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You can read the PGAs code of ethics and procedures and whatnot in the PDF I linked to earlier.All PGA members and apprentices (of which I am the latter) are bound by the code of ethics.
 This is one of those things that aren't really opinion. It's closer to fact, and on this fact, you're wrong. (There are of course exceptions - guys who really are horrible putters who would shave strokes by working on that. But they're just that - exceptions.) For example, I've always averaged between 29-32 putts per round. I averaged this when I was shooting 85 and when I was shooting 71. I'm a better putter now when I'm shooting 71 than I was when I was shooting 85, but...
 No. Nor should it - Ted Bishop's position was different than that of a normal PGA member.
I miss some of the old ones.
 I read the rest of your post, and you seem to base a lot of this on your own experiences. Unfortunately, it's easy to succumb to a hidden sort of bias. But this isn't really a matter of opinion. Better players separate themselves by hitting the ball better. There are bigger gaps there than in their putting. You literally can't get good enough at putting to make up too many strokes (I'm assuming you're not simply a TERRIBLE putter who is as likely to three-putt as he is to...
 No. We still have different lofted irons after all… ? Club fitting is still both really important and not terribly important. For the vast majority of people, it's really important to be within the right neighborhood, but not very important to be in the right yard.
 No. Maybe the Board of Directors just behaved like lil girls? 
 Probably one of the reasons you're not a club designer, then, eh?  Callaway (or anyone with the basic knowledge) could build a club that's two degrees weaker that flies farther than the stronger lofted club (in fact, they claim to have done that with this set of clubs, as we'll get into in a bit…). There's more to how high or far a ball is hit than static loft. That's one of the reasons why, in the OT conversation, I said that loft would be a silly number to stamp on a...
http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=c8a3676a84904d7435ecbb7d7&id=7bcd0c3705&e=f56396ea57     ...
 I'm only skimming this thread, but "stay afraid"? Really? You're a mature, fully grown adult human being, are you not?
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