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Ideally, after impact your left elbow folds and right arm is straight as you complete the swing (remember to complete the swing!).  
Much practice, most of it concerning my brain. My brain kept thinking my takeaway was too far outside so I would gradually get back to the "too far inside" move. I had been doing it so long it felt "right". Which is where probably most of us are. So I just hit the range and this is all I focused on. I am now at the point where I have a pre-shot check: I use Anthony Kim's waggle move, where at address he does about a 1/4 takeaway then re-addresses the ball. I do it in...
84 (44/40) @ my home course yesterday. Walked in 99F heat but felt good, trying to build up some stamina for a 72-hole trip to Bandon soon. Finally back into the 80s after 5 straight rounds in low 90s (really lost my feel for awhile there). Only hit driver 3 times, stuck with the 3 wood off the tee, which put me in more fairways. Hitting the 3w solid, will probably stick with that strategy from now on.    Still trying to break 80, which is my #1 goal for 2011. 
I've suffered from the inside takeaway and finally worked on over the winter. Took me awhile to get used to the feeling - taking the club straight back felt so awkward. Lowered my index from 19.4 in March to 12.0 as of yesterday, mostly due to fixing this error. Video is so important (or have a knowledgeable person watch your swing). They always say the first 18 inches or so in your takeaway will make or break a successful swing - I believe it.   (I'm not putting it out...
Went to the range after work this morning and concentrated on my left foot. I felt like the foot was rooted to the ground and the grass was a lot less messy after my session. I did flare my foot out a touch, as mentioned above, which helps. I also noticed it helped a bit with my tempo - concentrating on keeping it planted really helped with a nice and smooth tempo and slower, which I've been needing.
I know I do this as well. The grass is pretty well torn up where my left (front) foot was.
I actually had a slight pain below my left hip after a couple range sessions when working on this. Not sure if that was to be expected or not!
This was mine in this thread:   For once, I agreed with what Brandle Chamblee said tonight after the tournament: Europe hasn't found another Seve, it's found it's own Rory.    I also for once agreed with Johnny Miller in that in remains to be seen if Rory has that desire to be a legend. I mean, he stormed away with this one but I want to see what happens when he's either tied or trailing by 2 shots. He's not going to win majors by 8 strokes again. We've seen him crumble...
After I got the very general feeling of it (trying slow exaggerated swings like Donald) all I focused on was my post leg (left leg). Look at that Fowler picture and also look at Donald right before impact - their left legs straighten, extending the spine (while maintaining spine angle) and then it's just a follow-through to finish.    It's a helluva feeling when you do it close to right - and it's a helluva feeling when it goes wrong     
There's a Luke Donald video on youtube that shows him on the range working on this. Basically, it's an exagerrated move but gives you an idea of what you want to happen. I've been working for about a week now on this. I'm struggling making sure my left hip goes toward the target and not toward the ball. If I make the move right, it's solid contact and great distance and ball flight. If I screw it up it's a weaker push.   edit: here it...
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