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The Green, by Troon McAllister

Feb. 13, 2005     By     Comments (4)

Despite what the glowing reader reviews found on Barnes & Noble and lead me to believe, The Green, by Troon McAllister, is a disappointing book at best.

The story is narrated by Alan Bellamy, "Player of the Year" and Ryder Cup captain. After being defeated for $20,000 by a public links hustler named Eddie Caminetti, Bellamy names Caminetti the 12th man to the US Ryder Cup team. Heavy underdogs this year, the US team members witness Eddie's play and agree to pay him $100,000 if he helps them to win or keep the Cup.

The first page promises that things eventually go "haywire," but the expectation remains sadly unfulfilled throughout the book's 289 pages.

Big Break III Begins Tonight

Feb. 8, 2005     By     Comments (2)

This is just a quick reminder: The Big Break III premieres tonight on The Golf Channel. Hosted by Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks, and with women instead of men, this season of The Big Break looks to be an interesting departure from the Lesley Swanson/Rick Smith/men mold of the first two seasons.

Check our previous article on The Big Break III, which takes place at Williamsburg, Virginia's Kingsmill Resort.

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Trajectile Dysfunction

Jan. 27, 2005     By     Comments (3)

Trajectile DysfunctionHave trouble getting it up? Cleveland can help. Cleveland has put together a marketing campaign for men who suffer from "trajectile dysfunction."

The ad campaign was kicked off on the Web at a few weeks ago at and is now hitting television screens across the country (particularly in homes with The Golf Channel). The campaign, which plays off of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and countless other pills for men who have trouble "hitting their woods," is an attempt to draw attention to Cleveland's Launcher 460 Comp, a composite-crown driver being played by a man who's "risen" to the top of the world golf rankings, Vijay Singh.

If you're not satisfied with your ability to "go long," Cleveland Golf is looking to help.

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“The Sweetest Game” by Cal Brown

Jan. 21, 2005     By     Comments (0)

Sweetest GameI was over at Barnes & Noble a couple of months back and, like a true fanatic, was perusing the golf section and I came across a book I had to take home. "The Sweetest Game," by Cal Brown is a collection of anecdotes that serve to instruct and humor anyone who loves the greatest game.

In his chapter, "Golfers Are Born Losers" Brown quotes the proverb that says: "God gave us music that we might pray without words" and goes on to say, "The Scots gave us golf that we might suffer without guilt." Everyone who has played golf for any length of time knows what Brown is talking about and that is what makes this book so much fun. It's golf in the raw - the struggles of the greatest players in history as an example for the weekend hack.

Tiger’s Broken Camera, Explained

Jan. 20, 2005     By     Comments (3)

Nike AdTiger breaking the camera in that Nike commercial is all the buzz these days, and we've got more for you: a clip from "Inside the PGA Tour" featuring the director, Tiger, and some lovely footage of what a striped 3I from the Tiger can do to a piece of expensive glass.

Click here to play the commercial (8.8 MB, QuickTime MPEG-4 video).

Rumor has it that on the first take, they told Tiger to hit the ball a foot or so over the camera. He hit it about four inches above. From sixty yards away. That shot wasn't quite good enough, so on the second take, they told Tiger to hit the camera.

It is rumor no more. Check it out.

P.S. Be sure to also check out our forum after you've checked out the video.

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“You Have a Decision to Make”

Jan. 17, 2005     By     Comments (6)

Nike AdNike filmed a few new commercials recently, and Tiger Woods is the star of one we've titled "You Have a Decision to Make." This is no ordinary commercial, though: Tiger pulls off something a little special in the final seconds.

Click here to play the commercial (18 MB, QuickTime MPEG-4 video).

Rumor has it that on the first take, they told Tiger to hit the ball a foot or so over the camera. He hit it about four inches above. From sixty yards away. That shot wasn't quite good enough, so on the second take, they told Tiger to hit the camera.

So he did.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 on Mac OS X

Jan. 11, 2005     By     Comments (2)

Tiger 2005 LogoMac news site MacMinute is reporting that Aspyr Media announced that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 will be available on Mac OS X. Its release is anticipated for May, 2005. Y'know, only six months or so after the game came out on consoles and for the PC.

As we know, TW2005 allows you to "Tiger Proof" courses, includes a ton of playable characters and a pretty extensive "create a player" option, and quite a bit more. It should be available for pre-order soon for $39.99.

I've been playing the game since its release on GameCube and, well, I'm kind of sick of it by now. I'm 117% done. Heck, I've even got Tiger Woods 2005 for my Nintendo DS! Ho hum. But hey, today's hardly the day to complain about being a Mac user!

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Big Break III – Women in Williamsburg

Jan. 6, 2005     By     Comments (3)

Big Break III's Danielle AimeeWith Big Break II wrapped and finished, The Golf Channel is preparing to air the next round of challenges and episodes of the Big Break series: Big Break III. After watching the season premier of Alias (mmm… Jennifer Garner…) last night, this is the perfect time to catch my attention with a photo montage of the BBIII contestants over at

And, best of all BBIII was filmed in Williamsburg at Kingsmill Resort; as much as I can, I'll try to provide some local insight into the course and the area. Kingsmill also hosts the Michelob Ultra Open, where the winner of BBIII will earn an exemption.

The Big Break III: Ladies Only premiers on February 8 on The Golf Channel.

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Long Drive on ESPN Christmas Day

Dec. 22, 2004     By     Comments (3)

The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, despite what's advertised on their site, will be televised on ESPN on Christmas day from 3-4:30pm EST. For those interested in Callaway's new driver, the 454, they'll be interested to know that the winner in the Open division, David Mobley, used the Big Bertha Titanium 454 and crushed a winning drive an amazing 377 yards.

Big Bertha 454

Callaway also introduced their X-18 irons today. Todd, our very own Mr. Callaway, will probably post news of the 454 and the X-18s soon.

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