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Keep it up! Good stuff!
I'm not terribly interested in what it "seems" or "looks" like they were doing. I'm far more interested in what they were actually doing.I've laid out my case and have based it on experience of seeing a few thousand golfers on SAM PuttLab. I apologize, but it's going to take more then video and guessing to sway my opinion.Also, I've never said you can't be a better than average putter accelerating into the ball; just that it's far less likely.
That all being true sometimes, it doesn't entirely change the fact that many of us, particularly of course me, can do a better job of realizing that while it may be the 200th time I've made a post like that, it's the first time someone else will see such a post like that.For example "18 > 14"…We - I - can do better. And I try to do better. I goof from time to time. I assume that people can read my sarcasm sometimes. I also tend to be the type of person who only really...
I saw. It'll go out Monday.
 Okay. Ignore my advice then, and continue to go by what things look like. It's perfectly okay by me. P.S. Again, modern green speeds are faster, too. There's no doubt Arnold Palmer likely had a little more "pop" and acceleration in his stroke. Unless you play on stimp 6 greens, though… I'd be cautious about that.
 I think it's more likely he already has a putting stroke similar to the one I like… the vast majority of the game's better putters does.  In other words, he probably doesn't accelerate through the ball. He just thinks he does… because when he feels like he doesn't accelerate, he hits a horrible par putt on the 72nd hole at a major at age 59. :P But seriously, @vangator, pros give advice that is actually incorrect (as in factually wrong, not an opinion) all the time. Feel...
 What is it now? How've you been doing?
 Search for "Established Member" and find the appropriate thread. Like this…  ​  :)
 I appreciate that you can see it that way. I don't, truly. My quoting of that post and referring to @turtleback goes back a ways. He's maintained that a lot of people simply say "18 > 14" and I've said, until today, that I think he over-estimates the number of people who do that. @9iron was the straw that broke the camel's back in my maintaining that it isn't so. Thinking simply "18 > 14" is not right or wrong, nor did I say that, but it is an undeniably awfully simple...
 To be fair, I don't really consider "the PGA" my profession. It's a title you can (buy) "earn" by jumping through enough hoops. I'm a golf instructor, author/writer, software developer, etc. :)  You said "When I think of a golf pro, I think of the guy at the club giving lessons & running the pro shop; not working at Dick's. In a way, it almost seems undignified for the pro to work in that environment." I showed you that your perception or idea of a PGA pro was misguided...
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