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A moderator will move this to the Member Swings forum. Perhaps @jamo.
 What a stupid analogy. The vast majority of people are not going to spend 4-6 hours practicing a sport they don't even know that they enjoy.  I got involved at a kid's clinic. We smashed balls on the range, hit putts and chips for awhile, and then played holes 1 and 9 (parallel to each other) in foursomes with adult supervisors. My wife hit balls at the range with some very, very basic tips, and then we played. I encouraged her to liberally fluff up the ball or tee it up,...
 Though it worked for your wife, I think that it's ridiculous to suggest that everyone - or even most people - should start by spending 4-6 hours getting instruction before they ever get the chance to PLAY the game. Who on earth would do this? Could you imagine any other sport starting that way? You visit a bowling alley, they rent you shoes and you grab a ball, and you throw it down the lane. You want to play disc golf, you grab a disc, and you throw it. You want to play...
  Get your tush up underneath you more during the downswing and follow-through to help control the rate of closure. You've got some backswing stuff to do, but I don't know that it'd be a priority yet if you're hitting lots of pulls.
 Let's ask good questions, please. Besides, even people who teach based on the "old way" can still answer this question correctly.  @LukasM here is my question for you: what does the system or method used by Haney instructors view as the commonalities all golfers should be striving to have?
I read somewhere the other day that new golfers should take "five or six lessons, at least" before they ever step foot on the golf course.   I was like… WHAAAAAAAAA?   But that begs the question: how do you take a beginner from being a beginner to getting them on the golf course? How does your plan change if you don't have a local executive course that can serve as an intermediate "first step"?
 And I wasn't posting specifically in response to only you.
 I feel like people are taking my comments as if they (not you specifically @newtogolf) think I believe 15" holes are THE answer. It's one of MANY possible answers. I'm not saying courses should do this in isolation. Heck, I voted "sometimes" in the poll (once a year is pointless). For a new player, I say give them a 15" hole, let them throw the ball out of bunkers, and have them tee it up everywhere. If I was limited to three things, those might be them. It reduces...
 Or the people who are "voting it up" have some incentive to do so…
In addition to what Mike said, it's easier to keep things in "front of you" when you turn your "front" back farther. I imagine from face-on (please supply that video) we'd see some things that are enlightening.
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