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Rounds are down 30% this year at Albany's only municipal course.
I feel your pain, Tigs! Mine never really grew back after chemo, just some wispy little sprigs in the typical monk pattern... I shave it every couple of days with an Andis T-Outliner, pretty good razor.
Love this course. Probably will never play it... Anyways, I don't really have high hopes for Tigs. He's got more inner conflict with that driver than Rosie O'Donnell at A Weight Watchers seminar...
Meaning the arms keep going after the body/shoulders stop turning. For me, it's a flexibility issue. I can easily turn past 90 degrees shoulder turn and then continue with the arms even after my shoulders stop.
I thought Atunyote was supposed to be the best of their three? I've played Atunyote and it's quite the beast...Also, I've heard excellent things about Timber Banks.Also, I've played Radisson and it's pretty good.
That sounds like a clubface issue, not a path issue.
You're probably pulling the club left, sending the plane left before you reach the ball.
That seems counterintuitive. Why do you think that's so?
And then he criticized my boy's swing, saying he could fix it in five minutes or something like that. NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!!
So I think I saw someone mention that overswinging could possibly be a cause for casting/flipping because with a longer swing, you instinctively throw the hands sooner because that's the only way you'll get to the ball back in time with your body? Does this sound right? And that conversely, a shorter backswing helps promote forward shaft lean?
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