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 a pox on you and your family.  bah! i voted 1 win.  im trying to be realistic and stifle my raging Tigerboner.  very difficult for me to not say that he is going to win every single event he enters....
 yes it is.  without a doubt.
i get the shanks every once in a while, much more likely with a wedge or a 9 in my hands.  for me the path is a little too outward and comes in to the ball with the hosel.
1) were there open holes in front of them?   2) did you ask if you could play through?
 im seeing this as well...
 i think 6-4 to 6-6 might be the ceiling by which taller guys need to stay under to remain somewhat coordinated golf-wise and still look like a normal sized person swinging a club ( i say this being 6-4 myself and not a great swing that looks like my 5-6 buddy).  look at Dustin Johnson.  hes 6-4, looks good swinging the club, not unnaturally hunched over.  you start approaching 6-6 and taller and things start to get a little out of whack.
 IMHO a round of golf shouldnt take longer than 3.75 hrs.  if you dont believe me then look up how quickly they used to play on tour way back in the day.
 @newtogolf - do you really, really think that anything under 4 hours is "speed golf"?
I like my coffee like I like my women. Light n sweet.
 well, to be fair, a lot of the 320 yard drives you see on tour every week are 290 carry with 30 yards roll on the firm, fast tour fairways.
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