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 well, if youre getting your weight forward properly, its tough to go OTT regardless of the cupping of the left wrist.
i taught him everything he knows....
 nah, not really a big deal...
ok, so in a pinch, what is your favorite "cheap" beer?  like of the lowest level, cheapest stuff at the mini-mart, what do you drink?
  wait....he purposefully aimed at and hit his mother?  im sorry, but i think a kid like that should be sterilized.
 because the right wrist is the right one.  simple as that. lol, nah, just more comfy for me.
Beautiful!Yeah mine's was about $150Question - Any other right handers wear your watch on the right wrist like I do?
Nah, if your ankle's gonna roll, it will no matter how high your tops are. Taping them gives some protection.
I know. I'm dumbfounded as to how Canadia could look like that....
Go chew aluminum foil.
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