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Well this Friday and Saturday I have a test. I have my normal nine holes on Friday and then have an outting Saturday. All golf to be played sober.
I have been struggling on my home track this year, turning in several rounds in the mid-low 50's. I am scratching my head, but I think I have found the answer. Beer. Last year I swore off the stuff and started playing much better, then I got back to having a few while I played and did rather well (bottom 40's high 30's). It seems I can't correct my game when I've having a few Friday afternoon cocktails, but once I've got the swing I like I'm good to have a few. Does...
Its either my 56* wedge or my Adams 4 fairway wood.
I'v purchased there numerous times without issue.
I'll preface my post by saying that I am a life long michigan resident, hockey fan, and hockey player (never made it past juniors). The first two games the wings handily took care of the pens, and the wings were as flat as I've seen them in a while. Even Mickey Redmond on the post game call took notice that they looked out of gas in the 3rd period of game 2. Yesterday when the press showed up at the red wings skate in pitt, they were stunned to see only six players on...
Welcome to the rest of your life and the best mistress you'll ever have.
I own a 52 and I am working it into the arsenal this season. I use 56 green side and my 60 out of the sand. I know thats a bit backwards and most SW are 56 but this is what works best for me. At 75yds out I can put it on with my 56, but at 90-120 I'm too close for pitching wedge and too far for the 56. I had good success with it on Sunday, so I'm confident it will start to come around.
I've heard that the Bite's are softer than the std HX HOT. I played 9 holes with the same ball and it had one little slice in it about a 1/4" long. Nothing big enough to start coming apart or effect ball flight.
I've seen the show a few times, and I just can't understand what is going on there. Its like two swings in one. He starts down and stops, then regroups and finishes the swing. Its just terrible.
In my league, which plays 9 holes we figure our handicaps based on a 9 hole round like most. Then another player asked my cousin what his handicap is for 18 holes and he said it was a 5, but he is a 5 for 9 holes. So this started a heated debate on what is right. I told him at best I'll say your a 10 because your a 5 for 9 holes. I know I'm closer to the right track than he is, but can somebody clarify this issue for me?
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