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how have i not seen this thread??!?!?!?!  this is amazing stuff...love the black and white pics/
Christian, how tall are you?  6-2?  i weigh in at 215 at 6-4
heres the issue i see.  looking at that thing i could easily play 9 in 40 minutes.  18 in a an hour 20.  but thats on an empty course.  what if its busy and theres slow foursomes in regular carts as far as the eye can see?  that would be like popping a Viagra and only having the JCPenney bra catalog to peruse.
  yeah i can totally relate with those feelings of aprehension.  your handicap must have been lower then.
  WTF??? you four putted 4 times???? plus those three putts?  thats 15 extra strokes!!!  you mean you could have shot a 76 with two putting everything?
  this is awesome...wish more courses had the balls to tell players to hurry up or GTFO.
 alt + 0233 = é, as in "¿Qué?" lol!!!   just in reference to this.  someone with more muscle mass doesnt burn as many extra calories resting in comparison to a leaner person as was once thought.
  uh...maybe .5-.75 inch from a solid shot.  .25 inch would still be on the heel.
hey bro!  good on you for the weight loss!  just a small tidbit - the thought that someone with more muscle burns calories at a resting state is true...but its a very small increase.  not a difference that is that great.
i hit range balls hard enough that they feel like marshmallows.  roid strong.
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