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It's been my experience that, no matter what tees are played, the "casual golfer" is going to slow things up. Again, the courses need to do a better job of moving play. I love how some of the courses have clocks posted. The clocks are set so that they display the time you teed off at; if you come to #5 tee and see your tee time on the clock, your pace is perfect.   I have to confess, since I work Fri-Sun 12-hour night shifts, I get to play weekdays and very rarely have I...
What is the difference between wearing a Titleist hat when playing golf to wearing an A's hat to a baseball game? If my favorite player is Tiger Woods, wouldn't you expect me to wear a Nike TW hat?    And why do people always feel they need to judge others? I don't understand threads like this: worrying about someone's apparel or wondering why someone would play a full set of one brand. No wonder the layperson thinks golf is full of snobs. 
Yep, I'm in the same boat as you. My good friend who is a scratch player had me play from the blues a couple weeks ago. Before that day I'd always played whites (or whatever was ~6,200 yards). For the first few holes I was having a tough time but it was mental, thinking I had to swing harder of course. Once I relaxed and just played it felt natural for me. The par 3s took some adjustment as I was usually hitting a mid to high iron before. I think the blues (6,600 yards...
I've only seen one issue out here with players playing the wrong tees - a foursome ahead of us teed off on #1 from the 6,600 tees and all 4 put their drives around 200, two of which were hooked into the rough. Starter gets on them and says they need to move up tees. That's the only time I've ever witnessed the policing of playing the proper tees. It seems as time goes on, golf courses are taking less and less responsibility for what is going on. I hardly see the presence...
I have the same opinion as you. I used to be at the range a lot but the past month or so I've taken a different approach and only go to the range if I won't be playing in more than a week or something is whacked out with my swing. When I was going the day before I was playing, if I had a bad session, my mental approach was shot - just made things worse.  
For me, my grip is in the top 3 of most important things in my golf game (along with tempo and mental focus). I've made a thread or two here before about my grip being inconsistent, battling hooks and fighting plane issues. I finally, finally figured it out at the end of March and my game has been as good as it ever has been.
87 (71.0/123 - blue - 6,636yds) 86 (72.1/135 - blue - 6,844yds) 89 (69.8/120 - white - 6,311yds) 83 (69.2/125 - blue - 6,250yds)   The 86 and 89 were at the same course...pretty funny. Real test comes Monday on a course I've only played twice, both from the white tees. Never shot lower than 96 there so this will be interesting. Going to play from the blue tees and give it a go.  
Got the Callaway Org 14 Sport golf bag in black. Finally have a good bag to use on my Clicgear. My Nike stand bag is a nice bag but I was so sick of clubs getting stuck together.   Also bought a box of ProV1 prior gen, ProV1x prior gen (which I traded with a friend for a box of Penta) and some tees.   Next up will be new shoes, my adidas 360 3.0 have about had it. Debating between the adidas Tour 360 4.0 and the Nike Lunar Control.
Frogger has a mini version of their great amphibian towel just for this purpose. They sell the regular towel and ball towel together in a package.   I just park my push cart near the green, mark my ball, clean it real quick then line it up (I don't have the mini towel just the regular size towel).
Tuesday: morning round @ Riverbend, played white tees (69.8/120) scored 89 (43/46) then afternoon round from the blues (72.1/135) scored 86 (40/46). My putting was atrocious in both rounds - I managed to 4-putt a GIR hole the 2nd round, in addition to losing 3 balls during the round. Should have broke 80    Today: early round @ Riverside, played blue tees (71.0/123) scored 87 (41/46). Was in the bunkers a lot. On 18, had a 6-foot chip for eagle but ended up with par....
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