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There are two ways to fix it. Know and understand enough HTML to fix it that way. Don't get caught typing indented text in the first place. It's basically that simple. If you post above a quote, often, you're still "inside" the quote "div" so you're indented.
 I agree that it "can" be easier, but more often, I think BOTH are equally as easy, and people are simply more comfortable thinking of it as "sidespin." Most launch monitors show the spin axis: FlightScope, Trackman, and others. After all, that's how the ball actually spins, so… they show that.
Yay! One of the better ones in the business.
Yeah, that's what they told me too.
 Yes, thanks.
Almost like that shot they show (all graphics) of the European Tour players and their resulting ball positions with an overhead fly-by-style view of the hole. I like those.
 I don't really trust those numbers. 41 yards of max height? 270 yards with 158 MPH ball speed? http://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/  They're close but I still don't know. 25 yards is a lot of difference in distance.
The grass helps quite a bit, as… 
 Who? Seriously? And why would Tiger lie about his tooth getting knocked out? What's in it for him? To what end? Why this is even a story, let alone a major line of questions in his presser yesterday, is mostly beyond me.
 Very few threads are "shut down," and since you called attention to this one, it was moved. As @billchao said, we don't always notice in which forum something is posted. There are more polite and even more efficient ways to make such a suggestion. Jus' sayin'.
New Posts  All Forums: