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 "I doubt if you (or anybody else used to playing "nicer courses") would like it anyway." Sounded a bit "reverse snobby" to me. That's all.  I've never hit into anyone, and wouldn't start. That course appears to be poorly designed. Something could have been done. Even (as much as it's generally detested) internal OB.
I owned one in FL. I used to drive up A1A at midnight or so. I could fill the tank and get change back for $2. 100 MPG or so. Went 55 MPH. 49cc, 1.9 HP I think. Used a regular driver's license in FL back then too.
 Nope. It's the PGA. The secretary becomes the vice president, the vice president becomes the president, and the president becomes the honorary president or whatever every two years.
 Dufner's got a ton of personality.Talk to him. At least follow him on Twitter.
I'd never heard of it. Says 60% of the calories. "Mid-Calorie" drink. I won't buy it.
 This isn't about class warfare or something, @MS256, and it's not a "rule." Plus, were I to play that course, it looks like the play is to hit a shot near that other green (over the trees) and then to hit a second shot toward the green. Shorter distance than a drive to the landing area and then onto the green.  To the OP, just hit toward the green. The single stake means nothing, and your ball looks like it'll either be playable or in the water hazard.
 That's unlikely in my experience.
You do. Always have.Check your spam folder.
How do you hit a pitching wedge 40 yards? Not the point.
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