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Using Android? I thought you knew that already. :)
Yeah. You can't blame Rory for saying something as innocuous (and factual) as "the sky is blue" and then a bunch of people turning it into something it wasn't.
You're just using the website. I'm using the app. I can't vouch for http://support.gamegolf.com/customer/portal/articles/1392790-is-the-game-golf-app-on-android- but they have an android app now.
 a) Charles Howell III is a great ballstriker. He wouldn't be on the PGA Tour if he wasn't.b) Nobody's said "straighten." That's a binary state. Phil's knee definitely decreases flex.
 Well, I'm kind of borrowing the concept from the full swing, but basically the putter head continues back as the handle starts forward. Very tiny amounts in the putting stroke.  Pretty much.
Show us what your screen looks like. That's going hole by hole.
 Completely disagree. C'mon. He basically got in trouble for saying "I'm younger than Tiger and Phil."
It's not too bad.
 I'll send you a PM.
 The front shoulder goes down as it turns.
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