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@J M Brown Amen brotha!!
Omigod, paula creamer was wearing an all black outfit last week with knee high black sheer socks, major turn on for me. Scha-wing!
From the AMA's the other night-
 red markers are a hazard.  white markers are O.B.  you can still hit from inside a hazard marked with red or yellow markers. edit - tristan beat me to it.
Sorry, I read right past that...C'mon Erik, you know me when it comes to Tiger. My panties are twisted so far in a bunch they'll never get unraveled.I thought the same thing...I thought he'd be unstoppable.
Can anyone confirm or deny that Como prefers a laid off A4, or bowed wrist?
My thoughts are that Tigs needs to just take his range swing to the course. Stop lashing at the damn ball and just hit it like you do relaxed on the range.
Haney can go kick rocks.
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