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A lot of people want to improve, but they don't want to practice. This = laziness. This is fine; if you don't like to practice you shouldn't force yourself to go and hit balls. But when you do hit balls, even if it's just three balls a day, make the best of it. Think in terms of what caused your bad swing, not the result of your bad swing. If you will do that you will improve. You can't help but improve. How fast you improve depends on how on how much you...
Very good! I played with a set of clubs (Driver, woods, irons, putter) that I got from Walmart for $150 until I started scoring in the 70's. If only everyone else had the same attitude!
Lol, before you spend money on non-golf related items, pick up a book that teaches the whole swing from start to finish and practice every day. Anyone with a correct swing will be long AND straight.
It's a form of the waggle. The waggle plays a role in the shot.
A lot of people have tried this... proving that what Hogan said and what he did were different. Hogan's explanation for this, and he did tell some people this, was that he was not physically capable in the state he was in (after the car accident). He had to make adjustments during his swing to achieve the results he wanted. Basically, he was trying to teach everyone the swing that he would have used if he was physically capable.
Simplest way is to put it at the lowest point in your swing, which, if you're swinging correct, should be somewhere off your left heel. I never understood why people would change ball position for different clubs.
This has probably been asked, but the thread is 20 pages long. Are they allowed to speed?
It's good that you ask this, because Ben Hogan described the exact same problem in his book 5 Lessons. To quote: So, basically, you use an open stance for the iron clubs from the six iron down to the wedges. The shorter the club, the more open your stance should be. You will lose distance, because you have placed a further restriction on the length of your arc, but you will make up for it in accuracy and timing.
Full shots (driver and irons). You use the same swing to make it simple. Once you can break 80, start working on your putting and short game. I never visited the putting or chipping green until I was scoring in the mid 70's.
I agree. What I explained was just an imagination or visualization that a golfer can use to properly execute hip movement. I think golf is a lot easier when you strive to create repeatable feelings, instead of trying to memorize positions. Your explanation is spot on though; I agree with every bit of it.
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