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TaylorMade r5 Dual Driver Review

Aug. 10, 2005     By     Comments (33)

TaylorMadeTaylorMade Golf has surged to the top of the driver marketplace over the last few years. The company which first popularized the modern metalwood fell off the pace a bit in the late '90s, but rebounded strongly with its 300 and 500 series titanium drivers. TaylorMade successfully followed those products with the r7 Quad driver, which stands as one of the most-played - and most-imitated - drivers on tour and at retail.

This year, TaylorMade applied some of the design principles of the r7 Quad to the new r5 Dual series. We had a chance to take one of the r5 Dual models for an extended test drive. Read on to see what we thought.

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Back-Nine Lytes Review

Aug. 5, 2005     By     Comments (0)

Back Nine LytesIt seems that whenever I play a round of golf in the summer, I can't keep my energy level up. I tend to lose my focus and become fatigued around the 14th hole. This is typically caused by dehydration. Most people try to combat that by drinking water. I've tried drinking water at every water station on the course and keeping a water bottle with me, but I end up feeling completely bloated and spend most of my time watering trees. Sometimes I'll turn to a sports drink, but those are a little too syrupy for my tastes, plus I feel like the sugar only provides temporary energy.

David Leadbetter Swing Setter Review

Aug. 4, 2005     By     Comments (43)

Leadbetter With The Swing SetterYou may have seen the David Leadbetter Swing Setter on television and wondered, "What in the heck can a golf club that makes clacking noises and looks like a weapon do for my game?" As I began this review I intended to find out if using this goofy looking contraption could improve my grip, swing plane, release, and tempo like it promised.

Leadbetter, the Swing Setter's creator, is among the world's most recognized golf instructors and founder of the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. He has made a name for himself instructing players like Nick Faldo, Ernie Els, Charles Howell III, and Aaron Baddeley. The Swing Setter is his attempt at providing a tool that any player can use to improve swing fundamentals.

Moseau Bamboo Fiber Shirt Review

Jul. 29, 2005     By     Comments (1)

MoseauIt's not often that one thinks about their shirt when playing golf except to be annoyed: annoyed that it's soaking up their sweat or that the left sleeve is in constant need of tugging up or that it keeps coming untucked on their follow-through.

As Josh mentioned in his Adidas ClimaCool Polo Shirt review, technology has finally come to the golf polo. Adidas, Callaway, Nike, and other manufacturers have mixed natural fabrics with synthetics and achieved solid results: wrinkle-free, stain-proof, moisture-wicking shirts with sun protection.

A company called Moseau has gone an entirely different route. Instead of synthetics, Moseau uses all natural fibers to construct their shirts. The fibers? Why, they come from bamboo.

3M Greptile Premium Golf Glove Review

Jul. 27, 2005     By     Comments (7)

3M Golf LogoMost golfers I know love to shop around for new golf equipment. It's like Christmas morning any time of year! We all love to test out the latest drivers, irons, wedges, and putters. But if there's one golf item I hate buying, it's gloves. I am very hard on golf gloves and go through several every year. I live in Oklahoma, where the humidity at times is overwhelming, and humidity and golf gloves definitely don't get along. I rediscover this fact every year.

Peek’n Peak Resort, Upper Golf Course

Jul. 26, 2005     By     Comments (3)

Peek'n Peak LogoPeek'n Peak has long been known to northwestern PA and New York as a great place to ski. With over 25 trails, "the Peak" entertains skiiers and snowboarders in those wintry months when golf can't be played.

When golf can be played, the Peak offers two courses - the Lower and the Upper. The Upper course, some may remember, plays host to a Nationwide Tour event - the Lake Erie Charity Classic, won this past July 3 by Esteban Toledo.

Adidas ClimaCool Polo and Shoes

Jul. 20, 2005     By     Comments (8)

Adidas Golf LogoGolfers used to be made fun of for their clothing - and with reason! Suffice to say Duffy Waldorf and Woody Austin would have fit in quite nicely 15 to 25 years ago.

The modern golfer is a bit more stylish, however, and a recent push within the clothing industry has focused the energies of golf apparel designers on a new target: performance. What began with Under Armour and Nike Dri-Fit has come to nearly every golf clothing line from Callaway to Izod to Adidas. Performance clothing wicks away sweat while you're working out (and more). As a geek and a clothes horse (is that possible?), I've always been fascinated with this stuff and have found myself buying multiple pairs of moisture-wicking underpants. The only problem with most of this stuff is when you wore it you felt like screaming "I must protect this house" à la Under Armour every time you enter a room.

Bag Boy EZ Fold 12 Three Wheel Push Cart Review

Jul. 15, 2005     By     Comments (10)

bag_boy_ez_fold_push_cart.jpgAs Tiger Woods separates himself from the field at the British Open, I pay tribute to something they call a "trolley" across the pond. Though we call them "pull carts" or "push carts" here in the States, trolleys are a staple in the home of golf - a way to relieve players of the burden of carrying clubs without the necessity of a caddie.

Out With the Old
I've been lugging around my old two-wheel pull cart on the golf course for several years. It's old but reliable. Every round, it seems to get heavier and harder to drag. Casting my old cart aside, I felt it was time to enter the 21st century and try the latest in trolleys. My old cart was a pull cart. My new one? I push it like a baby stroller.

What better product to try than a push cart created by an innovative company like Bag Boy? With excitement, I opened the box to my new EZ Fold 12 Push Cart. I'm not particularly handy and leave all areas of assembly to my husband, but I heard that the EZ Fold was simple to put together. I told Barry to leave it to me.

Vokey Spin Milled Wedge Review

Jul. 12, 2005     By     Comments (90)

Vokey Spinmilled 250Next to putters, wedges may be the single most personal clubs in a golfer's bag. Wedges come in a variety of shapes. They have different lofts, different finishes, different grooves, different bounces, different soles, and different weights.

For the better player, wedges are the truest scoring clubs. Every shot from 125 yards and in is hit with a wedge, including full shots, chip shots, sand shots, flops, pitches, and more. Tom Kite was one of the first players to put a third wedge in his bag, and today quite a few Tour players have as many as four wedges. Players may switch drivers or irons every few weeks - or even week to week - but wedges sometimes last for years in a player's bag.

The wedge game is dominated by a few players: TaylorMade with their RAC wedges (specifically their Y-Cutter RAC wedges on tour), Cleveland with their CG10 and 588 wedges, and Titleist with their Bob Vokey designs. Relative newcomers (and "regular" clubmakers) like Callaway, Ping, and Mizuno are making inroads as well, typically with golfers who play the same manufacturer's irons.

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