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Wow, good eye @Infamous 273!The course is in pretty good shape. Greens are rolling Ok, no bare patches in the fairways. The only issue, as it always has been, is the bunkers. Hard pan dirt littered with small boulders in them...
Bah! Who needs New England anyways?!? Bunch of Brit loving motherland apologists...
Because I have a manly man image to uphold, probably a Peach Bellini.... Lol Macallan 17 year.
Sorry EJ, you know I love you but this just doesn't cut it. And atonal music was around a long time before these girly men. I just don't like the sound of their voices and the melodies they wrote.
Lol lol!We had a great time even if the scores were abysmal... I haven't played that badly in years.Smallbany FTW!!
What? Bubba's not a giant douchey baby? See, that does nothing for me. Not to mention that the ObLaDi song is probably the worst song ever recorded.
We're laughing because you're full of it...
Polyester for the wicking, but does anyone else have a funk problem? That material seems to smell like death after a round...
Even though I think the Beatles suck ass I still know all of them. Anyways, Bubba's a giant douchey baby.
Why didn't you just leave them behind? Tell them you need to play a little quicker and then just move on?
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