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I try to hit some balls on the range prior to the round - if I don't I know I'm screwed for the first two holes. It's all mental for me. I got invited last second to play a country club course last week and was so befuddled! Didn't have my push cart with me, didn't have a hat in the car - lucky to have my clubs. Didn't have a chance to warm up...went +4 thru 2 holes LOL.   Ah well.  
Never worn anything better than my TRUEs. Never going back to a spike shoe again. Looking to get a 2nd pair in the next month or so.   Whenever those TW Free shoes come out I'll try those - I love my Free trainers. Ashworth also has some shoes that just came out, similar to the ECCO, might be worth a look.
I'm in pretty much the same situation as you but all I can tell you is that for me, my plan is to work diligently on my wedges and putter this winter and hope it pays off. Like Logan said, there is no set rule for your question. It's individual. So, I'd recommend you find the areas of your game that need the most improvement and work hard on those.   For me, I need to get my putts down to about 30-32 per round (currently at 35) and this is partly due to needing to...
Try to find a course or a practice range with short game areas. By a shag bag and some quality balls (I buy AAAA used balls) and become super comfortable with your wedges. For us mid-to-high cappers, improving short game is #1. Learn to hit soft landers, run ups, etc. You will save yourself a TON of strokes here.    Then work on putting. I'm at fault for not practicing with my putter enough and my scores have reflected it. I've stayed pretty stagnant the past 2...
Played in stuff like that at Torrey Pines a couple years back, it was about 2 months prior to the Buick Invitational. Fing brutal. One of our playing partners tried hitting 3 wood out of it several times. I never did try to talk him out of it; always figured him to be a bit smarter than that. Dribble after dribble they came though    For me, I usually take a much steeper angle and get down deep with the club head. Tame expectations accordingly.    I'll never...
Had a pretty pedestrian round today so not much to write home about. Guess my best shot was on the 18th, 294 yards. My tee shot I pull hooked into a tree 120 yards (!), had to use 7i and punch it low as far down the fairway as I could and past a huge oak tree that overhangs the fairway - brutal for wedges into green. My 3rd was from about 95 and I knuckled it into the front bunker protecting the green. Opened my 56* all the way - if I thin it it's going into water. Made...
87 (47/40) today. My last 3 rounds now have seen 40 on the back nine but lousy front nines. Not sure what to make of that, really. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them. 
- I never take gimme putts when offered - always need more than one golf glove (hate the sweaty feel in the summer) - can never play with used tees off the teeing ground - always clean my clubs before a round and after a shot - don't talk very much during a hole (between holes, the turn, post round we can have a chat)  
I couldn't get the live streaming to work. Got up at 7 to watch Tiger and the damn website was taking a dump. The PGA as a whole is worthless when it comes to using advanced tech to bring more golf. Thankful for DirecTV and having the extra channels dedicated to the Majors. Majors are only four times a year, TNT should be doing 10-hour broadcasts or allow GolfChannel to do some broadcasting before they go on. 
Man, I was so excited when he was -3. To see him play after that was heartbreaking.    He doesn't trust anything he is doing right now. Watch the replay of that tee shot on 15, looked nothing like the shots he hit last week. His left foot is moving around again. 
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