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 Wrong about there being more to it. Like I said, if nothing comes out, people forget about it. If something comes out, you get to say "see, told you so." It's a pretty easy claim to make because there's little downside.  The amount and quality of the information they need to run with a story is pretty light. I don't think that's accurate. Never mind the fact that there's little in the way of reasons to sue rags like the NE. What's to be gained in Tiger or Amanda doing...
 Will you come back in a month, and two months from now, to admit that you were wrong if this turns out to be nothing? I never liked "more will come out on this" because what's the timeline? By the time it's been a month or two, people forget about these kinds of things, so these types of proclamations are "freebies." The NE didn't need much at all to print this. Your assertion there is wrong. They could have gotten an anonymous source who completely made things up, and...
Posts like this seem to ignore the history of PGA Tour level golf.How many majors have been won by "nobodies"? How about guys who missed the cut the prior start? Heck even McIlroy was playing like crap until he wasn't last year, no?Tiger's always been way more consistent than Phil or Rory of course so I'm not saying it's without any merit. But… I've been "close" and had HORRIBLE rounds followed by great ones where what I've been working toward clicks.Let's just see what...
 Because it was below the level of the hole (which you can't quite tell from the first photos). I think people are discussing what they think the rule should be (or what it is) if the ball is NOT below the level of the top of the hole.
 No, he needs to hit it more, particularly in the non-majors. You don't do well on the PGA Tour or in majors when you just "don't hit driver."
 @Lihu, seriously…    No news on this except from the "Elvis Alien Babies" rag. Okay then. Noted.
Yes. It will regain flexion normally but many golfers will do better if they FEEL like it doesn't regain any flex.
 I've played the bold. Yippee. Happy 4th!
 "Intact" in this case means rusty and beaten and broken. He found it in a field or a junk yard or something like that. It was basically completely restored. So, if someone wanted it, they could just RE-PAINT the flag on top, JUST AS BUBBA DID when he bought it. Why aren't people understanding that?
 I usually like to play it against a friend - closest to the hole, or putting it out. First to three up wins.
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