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I find that it's a handy technique for about 95% of the shots I hit around the greens.
 Nobody was piled on or attacked.  Stuff like that is unnecessary.
 Huh? I've repeatedly asked you what the "relevance" of PGA Tour players having galleries has to do with anything. You've still not answered. I have not accused you of anything.  So? I don't understand why that's a sticking point with you. Drop the ball, don't drop the ball - nobody really cares. In a tournament, follow the Rules. The rest of the time, do whatever you want.  It's impractical in your opinion. It's also 100% in line with what you have to expect because it...
 a) No, they shouldn't.b) Hit a provisional.c) In casual play, drop a ball, add two strokes, and move on. FWIW, I said "no, they shouldn't" because doing so would violate the very principles upon which the Rules of Golf are built. Our rounds take how long they take NOW with the rule being what it is.  So then what's the problem?
 It's not relevant. You've repeatedly refused to tell us WHY it's relevant. Are you playing in a tournament with PGA Tour pros and 10,000-person galleries while you have none? You play under the same conditions as the others in the events in which you play. So how is a completely different tournament under completely different conditions relevant?
 http://thesandtrap.com/b/accessories/pga_tour_live_app_review https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coliseum.pga ?
 So what? We TEACH some people to move their head off the wall a little bit sometimes. Doesn't appear to be your priority. What are you doing right now? What shots are you hitting? Etc.?
 Hmmmmmmmmm. Anyway, bigger things to worry about than this type of stuff.
It's Trackman, with a "c," btw.
New Posts  All Forums: