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Actually, the best pic I've seen of Holly was from when she was in college. Fresh faced, no spray tan, minimal makeup.
I'm up in SmAlbany as well, I'm a teacher also. Western is ok, we'll have to get you out on the city course in Albany.
That par three 17th on the Palmer course is pretty scary...
Look, she's not a hag. I just think she overdoes the makeup and the spray tan. All that crap actually makes her less attractive.
I'm with Jase on this one. The pic posted by the OP is the best I've seen her look. She has very sharp angular facial features.
"7. “You can’t get concerned with vanity. At impact, Jim Furyk has one of the most efficient golf swings of all time. Adam Scott’s swing is beautiful, but Furyk is more efficient.” – Sean Foley"   how is this true?  dont they both have efficient impact positions?  how is Furyks more efficient if hes looping all over the place?
the head shouldnt really be moving back at impact.  it should be staying more or less in the same spot it was at address.  it might look like its going back because of the illusion the secondary axis tilt gives, but its not going back.  this happens when the weight is properly moving forward.  the lower center moves forwards while the upper center and head stays in the same spot, behind the ball.  this allows for a shallowing of the angle of attack, allows for more room...
  no PGA Tour player of the last 20 years should say a damn thing about the camera time Tiger gets.  if they collected a paycheck for playing golf on TV then they should thank Tiger for how much it is and tell him they think he should be on TV even more than he is now.   that would be Peter Kostis.  his last name is pronounced "Clueless".
 i agree that some of the comments have been douchey, but the story has had a weirdness to it from the beginning.
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