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We just posted a call for member reviews today for the new PING Glide wedges, for example.   This Supporter Drive ends March 31.
 I might score better. Some players like pressure. I tend to get a little lackadaisical sometimes when I don't have anything riding on things. Not everyone's built the same. In general, I think people overstate the importance of "pressure." Lots of people deal with pressure well every day, in all sorts of professions.  No you didn't.
The USGA calls a +2 someone who is better than scratch. Those who shoot above par are technically "minuses" - they need to subtract strokes from their score. It's not ambiguous. I'm not sure why there are even posts on this… we all know it, no?
Not going to be for Android. And not out yet anyway. :)
That doesn't seem like it'll work very well in team play. Big fan of KISS.
 You can change the height part @mvmac… :D I edited your post to have a better height, but quoted it here before doing editing. :)
When you do finish, post your thoughts here if possible:  Or here:   I'm hoping this thread kind of peters out… it was sort of the "pre-launch" thread.
 It matters quite a bit. The USGA definition of a scratch golfer is how they determine the course rating. Holes which are 470 yards long don't require a "transition zone" or more than two shots for a scratch golfer to reach the green. It's purely done for ratings. The average scratch golfer hits the ball over 250 yards.  The first would have to be really, really good at other things, and as such, doesn't really exist. Good luck finding a scratch golfer who averages 220....
 Makes sense to me.
Please find a bunch of these "black or white" statements. I almost always (see, did it just there too) take care to say "generally speaking" or something like @Pretzel  said when he said "barring some crazy bad bunker play or insane pot bunker that you have not described yet…". There are rarely any black/white situations. Apply that going forward, please, and give people here the benefit of the doubt that they're not saying always/never. It can be tedious to keep spelling...
New Posts  All Forums: