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I have seen many players make a good body powered practice swing.  Then they step up to the ball and swing with their arms and hands, leaving their body movements behind.  Then early release, flipping, or other disasters occur.   You need a swing thought that will work every time to make the lead side of your body pull your arms, hands, and club down and through impact.   You can find free instruction videos about this.  I watched one today by Paul Wilson, but I...
There are many like you.  Here is a possibility:   When you are swinging well, you are swinging with your body. When you are not swinging well, you are swinging with your arms.   I just watched a video by Paul Wilson on this, but I did not like his lower body keys.  The lower body movements should be subconscious. 
"I originally did have a grip where I sort of rotated my club a little anti clockwise, so it was square at address, but was told that it was best to let the clubhead sit neutral at rest (ie, slightly open), and work my grip around that, and let my arm naturally rotate through the swing."   That sounds like bad advice to give to a slicer.  BTW, irons should sit square at rest.  Metalwoods may sit square, or they may have a built in open or closed face angle.
I don't feel like either hand is dominant.  A specific part of the lead side of my body is always in control of my overall swing.  My hands don't do much until my release.  Then they just work together.
If you swing correctly with a body powered swing (body and hands), then the maximum lag will be there.  You will not have to think about it.  If you swing with your arms and hands, I would not know how to help you with that.
I think that was a double overlap.
I like this one.  If you actually cut weeds (or grass) with it, it will encourage an inside-out body powered swing...body and hands...not arms and hands.  Hitting an impact bag with a weighted golf club can do the same thing.  The club doesn't need to be real heavy, just about the weight of a weed cutter.
How about an appointment with a psychiatrist?  Yes, I'm serious.
I have not read anything in this thread except the OP. The first swing is better, even with the loop. The second has an arm swing that gets ahead of the body movements in the downswing. I consider that a fatal flaw.
"The Golf Swing and Its Master Key Explained" by Noel Thomas   This put an end to 20+ years of frustration.  I have no need for any other golf swing instruction.   It is apparently home published and sold only by the author.  Who would have thought?
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