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I remember in the "Playing with the pros" episode on Golf Channel, he was asked about his temper and how he loses control. He openly said he knows he needs to do something about it but doesn't yet know how to control his emotions. He then referred to Tiger as the only person he knows of who can come back on their next shot after a truly crappy play and use those emotions to fuel his game. I don't know. For me, I look at it from both sides. I do not agree with the way he...
Why would he fake an injured knee? There's no reason to do it. That would be like saying Michael Jordan faked his flu during the Finals in 1997. This also isn't the first injury he has had to that knee. Bottom line: you're an ass.
I am using a Cougar putter that my mom bought years ago but she never used it. I love it. I can't stand the new mallet type putters, I like the blade feel and look of the old putters. It is lighter than most but that is a benefit for my putting stroke.
For me, equipment makes a difference in the sense that if I feel comfortable with it, I play pretty good, which basically comes down to confidence. I started playing with some Wilson blades, hand me downs from my grandfather. This year I bought one of those Wilson all-in-one sets (Deep Red) and have become pretty decent with the irons. I have switched out the driver, woods, and hybrids, however. And by doing so my game has improved even more. Before, I was in the low 100s...
Well, the year is half over (wow!) but better late than never I say! My goals for this year were/are pretty lofty. I used to play casually when I was 12-13 years old but gave up on it due to other commitments and interests. Now that I am 28, I am finding more time, money, and deep level of commitment to playing the game. I don't have kids, I work nights, and have a fantastic fiance who supports my addiction! So, here it is (I left out practice from my goals because I think...
Respiratory Therapist. 12 hour night shifts. Fantastic job for having golf time.
No, he shouldn't. It's not the distance that is killing him, it's the control. Are you guys saying he has more control with the driver? This is Phil we are talking about here! He obviously has a plan and an idea of what he wants to do, he just needs to quit farting around and do it.
I usually hit an easy 3W but lately I've been getting my 3H 195-200 with better contol.
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