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My right big toenail sometimes feels like it's going to pop off and start spurting blood. Depends on the shoes I'm wearing and how hard I happen to push off on that back foot.
Yup....Ugh...golf, what a fickle game...You forgot to tell everyone that the 7 was on a par 3....and it wasn't even a terrible tee shot. And then to plug right under the lip of the bunker? The Golf Gods didn't want me to shoot 75....
There are times when I KNOW I will make the putt. For some reason, I get this weird visualization of the line. Like it's the most clear thing I've seen all day. And I just drain the putt. This might only happen once or twice a year. Otherwise, those late twilight rounds you play as a single? When the course is empty and summer is wheezing its last couple of breaths? Those are mystical....
You win the internets today, dude. I love it.
Hey bro! You could have had a 7 in the second hole and a 10 on the third and broken 100...and to have done that you would have needed to improve the tee shots and those hybrids that you duffed....So it's the long game primarily. But yes, you're right about those first putts, they need to be much closer. Christian, would you say that your line was ok? And that your distance was the biggest putting demon? Also what do you think about hitting something different to reload...
Dude, what are you doing up at 3 in the morning?!I loved my Edel yesterday....speed and line were good all day...lots of putts that were right on the lip and they didn't fall in but they were longer putts that percentage wise aren't highly likely to go in but I two putted like it was my job.
I played a decent round today, shot 79 which is really good for me. Ugh. Anyways, I hate to say it but I have a two way miss. I can push slice it and pull hook it. I'm dismayed with my driver because I feel like the variety of shots I hit shows that I have wild inconsistency with my path and clubface control. I also don't have good consistency with where I hit the ball on the clubface. I would love to have more control of the driver.I'm just guessing here, but it feels...
What a wonderful movie. That's an eagle for me. Just superb.I really really liked this one. I like most of David Fincher's stuff, and I loved the tone he set in this one.
More atrocious swings. Both were ugly little wipey swings, off the bottom of the face, thin cuts. Head is moving off the wall, just garbage. Thanks to @RFKFREAK for taking the video and not throwing up.
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