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 go to hell.            
 i know.  and he looks like a doof.  empirically. 
i would love to see more amateur stuff, especially NCAA golfers.
nice powerful move through the ball.  good for him, thats awesome.
not so serious - if you putt with your glove on.  ugh.  looks doofish.   serious - if you dont fix your ball marks.  i hate you.  die.
 really?  because i see the opposite.  in fact, a lot of the young dudes i know are getting into bigger and bigger watches. (btw i'm 34, so not that old.) for example - the invicta watches are pretty popular - super big and stupid heavy:  
1.51 and 1.52 smash factor? I thought that was impossible.... I'd kill for 1.45...
For Tiger, I would agree. But for the rest of these guys I think it's pretty important. However I think any one of them would exchange a Ryder Cup for a major.
I really don't want to like Doobweesone, but I can't help it. Guy is a stud.
You might be right. Maybe it's just me... I seem to be in a bad mood for some reason....
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