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What was your experience like?
Prices being somewhat in the same ballpark...
Top Flite got their bad rap, deservedly so, from their XL series. Those were not good balls. The Gamer is a legit ball. Anyone who says they won't play a Top Flite Gamer based on name only is an asshat.
Yeah, that's kind of my point I guess... So much time is wasted by unnecessary marking of balls, but that's more off topic.
Do those come with a free bowl of soup?
Yeah, but who decides? Seriously, if you're playing with someone who is anal about having all other balls on the green marked whilst putting, they could demand that you mark your ball even though you're 30 feet away from his line... Is that right?
Can the other player refuse to mark his ball? Like if I'm not in my partners line and he just claims that it's "bugging" him can I just tell him "Nope. Not marking it. Deal."?
Yeah, for some reason they seem to be the ones I hit the most pure...
Ok, back on topic...TRAP-DRAW!!! POW!!
I can feel a pull hook pretty easy, but a straight hook that I absolutely crush usually feels like a great shot...
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