he doesn't work with oils, he does offer his pieces of art in an oil (can) finish, and while you may not find him among the lilies at Giverny, you will find him among the mills at his California studio.

Scotty Cameron makes putters. Far from ordinary putters, many believe them to be the best in the land. What began as a hobby has turned into a world-class business and a long-standing association with Titleist. Scotty's works of art routinely top the professional golf tours in putter counts and can be found in the bags of players like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Adam Scott, Brad Faxon, Davis Love III, and more. These pros and more trust Scotty with their "gamer," the putter they know will make the crucial 10-footer to win a major.

Alpha C830.2 Driver Review

Oct. 28, 2005     By     Comments (7)

Alpha Golf LogoAlpha has been a large player in a secondary market. On the Long Drivers of America (LDA) circuit, you can find the C830.2 drivers in quite a few bags. Not all golfers are going to swing out of their shoes like those guys, but Alpha has designed a solid club that goes toe to toe with the best drivers out there.

Golf Digest even singled out the Alpha C830.2 earlier this year in their Hot List as one of "the best drivers you've never heard of." Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway: those we've heard of. It is easy to dismiss the so-called "second-tier" clubs, but Alpha is a great example of a small company making quality clubs. After spending a few months with the C830.2, I remain surprised.

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B3 Heavy Putter Review

Oct. 22, 2005     By     Comments (65)

Heavy Putter LogoPutting instructors have long talked about the advantages of maintaining a smooth, pendulum stroke and in allowing the larger muscles of the shoulders and back to swing the putter instead of any wristy motions involving the smaller muscles in the fingers, forearms, and wrists.

Unfortunately, some would say, the traditional putter does not do all that it can to suit the proper putting stroke. Those "some" have banded together to form a company and a line of putters known as "Heavy Putter." With putters weighing 90% more than traditional putters, Heavy Putters seek to help players eliminate the twitchiness of the smaller muscles and to smooth out strokes.

Do they work? I've spent a few weeks putting with the B3 mallet style Heavy Putter, and my opinion is set. Read on to see what I think.

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Big Oak Putters T’ville Review

Oct. 14, 2005     By     Comments (3)

Big Oak PuttersI'm a huge fan of milled putters. I've had one (but used many) in my bag since high school and rarely play a putter that isn't milled. I've played Scotty Cameron's and Tad Moore's, among others, but recently I found out about Big Oak Putters, a company specializing in hand-crafted, milled putters. When I was looking through their product line, I found the T'ville and it really appealled to my eye, so I had to give it a try.

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TourEdge Bazooka JMax 460cc Carbon Driver Review

Oct. 7, 2005     By     Comments (6)

Touredge Jmax DrawThis review comes to us via our partners at Specifically, we'd like to thank Sam Torrez (aka "Sam-Tee-Time"), who plays out of Dallas, TX, for this review.

TourEdge is a company that I've been aware of for their Bazooka JMax drivers, but I've never had the opportunity to test their clubs until recently, when I got my hands on the TourEdge Bazooka JMax 460cc Carbon driver. I was pleasantly surprised. Reading other Internet reviews of the previous model Bazooka drivers indicates that these are very solid, well engineered clubs that should be up for consideration for players of any ability level. As the limits to driver size has increased, TourEdge has responded likewise, with larger and larger clubheads that are now at the 460cc size limitations.

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