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Bionic Glove Review

Mar. 31, 2006     By     Comments (11)

Bionic GloveOK, so wearing the Bionic Glove won't make you Col. Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, but it can make those aching hands feel invincible. I live in Arizona where the heat is dry but intense and your hands sweat. A lot. All that sweat running down your arms, all that wiping of the brow, it leaves my hands wet and ruins gloves after a couple rounds. So I've learned to play without gloves for sake of not buying them by the dozen. However, I miss the extra grip that gloves provide and will use them in milder weather.

Enter the Bionic Glove, a glove designed not only to provide extra gripping power with plenty of comfort, but also provides some padding in certain places on the underside of the hand and finger area ostensibly to aid those with arthritis.

TaylorMade r7 425/460 Drivers Review

Mar. 24, 2006     By     Comments (26)

Taylormade R7 425 SoleWhen it comes to the tee ball, TaylorMade leads, it does not follow. The 300 series driver was #1 on tour in 2000 and 2001 and TaylorMade followed with the successful r500. More recently the r5 and the r7 quad have been found worldwide in the bags of Tour professionals and amateurs alike.

While it is rare to see a new driver accepted so quickly by tour players, the new r7 425 was in the bag of nine players at the season-opening Mercedes Championship. Even with the new Nike SasQuatch and the highly anticipated rollout of the Titleist 905R, the new r7 still seems to be the talk of the industry.

I've been using a Titleist 983K and then a 905S for years, and I've come to appreciate the traditional pear-shaped design and playability in the Titleist drivers. I've spent a few months with the r7 425 as well as the larger r7 460. For $399 a pop, one would expect a solid club with excellent performance. Read on to find out if that's what we found.

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Oak Tree Country Club, West Middlesex, PA

Mar. 22, 2006     By     Comments (6)

Oak Tree Country Club, PAOak Tree Country Club is a semi-private course near Sharon, PA. Built in 1967 and designed by Ed Ault, Oak Tree existed until 2005 as a private club. The pressure of maintaining a large, active membership in the modern day forced the club's hand, but the transition has been smooth, and memberships are still available.

Director of golf Bob Collins invited The Sand Trap to play a round after making sure we were okay with a "tighter, tree-lined course." After assuring Bob that we valued golf courses of all shapes and sizes and that we weren't going to blame our poor shots towards those trees on faulty course design, he set up a tee time.

Trion:Z Ionic/Magnetic Bracelet Review

Mar. 17, 2006     By     Comments (61)

Trion:Z Ionic/Magnetic BraceletI thought I could use an "edge" when playing golf to maximize my performance on the course. I was running out of steam and a bit achy at the end of a round of golf. I figured that exercise alone just wasn't enhancing my performance in spite of the fact that all the tour pros insist that using weight training equipment and stretching would help me achieve that par score that is so evasive to me.

I started to look into magnetic bracelets. Hey, don't laugh! Magnetic jewelry has been used since ancient times to ease pain and improve circulation. I even saw celebrities like Johnny Bench and Ben Roethlisberger sporting them on their wrists endorsing their healing properties.

Ernie Els Training System Review

Mar. 16, 2006     By     Comments (6)

Ernie Els Training SystemMy main goal for 2006 is to lower my handicap and I've made improving my short game my a priority. I've committed myself to spend more time at the putting greens both at my house and my home course. I've learned from Dave, who tells us week after week in the Numbers Game that the key to lower scores is hitting greens in regulation and putting. It's great to drive the ball well but you've still got to get the ball in the hole.

Enter the Ernie Els Training System. The Ernie Els Training System has a simplistic approach that almost makes you doubt its worth. After all, it's a late-night The Golf Channel infomercial product, isn't it? Perhaps, but after one practice session with this product I loved it. It hasn't left my bag since.

MyTPI Personal Fitness Review

Mar. 3, 2006     By     Comments (7)

MyTPITiger Woods sparked a lot of trends when he joined the PGA Tour ten years ago, but one of the most resounding of those was golf fitness. The old jokes about how anyone could win at golf - and with folks named "Lumpy" winning tournaments, they were true - faded away in the face of Tiger's workout regimen. Professional golfers became athletes - fine-tuned machines built for flexibility, strength, and speed capable of delivering a clubhead to a ball faster and with more strength than ever before.

Scratch Golf Wedge Review

Feb. 24, 2006     By     Comments (13)

scratch_golf_logo.jpgI've never had a club built and constructed for me before. I've been fitted for proper shafts and things, but never have I had a custom club built to my liking. At some point I found out about Scratch Golf Wedges, who specializes in custom-built wedges. As you'll remember from last week, I love wedges, so I had to get fitted for one of their wedges.

I don't know how I found out about Scratch Golf, but I will say that I was slightly nervous, as I had no experience with them, nor had I heard from anyone who had a wedge built for them in the past. But at the risk of spoiling the rest of review, I wasn't disappointed.

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Feel Golf Wedge Review

Feb. 17, 2006     By     Comments (9)

Feel Golf LogoI love wedges. No, not wedgies, wedges. As in sand wedges, lob wedges, pitching wedges, and gap wedges. I've probably used 30-40 since I started playing the game… and I'm only 26. Yes, I might be just a bit crazy.

My obsession began because when I was younger, chipping was the only way I could practice. Since I couldn't always get a ride to the golf course, I spent a lot of time chipping in the front yard. To the detriment of my parents, I learned how to hit flop shots in the backyard, trying to lob golf balls over the house (breaking only a couple of windows). Heck, I've went so far as to build a make-shift bunker in my parents' backyard. Maybe I'm weird? But I've always had an unhealthy obsession with wedges.

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F2 Wedge Review

Feb. 10, 2006     By     Comments (38)

Face Forward TechnologyAccording to Face Forward Technology there has not been a major innovation in wedges in the past 50 years. Taking a look at all the wedges in golf shops today and you'll surely agree that although there are subtle differences that none really stand out.

Enter the F2 Wedge and its radical design. In fact, the first time I had these out on the range a few passers-by even paused to take a look at this odd looking club. According to the company "both human testing and robotic testing proves that the F2 gets you into the Scoring Zone more often than any other wedge tested." We'll see about that…

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