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88 (45/43). Not thrilled but looking at my scorecard it could have been a lot worse. Had one triple bogey and four (4!) double bogeys, one 4-putt and two 3-putts. How in the hell I didn't flirt with 100, I have no idea. Two birdies helped I guess.    My short game has been terrible the past 3-4 rounds, lost so many strokes from inside 50 yards it's unbelievable.
Played by myself today on a whim and played like top notch crap. Shot a 93. Couldn't do a freaking thing from 100 yards in. 
What would usually happen if a player had a neutral left hand and a stronger right hand (righty player)? Would that make it very difficult to get adequate wrist cock? Reason I ask is yesterday during my round I was struggling to get my irons up. Hit a lot of low shots, mainly with the 6 iron. For some reason with my mid irons I was using my normal neutral left but I think my right was too strong?
I bought the game a week ago and started on Tour Pro level. Pretty tough. I've made it to the PGA Tour but am having a helluva time scoring low enough to be in contention. My average score is 75! I like the difficulty though. Putting is killing me. I've missed a ton of 2-foot "tap ins".    I bought the Eagle package DLC - but I'm holding out hope for EA to bring more real-life courses. I want to play Congressional. I think it's pretty lame to leave that out of this...
Played a local course this morning, shot 87. Had 86 here 2 weeks ago, was expecting ~82 or so. My game was weird today, never felt like I got in a good flow. +4 after 3 holes really pissed me off, didn't start getting solid hits with my driver until the back 9, and what really just sent me over the edge was #17 par 5 dogleg right with a small lake and I sliced my drive right into it. Such an easy hole to get at least par and I ended up with a double.   
  Great post.    I'm enjoying watching Luke more and more. The guy makes golf shots, such a solid all-around player.     
Man, David is pretty damn solid. That shot he put on the green from 180 was money. Oren was lucky to get out of his match - hitting driver after David went in the bunker was nuts.    I'm loving Robbie more and more. That skull across the green was just like me! 
  No denim allowed on the golf course! LOL
Agree with the last comment :) And I had a chuckle about the TaylorMade/Srixon fight. Well played!   I can answer your last question: for me, the hats my local courses offer are crap. Most are adjustable denim hats that are super flimsy - I've always liked crisp, pro-fitted hats like the MLB wears. So I wear the Titleist FJ/ProV1 hat. I also wear an A's hat and a Florida Gators hat, depending on my mood - all 3 are fitted wool caps. I give my courses money every time I...
Had a "Phil" moment today. 340 yard par 4, hooked my 3 wood into some trees - complete crap hit, I still had 175 to middle of green. Pin was at back at 182. My options were to either hit a hybrid punch and then wedge or hook a mid iron around a tree and hope for the best. There was a bunker protecting the right of the green so if it didn't hook enough I was toast. My lie sucked; hard pan with pine needles spread about so I took a 5 iron and set up for the hook - aimed...
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