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My office is in Tarzana. Its pretty hectic at work, but maybe in a couple of weeks we can meet at Woodley or Balboa or something. Dont be afraid to play alone at these places, people do all of the time.
Im surprised that someone cant edit the title, because if you google Sub seventy, the title of this thread is three things down from the top. I guess thats just part of doing business.
Well, I just got back from the game. Im not too bummed because we had a great season. Congrats to the Phillies, they were the better team by far and well see if they go all the way.
Some would say too many standards. Im in the distribution end of it and the things we have to go through are ridiculous.
Ya I grew up in Chatsworth and remember how bad it was when I was a kid. I drive down the 118 everyday now from Simi and your right, you can see clear across the valley.
It seems to have all blown to Riverside. Im in the Valley and its usually not bad, but Riverside looks like it has a S cloud hovering over it.
The smog doesnt seem to be as bad as it used too.
I second the vote on moving to LA. It can be somewhat of a culture shock to some mid westerners but that seems to be only in the city. The traffic sucks, but get a sunroof, we dont have very many bad weather days. If your company is based out of Newport and SD, you might be looking for something in more of south Orange County. Which is always nice too.
Man, just got home from the game. What a bummer. Victorino silenced the crowd with his shot and then Stairs hit it deep. At least I didnt have to listen to McCarver. I dont know what Ethier was thinking swinging at the first pitch from Romero after he just walked Furcal. It really showed his age. Oh well, Ill be there on Wednesday night too, so hopefully we take this thing back to Philly.
McCarver says " Dodger players protecting their meal ticket". WTF, am I just being biased or was that just an off the wall uncalled for comment? That was almost an insult to the rest of the team. PS: Its nice to see Tiger in a Dodgers hat.
New Posts  All Forums: