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And such a rougher surface is not allowed under the Rules for equipment. The manufacturers have taken surface texture as far as it can go. Until you could create "edges" that "bit" into the ball more, friction won't be increased. Current results suggest that the legal amount of milling and "surface texture" has virtually no effect on spin. Remember, friction is a function of materials and surface area. Increasing texture (without increasing it so much it's actually "rough"...
Pretty much, yes. Milling is primarily used to create uniformly flat surfaces. Some companies "hide" the milling marks, other companies let them show.
 Friction. But friction exists on smooth milled faces, smooth cast faces, rougher milled faces, etc. The USGA regulates surface texture and the regulations are so tight that you can't create the "sharp edges" necessary to create additional spin.  I gave you a link to one of them. There are others. You seem to be overstating how "rough" a surface texture is allowed to be. You can't make steel 20-grit sandpaper textures on your wedge faces and expect it to pass the USGA...
 Choosing to be a male-only club is not the same thing as "expressing bigotry against others." It's simply choosing to associate with people you like. We do this kind of thing ALL the time - choose those with whom you spend time. I maintain that I support the R&A's right to do as they please, whether they choose to allow women or continue to prefer to remain men-only.
 http://sinclairgolf.com/research/83-which-wedge-spins-the-most The scientific research is ongoing, and the more credible and larger number of studies seem to point towards face texture having little to nothing to do with spin.
 From your welcome PM: P.S. If you didn't create a unique avatar for yourself when you signed up, please add one. A unique avatar lets people recognize you better. If you post a few times and haven't uploaded an avatar, one of our staff may upload one for you so that we can tell your posts apart from the others at a glance!
 That's my favorite.
 I haven't looked at your swing, but if your left arm is bending and your right arm is bending too much… DO THE THING IN THE VIDEO! :) The video talks about turning rates to complete the backswing. If you make just an arm swing, to complete the backswing you have to bend your arms.
I've added everyone to the registration list for AimPoint Express, btw. So if you are into that sort of thing, you can join the groups on The Facebook.
New Posts  All Forums: