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I doubt Amanda leaked anything. I think the Enquirer just made the whole thing up
Good round Tiger! That double was messy messy
I'm with @David in FL, I don't think he's that stupid
Here's what I see, and what others here have observed. He simply does not make the same swings during a tournament round as he does on the range. He just doesn't. Something happens that when he's under pressure in a tournament his tempo gets all out of whack and resembles an apopleptic fit instead of the smooth, controlled, dead sexy swings he displays on the range.
I routinely carry the Andromeda Hazard on the fly.
Lol...you haven't played Maxfli u3-u6 have you.I like the Pinnacle Gold Distance. I have no problem squooshing them.Yup. People are so surprised when they see that my ball is a TopFlite Gamer. So many people are unwilling to give it a chance. It's a much better ball than Titleist NXT Tour
Rhode Island is the cubic zirconia of state gems.
I believe it's a Yugo...lol!
You're driving me this year, Christian. Fire up the bananamobile
New Posts  All Forums: