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 It wasn't. Mike asked you if you could back up what you are saying at all, and once again, you're demonstrating that you cannot.  It demonstrates it fairly clearly - that the torso is tilted and thus the left shoulder goes down and is lower than the right shoulder.  That demonstrates that your "theory" about the arms "lifting" has anything to do with the shoulder trajectories. I never claimed that picture was "the fact."The facts I'm talking about are the basic geometry...
 That's not correct. http://thesandtrap.com/t/70725/the-average-golf-handicap-hasnt-improved-for-the-last-30-years-anyone-have-data-on-this#post_911581  I also disagree that we need to have heard from people directly to know how to reproduce their swing. Hogan wrote books. Both golfers gave clinics and have their swings recorded on many, many videos. BTW, Moe had all 5SK. So his swing would perfectly well fit within the "system" we employ to help golfers, @Vinsk. :)
 Not at all. We moved your post to the appropriate thread. It was venturing off topic for the "tips" thread. You're the only person here who thinks "it's not going my way." There is no "my way." There's just facts here, and you're seemingly willfully ignorant of them. I'm simply asking that you actually provide something of substance. You've not even responded to the many examples and things shown here. You've just called them nonsense and repeated yourself. If you...
 Now I feel like yyou're just being purposefully dense. EVERY player plays bent over somewhat. Nobody has a spine that's vertical.  Oh brother. There's nonsense in this thread tonight, but it's coming from you. Please stop. Yeah, Mike and I (and @billchao and @saevel25), with tens of thousands of posts between us all, with separate GAME Golf profiles, pictures, VIDEOS with ourselves in them, etc. are all just the same person. C'mon. Your shoulder sockets are...
 Nope:  [[SPOILER]]    Lifting your arms does nothing to change the shoulder sockets. It's a complete non-starter. This makes no sense at all. Plus, if both arms lift, why would one shoulder go UP while the other goes DOWN? This bit you have about the arms lifting is a complete non-starter. Particularly in light of the photo earlier in this post. NO LIFTING, shoulders on an inclined angle.  Yup.  Simple geometry.  It's what's happening, in reality, in 3D, biomechanically....
 Not the point of this thread, so quickly… 1) Toe shots: toe is moving faster due to "closing" of clubface than the COM.2) Thin shots: take a wedge, for example: when you blade it, more energy is transferred to the ball because the the blow is less glancing. If you hit a wedge on the center of the face you might be delivering a 35° glancing blow or more.
Oh bah.
 In Virginia Beach, our student got to choose the clubs we'd hit to a green from about 70 yards away. For me, to get me back a little, he chose a 3-iron. I hit one shot to about 30 feet away. My second shot finished six feet away. Many pros are simply not terribly bright about this kind of stuff.  Buy the book. You'll thank me in the end.  Short answer: yeah. Pretty much.
The 160-yard genius had a total of over 80' in two shots. 32'+ and 48'+. Anthony, despite hitting two pretty lame shots, still finished first after two shots. Others got over 100' in two shots. And even if one of those geniuses had managed to hit a great shot and beat Anthony's total (57' or something), it would have been lucky. We weren't "lucky" to hit six shots on the green from 100 and 120 yards with five-irons. We would have been very lucky to do so from 195 yards.
Like I said, nothing is stopping you from getting your own damn phone. You don't HAVE to use your "work phone" for everything (particularly since you can't use it for much of anything…).
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