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You choose not to. Others are capable of deciding for themselves even without the incredibly lazy artificial constraint that lets you not even think about it.Yes, 18 > 14 or whatever is intellectually lazy IMO. Consider things. THINK a little. Decide. Why not?
And the fact that better equipment narrows the gap, not widens it.It's a weak, simple argument we've heard - and responded to - countless times already, @disco111.
Depends on the caddie…
That would be here…  ​ 
I voted putter. You'll have it longer (forever).
Yes, but good luck finding a house that will fit 14 people. We're probably going with some condos associated with the course we're playing.
Lodging (@mvmac and I are arranging that). Food. That's about it.
You could also play it as FIRST person to hit the green in regulation.   But otherwise I agree: closest after the GIR shot (third on a par five). If a guy stiffs a wedge to two feet and a guy who hit the green in two can't putt inside that, well, tough. Reward the guy for his great wedge shot.   Or two guys go for the green. One has an 80-foot putt. One has a 20-foot putt from the fringe. Which was the better shot (and thus the most likely to be closest after his third)?
Backswing looking good. Gonna start working on Key #2 now I think.
 I don't think it'll be a business decision at all. Maybe if he's 49% to go that pushes him just over the edge, but "more of a business decision"? Not on your life. Or mine. No way.
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