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Seriously, how many of you have seen groups skip putting just to press a slow group ahead of them? I'm not sure I've ever seen it in all the rounds I've played.
If your miss is less than 3 digits, you're doing it wrong....
Lol you're right!
I think if I had known this might happen I would've done everything I could to get all my family out of there and into the U.S. and just stayed here. I don't think he should do that now, who knows what the authorities might do to his family if he never came back.
You could PayPal me $50 right now. If you don't do it are you costing me earning potential? What that coperto did was cause us to ask for food as a take out option, skip the bull cover charge, and bring it back to the magnificent terrace and eat in wonderful seclusion.
Does anyone know, if he had just stayed here would the U.S. have extradited him back to Korea?
@Lihu I don't think you understood the thread. How far offline have you ever hit a ball. Me, into the far rough one fairway over. Probably 175 yards offline.
I hated that "coperto" bs. Freaking charging me just to sit and then still expecting a tip?
I'm saying that the dude didn't have to get his panties in a wad so quickly. He noticed this other group when they were several holes behind him. At that moment they got in his head. That's when he lost it.I'm giving the twosome the benefit of the doubt. I've hit into another group entirely by accident. I think the vast majority of the time is done by accident
Ugh...I hate hate HATE playing with slow people...if they weren't friends I'd leave them. Just tell them "sorry there's someplace I gotta be" and just go on to the next hole. People don't know they're slow. 4:30 has become the accepted "standard" but that's slow as eff....
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