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Sorry, I read right past that...C'mon Erik, you know me when it comes to Tiger. My panties are twisted so far in a bunch they'll never get unraveled.I thought the same thing...I thought he'd be unstoppable.
Can anyone confirm or deny that Como prefers a laid off A4, or bowed wrist?
My thoughts are that Tigs needs to just take his range swing to the course. Stop lashing at the damn ball and just hit it like you do relaxed on the range.
Haney can go kick rocks.
It was The Open at Pinehurst. He shoulda used the bounce...
Lol, when i got my hole in one, I kept playing with it, not even thinking that I should've saved it. I called my best friend later on to tell him, and he told me to mount the ball on a plaque, and I felt like such an idiot when i realized that the ball was somewhere in the woods never to be found again after a vicious push-slice later that round.
From my visual estimate (we have rubber weights at my gym) going from innermost to out, they go 45, 35, 25. I don't know how much the smallest ones of different size on the end are. My guess is that they're 25s, which would make 305 total, very respectable for a dude his size.
That's interesting. As a 5SK instructor I wonder why these things would be important to him?3 questions for @iacas or @mvmac -It was implied that Como would not be mentioning 5SK publicly any time soon - why is that?Does Como do anything with putting? AimPoint perhaps?How will Como tackle Tiger's driver woes?
That makes no sense whatsoever. If that was my home course (and it never would be with that policy) I would be telling them left and right that they're losing business based on that asshat policy.
WTF why on earth not??
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