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 More than his butt, supposedly. But I couldn't identify Jason Verlander unless he had a jersey with his name on it, so, what do I know?
 Why is it even necessary? The hole seems visible.
 You can delete them from your phone but they aren't deleted from the Photo Stream unless you specifically delete them from that. I'd bet that's what happened.
 Bellying a wedge is easy. Things rarely come down to putting. Book on the left talks about that a bit. :)
It's not a given. Two clubs. So what's your new answer? :)
 I think, for most men, logic flies out the window as soon as boobs hit the scene.
There's no question that's what they are. Latrobe is just the course he grew up playing. It's not great. Laurel Valley has been his "home" in PA for awhile now.
Good! I think the takeaway is something we wrote up in Lowest Score Wins - since there's no scoring on the practice range, "winning" at practice would be based on how well you practice, not how good the shots are.
Putting is not as important as getting near the green (you should buy my book :D). And most people could serviceably use the leading edge of an iron to putt.
 You can get an athletic scholarship to play for a Division 2 school.
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