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 I'd caution you against doing that. Often hitting the ball high on the face is a result of hitting down. Lowering the tee is a "quick fix" and encourages you to hit down more.
Yep, we can. Dude, seriously, I'm going to put you in the Penalty Box for a few days if you can't READ THE POSTS above and act on them. This is the season of giving, and you're just trying to TAKE, and you're not even taking what's being offered to you. This is beyond frustrating, and you've worn out virtually all of the goodwill you may have had. You have 57 posts. The last 18 or 19 of which have been in this thread. The posts you made in the other threads were only after...
Rules say we can't have that many posts without new pictures guys, so… Everyone can consider this their last warning.   Allison Williams  
 Can you elaborate on what you're working on?
Yes.Film yourself doing the drill.
Yes. Much. You can upload the occasional one to YouTube, but the lessons and the notes you can add are invaluable.
I am starting to think that some of you are talking about a completely different team. Are you watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, that play in the AFC North division, and have Omar Epps as the head coach and the cryptkeeper as their defensive coordinator?
 iTunes was moderately well regarded. This thread's not really about that stuff, though. Just say what works; wasting time talking about what doesn't work is just that: wasting time. N'est-ce pas?
This is Communal Mirth Project Challenge #002:   You have three attempts to attempt to hit a shot with a 6-iron CROSS HANDED from a fairway lie or the best approximation (a mat is fine). NO TEES.   Tips: Your left shoulder will have to be quite low. Your right elbow will have to bury itself into your side because you still want to get the handle forward. If you fear for the health of your wrists (I didn't, as I swung nearly full speed), swing slowly. You'll...
Spoken like a Browns fan. The D is the concern.
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