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Feherty has been excellent. The Sergio interview was very good, actually has made into a Sergio fan.    But the Bill Russell interview was superb. That moment when he was discussing the Presidential Medal of Freedom and how it was second to what his dad told him. Priceless and genuine. Love his laugh, too. I really admire his outlook on life.
We've got one ticket for Wednesday, one of our foursome bailed at the last minute. Not sure if one will do you for, but send me a PM if so.
As a Tiger fan, I was pulling for him and he played the best he could play. The deficit was just too much to overcome. And I was pulling for another Masters 2011 from Rory, I admit it. Not a Rory fan for some reason.   Looking forward to Doral. Definitely a track high up on Tiger's list.    
I'm looking at new drivers this year to replace my X460 and have been looking at the RazrFit along with the 910D2 and VR str8-fit. Good to hear good things about the RazrFit (not keen on the name but that doesn't matter).
Well, I truly hope they get out here eventually. Would be nice to have some options (you are right, the GC Tour is expensive as hell - the entry fees alone that I've seen are $100+). I like the sound of onetime fee and then pay greens fees.    
I go to the range 3-4 times a weeek, mostly in interest of time. Working night shifts I'll hit the range after work before bed and then I try to play once a week at least.
I'd like to know as well. I have a 9.0 degree and am getting into serious mode for a new driver this year. I can hit my 9.0 degree high enough but it takes a concerted effort, otherwise its a dart. That's probably down to my mechanics though.
They don't have anything for California, kind of a bummer. I'm thinking of joining the Golf Channel Tour next year and trying that. Was going to do it this year but some stuff came up. It looks fun but I've heard kind of mixed things about it (mainly cost).   Also, the NCGA (Northern California Golf Association) has regular course clubs but also has e-clubs, for those who don't belong to a particular course. I joined a e-club 3 years ago, its been great. You can still...
She's decent. Wears makeup like its going out of style. Cool that she actually partakes in playing though.   I'm a Wynn McMurray fan myself.       Yeah, that is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
I play whites, which usually come in under 6400 yards. Pretty much all of my playing partners play the same, save for a couple of better players. Every so often I play longer tees if its a course I frequent and just want a different perspective. Monday I played a course that I've played several times before but apparently they underwent a change in tee placement - and didn't let any of us in the group know. So the whites were now ~5900 and blues ~6300. We were all pretty...
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