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Talk Show ASAP Science (video, rarely, short) Nerdist (I skip the ones I don't want to listen to) Accidental Tech Podcast   That's it, but I don't have a very long commute. It's about four seconds long.
 @jclark He was being snarky given the Jenkins piece.  I don't think that's true.  1) There's no reason to. It's one of 10 or 15 accreditations he has earned, including his degree in biomechanics. They're not even all strictly golf-related. He's done a lot of studying. 5SK is simply one of the things he's spent some time learning. Him being a 5SK instructor is, in some ways, about our endorsement of him as much as it is the other way. 2) I don't think so. So far as I know...
I disagree, because then that puts you in the position of trying to parse what someone means when they say "Hey, let's all strive to play ready golf today." For all you know, they may mean what you said: be ready to play when it's your turn to play. When occasionally someone plays a shot out of turn in the interests of keeping up pace of play and without anyone clearly gaining an advantage, it would be exactly like how people from the PGA Tour and everywhere else...
 I disagree that saying "let's play ready golf today" constitutes an agreement to waive a Rule of Golf. That's what this boils down to for you, it seems. Yes? Ready golf often means what you said: be ready, but if someone is still putting their rain gear on, or cleaning their club, or looking for a ball, another player can choose to hit his ball instead. It does not mean that a player is otherwise ready and purposefully delays his own play and encourages others to go...
Right hand on, left index and middle finger overlap the right pinkie and ring finger.   You're right, oddly, there aren't many pictures of it online.
 Won't happen, and that's why you're wrong. :) Let's keep this discussion to this thread. http://thesandtrap.com/t/78283/chris-como-named-tigers-new-coach The catch-all thread is more for general little stuff.
To be clear, virtually nothing will happen to or for us or 5SK because of this. Nor should it - it's Chris's accomplishment, etc. He has been a 5SK Director since last October when we visited with him, Dr. Kwon, etc. in Dallas, TX on our way to train some other great instructors (like Corey Lundberg, Preston Combs, and others) in San Antonio, TX.
Hey, a 5SK Instructor. :) Cool.
Read the thread please. Just hitting 300 or 2000 balls is not the best way to practice.
 Virtually every clubhead is in lead deflection (the opposite of offset) at impact. The hosel actually leans a bit forward down at the bottom.
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