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The field is far, far deeper than 25 now. Virtually anyone who qualifies can win.
I voted yes. It's still an awfully damn hard thing to do, and hey, if you think the answer is "yes" then who is anyone else to tell you "no"?   I don't think I'd count it myself, but it'd still be great fun to see.
 Correctly so, yes. Dan's wrong about 0.97.
Backswing looks a bit short. Face hooded slightly? Tough to tell from that view.
 Driving, and approach shots, are more important skills (the full swing) than the short game. The short game can quickly shave a few strokes, no argument there, but if you're more than a few strokes above breaking some goal, the long game is where it's at. More here: http://lowestscorewins.com/ .
  Point is: the modern players are pretty damn good too. I like facts, so here's one that's related to this discussion. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Jack and his contemporaries played against fields that had a bunch of club pros in it. He wasn't playing against stalwarts of the golf world.  You place far, far too much importance on a one-time freak event (Tom Watson). That event and course setup perfectly suited his game. He holed a miraculous number of...
Everyone attending (well, the first 16 to sign up at least) will get two sleeves of Callaway's SR2 golf balls.   Other prizes and goodies yet to be announced… :)
Yours we talked about. Mike's sending it out.I sent yours @krupa last week. I'd expect you to have it already, actually.
 Have you bought the book? (I don't see it in your signature area, but not everyone who has ordered has let me know to add that to their accounts here…) You're probably not automatic from 100-125 to hit the green, unless we define "automatic" differently.     And yes, Scott, aim way left. It's a tough hole. Get your nGIR and make your 4.5.
New Posts  All Forums: