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I disagree. Let me know how you solve piracy, the tactile feel of a book, someone getting 30+% of the sale, NO knowledge of your customers, etc. Also as you know the books all get different ISBNs, too.I've done plenty of digital things. This is the lone physical thing I've created.Let's keep this discussion about the book itself please. Not the format in which it's available. @ChrisWev, if you have the time to post here you have the time to read the book. It's just a...
Every six months we'll ask this question: is your golf game better or worse now than it was six months ago?
 "Drive for show, putt for dough" is bogus. I even wrote a book about it (and a bunch of other things).
No. I have some of the PSPs and most single digit golfers have no problem hitting them at all.
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/488941   Uhm, so… yeah. I didn't even play well on the front nine.   Driver flared right (safe to miss there). Toed hybrid slightly. Lousy pitch shot. Two putts - first stopped an inch short. Driver where I was aiming. Short with the iron but on the green. Easy two putts from 25 feet. Flare cut into the trees. Had a small window that I hit with a little cut. Two putts. Heeled driver. Thin PW. Made the putt. Slight...
Stand with your foot against a wall. Note the space you have there. Make a turn that increases the space between your hips and the wall. Also: 
Please read my post, @Lihu, and tell me where I said that you were going out there illegally. Stop.
It's in the signature of every post @TST FeedBot makes. If you want to comment on a blog post, comment on the blog post please. That's why there's no real content there - just the link.
@Lihu, I don't know how to make this more simple for you: you cannot do what you do at every course in the world. Other courses will kick you off and possibly ban you. Some could even have you arrested for trespassing. Not everyone plays golf at your course(s) where they apparently don't care that you're disrupting the work that takes place at 5:30am. Just stop.
New Posts  All Forums: