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Hey Christian, nice round! I too was impressed by the driver...I did notice a lack of distance on the driver as well. Not sure why that is. It seemed like you were hitting driver solid, with a nice traj, could have been a higher ball flight, still I thought the drives would have been longer. Smashed a couple of your first putts way past the hole. All in all, great round!
i would like to see a lot more shots and less putting.
we need a TMZ for the PGA Tour...,.
 so i just checked out the imdb page, it mentioned a sinister presence.  its nothing supernatural is it?  i dont really like that kind of stuff.  but if sinister just means bad guy, thats fine.
  what do you feel in your hips?  that they stay square to the line for a long time and then turn?  or do they feel like theyre turning early on?
@Ernest Jones, You mean shifting weight towards the target and turning? Or mostly just shifting weight?
Oh man...I was hoping this would be better. The trailer I thought looked awesome. I like the claustrophobic vibe that you can get from a sub movie.
Where da video at, yo?
Thanks Erik, that makes sense, I'll try it out
Not the butt. Not until after impact. Just the head. Looks like about three inches?
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