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I took a class with John as well @ Webster in Rochester. I'm in Syracuse, but he was worth the 90 minute drive. One of the better investments I've ever made in my game.
I do that off the tee. I aim for something on the horizon. A tree, or building or cloud. Seems to keep my driver more online. I don't see why it wouldn't work for iron shots too, eh?
Hmmm, well...I learned more in 15 minutes about ball flight laws in my first trackman lesson than in the last 10 years trying to figure things out on my own. They were worth it - to me. Anyway, I can't wait for the book to arrive. I like numbers and analytics. Should be good - (again, for me).
For less than the price of a dozen golf balls, you are telling me this book contains info that will lower my scores?   I've spent hundreds of dollars on irons I've spent hundreds of dollars on a driver I've spent hundreds of dollars on a putter I've spent hundreds of dollars on an Aimpoint class I've spent hundreds of dollars on Trackman lessons etc, etc...   Seems like quite a deal to me. I ordered the book.
I don't think I can express my disappointment/frustration/rage that the Giants have given up pretty much 40 points a game, oh every game for the last 7 or 8 weeks...horrible horrible defense. I know they have many injuries, the starting MLB, and the entire secondary all year, but....come on...ugh!!!!
I'm 300lbs+ and used to take the cart every time for the last oh...10 yrs. Last year made the decision to start walking. I know how you feel. After 9 I thought I'd die. Swing went to hell after 9, back was tight. I was strong from lifting weights since college, but had no cardio....Now, I only walk. I use a push cart and have no problems walking 18. It took me almost 6 months to work up to feeling comfortable walking a full 18. Really was quite eye-opening. It made me...
Perhaps, and this is a shot in the dark as you said the gripping was done quite a while ago, there may be something in the bottom of your golf bag? Do you have a bag with club dividers? Maybe there is somehting in the bottom of the bag in the slot where your 7 iron sits? Worth a shot to look in there before you start hacking grips off...
I have only good experiences with them. I have returned a pair of footjoys to them with no problems, full refund the day they received the item back. I have e-mailed them and spoken to someone there as well. To bad about the clubs you got. I would give them the opportunity to make it right.
Personally, I would try it at standard and not tip it. If it doesn't play stiff enough for you then perhaps tip it. That's a mighty expensive shaft to go cutting. Won't cost much $$ or time to pull it, tip it, and put it back in if it's not playing stiff enough for you. FWIW the white is pretty stout, you may not need to tip it at all.
Golf and Golf Digest "club tests" are glorified commercials for the manufacturers. Try clubs yourself or ask for opinions here for those who have tried them. Thats what I do.
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