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GRF is the general term for all of this stuff.   You can generate more GRF without actually leaving the ground. Pressure plates COULD be tuned to actually display the GRF values, but the percentages and COP traces are more valuable for golf instruction.
It's a U.S. holiday, but anyone can participate.   I'm thankful for: All the usual stuff. Health, family, happiness, etc. I'll assume everyone will list that, so I'll list mostly the other stuff. :) I'm thankful that so many people, and so many well-known people, have seen fit to buy my book and say so many good things about it. I'm thankful for almost all of the members here.  I'm thankful when people embed videos, don't type entire responses indented in a quote...
Vid's private.
I like this. Aligns with the 5S thread on effective practice ( ​ ) and many of the games and things included in LSW, in our practice with students, etc.   By and large, people flat out suck at practicing golf.
Let me attempt to put a cap on things, and summarize a few things from my point of view. First, I elaborate and provide a way for every golfer to build a GamePlan that fits each person individually (and each shot they face at any given time on any given hole) in Lowest Score Wins. Everyone can use the principles in the book and, after building their own Shot Zones, very clearly, quickly, and accurately choose the best play on the course for themselves, and when they're...
vlog it!
Shorty, man, if you can find a sponsor that can pay us enough, we'll happily resume them and you can take a cut if there's any left over. :) It'd be great; I always liked doing them. In this thread, it's kind of…  .
Nobody paid us to do it. Four or five man hours for… nada. I love golf, and love talking about it, but… I already do that for 80+ hours a week.
Do you have any face-on videos?
So YOU were the one! :) (JK… We used to have 50,000+ downloads per episode after a month.)
New Posts  All Forums: