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And the Yamaha specs for a battery powered model put it at 985 pounds. Golf cars tear up the course, regardless. These will likely do about the same type of damage, with some benefits and disadvantages to them being smaller but more plentiful wheels (i.e. smaller wheels is both good and bad, as are having four of them per foursome instead of two being both good and bad).
 The average PGA Tour player is about 40° open to the target line at impact with their hips (15-20° with their torso). They're rotating the entire downswing (from about 30-40° closed at the top).
 A quick search of my own says golf carts weigh about 900 to 1000 pounds. A GSC weighs under 90 pounds. So let's have 25 pound bags and 200 pound golfers. Golf cart: 1000+200+200+25+25 = 1450GSC: 85+200+25 = 310 pounds From there, the math is pretty simple.
 Can I just say "no" and move on? There are to many different causes for too many different golfers/swings to say "X and Y cause all pushes."
I think he'll start to slow down when he's 33-35. That's ten years from now. Hockey players, baseball players, etc. all slow down at 33-35… Depends on what you mean by dynamic. I think he probably feels tremendously powerful from that position and I think he'll feel more controlled from a different one. At least, so far as this discussion goes… ;-)
 I disagree. It still looks a little "throwy" to me.  I never said it "must" mean he has a steep AoA. His AoA at the exact moment of impact may even be exactly the same or even shallower. It is more likely to be sharper… more like a "V" and less like a "U".  Depending on the motion of the upper arm, a double pendulum can throw early or late, too. It's not anywhere near guaranteed to throw at the bottom.  I never said it was valueless. I just don't like the motion as much...
We are here. You might even be able to catch a ride with Rob… He comes now and then as well of course.
I think these will tend to be safer than golf carts. People won't feel as safe and they go relatively slowly.Golf cart riders are responsible for their behavior on them too.I think you may be under-estimating the weight of s golf cart with two riders.
 Not really the topic for the thread, unfortunately. The clubface is pointing right with a path that matches. Could be a lot of reasons for it.
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