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Does seem mildly surprising I suppose. This is what jumped out at me: 82 Charles Barkley -23 -32 -26 -81 -81 OUCH!
"It's like...how much more black can it be....and it's like....none. None more black."
My boss did the same thing by packing everything in the cover bag, but that was before all of this extra fee nonsense that cropped up. I'll probably do that and see how it goes. I'm not too hot on shipping my clubs over ahead. Thanks for your input, guys!
Found it myself. Maybe this will help someone else. United International Baggage Rules Not a good sign really. 62 linear in/ 158 linear cm (length + width + height) That makes this product way over the limit: http://www.golfsmith.com/products/BB00T6 Anyone hit by any hassles on this?
With clubs of course. I'm flying United to England in August. They have instituted these asinine bag fees along with American (anyone see the beauty there? American=fees; how appropriate). The only policy I can find on their web site is for domestic flights or to and from Canada. Has anyone traveled United internationally since this has been enacted or know what the deal is with bringing a travel bag of clubs across the pond?
Well, that settles it then. joshtpa, you are just going to have to drop that opinion.
For you, jcrew, I'll quote myself:
I can't remember the exact sentence, but I do remember it was right after DJ Trahan hit an approach shot that he was visibly upset about. Flipped his club at his bag and made his caddy flinch. Then the ball lands within 15 ft.Faldo and the others couldn't believe he was upset and Faldo let it slip out.Edit: Something like, "He shouldn't worry about that shit" or "You shouldn't be bothered by shit."Damn, I'm going to hell...
For you Big Break watchers I couldn't help laugh out loud when the young girl (name escapes me) would say, "Oh sugar!" She's living on the edge, that one.
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