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Absolutely. With the longer clubs, the weight of the club head is farther away from your body, your hands can sense this, then the elbows and wrists break down to help you "cheat" to a full turn.
The gentle response would be "this requires massive amounts of timing".The tough love response would be "this sounds like a recipe for disaster".Question - did the instructor take video? High speed video?
Lol, I know it from personal experience. I'm a master flipper.
My money's on a flip.
Omg, I love Kacy Catanzaro so much....
Holy crap, that made me cry...
Like what? French maid outfits? Olivia Munn's underwear drawer?
Good choice, Tigs. He and I don't care all that much about the Ryder Cup.
Omg, that's awesome. We need more of this...
Some would consider ANGC to be somewhat snobbish in making that request.Anyways, I like the kid.
New Posts  All Forums: