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Girls Get Lei’d on The Big Break V

Jan. 8, 2006     By     Comments (5)

It's time for another season of "The Big Break". The ladies will stir up trouble in Hawaii making this another terrific season of physical and mental prowess. Who will earn an exemption this season?

How many people agree with me that the Big Break IV was a bit of a snoozer? The old "Europeans versus the Americans" work better in the Presidents Cup or the Ryder Cup but became a bit overdone by the time The Golf Channel got through with it. Well folks, snooze no more! The ladies are back for another season of the Big Break and they're not only good golfers but they are also hotties!

2006 Big Break V:Hawaii Calendar

They even have their own 2006 swimsuit calendar to muster up a bit more interest! Where is Danielle Amiee when you need her?

Seriously, if the new season of the Big Break is anything like the original "Ladies Only" competition, it should be a hoot to watch.

The rivalry between Danielle Amiee and Pam Crikelair created a hit for the Golf Channel but the Big Break IV followup left most people disappointed. Catfights are good for ratings and I can only hope that there will be a few outbursts this season. Remember when bleach blonde Amiee crossed tough-as-nails beginner Pam Crikelair? Ratings shot through the roof and Amiee's antics became a regular topic in The Sand Trap forum.

I believe the Golf Channel has found a group of ladies who are not only beautiful but are truly interested in duking it out for a spot on the tour.

This season most of the ladies work in the golf industry and range from Futures Tour players to a REMAX Long Drive qualfier. Ages range from 23 to 39 with two of the golfers from overseas. There are teaching professionals, Q-School qualifiers and college golf superstars who all want their chance at fame and fortune on the LPGA tour. BBII winner Danielle Amiee's chance came and went as her two attempts on tour were unsuccessful due to a recurring back injury.

Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu will host the weekly televised event, The Big Break V: Hawaii. One girl will be sent packing immediately as the season premier opens with all of the ladies having to play in order to secure a spot on the show.

I think that the sagging ratings of Big Break IV have the network looking for ways to get excitement flowing immediately and make the viewers want to come back for more. The 2006 calendar is one way that the network is injecting interest into the show. Come on, we all know guys like to see a little cheesecake! It's the nature of the beast!

I'm sure there will be other twists and turns and I wouldn't put it past the producers to throw in a shill who will stir up trouble. They saw how much the audience loved to hate Danielle Amiee and I'll bet that the competitive nature of the girls will turn out to be of real interest to Big Break fans. It's time to briefly introduce the eleven golfers who will be competing this season on the Big Break V. Can you choose the winner from the brief bios below? You might have to wait until the first episode to make an educated guess but I think I have a few favorites already.

Jeanne Cho, 23, is both smart and cute. With a 4.0 average and an international background Cho has already competed in Q-School and plays on the Futures Tour. Miss August speaks four languages and was trained at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Nicolle DiSanto, 27, aka Nikki and Miss October is the long driver in the group and says she can hit her 7-wood longer than I can hit my driver. I believe her but it's going to take more than a good drive to win this one, Nikki. Better brush up on your short stuff.

Divina Delasin's name (24) may be recognizable to those who read my LPGA column. She is the sister of LPGA tgour player Dorothy Delasin and although unsuccessful in her several LPGA Q-School tryouts feels she can make it afterall. Divina works as an assistant professional for the First Tee program and is Miss February. Can Divina show up her sister out on the LPGA Tour?

Jo D. Duncan, 39, is probably going to be the den mother to these newbies. Miss April has already competed in a few LPGA tournaments, earned a four-year golf scholarship and is a REMAX long driver like Nicolle. I can see these two battling it out in future episodes.

Miss September Julie Wells, 25, was once Oregon's Athlete and Golfer of the Year. Her Idaho college team won the Big West Conference and she was named Player of the Year. Wells has twice attempted to get a spot on the LPGA Tour but with no success. Lots of titles and a pretty face for Julie but let's see some action on the course.

Aussie Dana Lacey, 23, finished in 23rd place on the Futures Tour last year. She has had amateur success in Australia but we all know that America is where the ladies find both the money and fame. Miss July turned professional just before heading to the USA.

Kim Lewellen, 34, is the mom in the group and has successfully competed as an All-American at the University of North Carolina as well as the European and Futures Tours. Miss March certainly doesn't look like the wife of an Episcopal minister.

Becky Lucidi, 25, is a rookie on the Futures Tour and has a few titles under her belt which could make the difference in this event. Miss June won the 2002 U.S. Women's Amateur Championship and the following year the NCAA Nationals at USC.

Ashley Prange, 24, is another girl who has attempted a bid at Q-School and has a successful beginning on the Futures Tour. Miss May had two top tens on the tour and could be a force to be reckoned with.

Kristina Tucker, 25 is Swedish beauty Miss November but has also played golf for Duke University (as did Brittany Lang who begins her LPGA season with exempt status after successful completion of Q-School).

Katie Ruhe, 24, is also on the Futures Tour and has been All-American and works at the TPC of Tampa Bay. Katie is Miss January.

This season of the Big Break V premieres on February 7th at 9pm (EST). Let the games begin!

Photo Credit: © The Golf Channel Pro Shop.

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  1. I sure hope that they refer to the contestants as "Miss April" and so forth. That'd be fun. Like "Playmates at Golf" or something.

  2. I think TGC would miss a big opportunity if they didn't capitalize on the golf calendar in conjunction with the show.

  3. I love this calendar !!!! Very good post !!!!

  1. [... How many people agree with me that the Big Break IV was a bit of a snoozer? The old "Europeans versus the Americans" work better in the Presidents Cup or ...]

  2. [... How many people agree with me that the Big Break IV was a bit of a snoozer? The old "Europeans versus the Americans" work better in the Presidents Cup or ...]

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