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My wife was fitted for clubs last season.  Her fairway wood is a #7 wood.  She really couldn't get a 3 or 5 wood to fly and get any distance.  Good reason to be fitted for clubs.   dave
I developed a personal drill after watching my HS basketball playing son working with a college coach.  His theory was repeating shots close to the basket and focusing on SEEING the ball in the basket every time was important.  I use his principle for putting. Here's a drill:   Find a hole on a practice green that isn't quite level.  Take 2 balls.  Moving around the hole at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions, make both balls from each position at a distance of only 2...
Read the article and was not surprised at all.  The lechers that I play with on Thursday nights are always hitting on the poor cart girl.  Nothing vulgar, but my thoughts are 'what if that was YOUR daughter?'   What they can make in a day is not exaggerated either.  When in HI two years ago, a mom and daughter teamed up at Wailea.  Mom said on good days, they bring home about $600 between the two of them.  Now that's a good day gig!   dave
Just back from a FL vacation where the wife and I played 3 rounds in the Palm Harbor / Odessa, FL area.  Boy, my game is in shambles from tee to around the green.  Short game was solid as usual.  Holed a lengthy putt from just off the green, jarred a greenside pitch that flew INTO the hole and stayed, hit the stick on another chip that dropped.  All three for birdies.   Now, the bad stuff.  Many drives were either high-hooks that found trees, water or lost.  Drives that...
 Bingo.  We have a winner.
If you put it out there, you're opening up yourself (and your family in this instance) to 'anything can happen.'   It sucks.  It's reality. Once it's out there, anything (unfortunately) goes anymore.   Again, a few years ago Curt didn't have a Twitter account to post this to a global audience. If Twitter wasn't used, this incident didn't happen.   dave
I don't condone any of the vile responses that resulted from Curt's initial Tweet.  Here's the REAL problem:   He tweeted the message to the WORLD on a global platform to be seen by anyone with a phone or computer with an internet connection.   A simple AND PRIVATE message to his daughter on the subject and this is a non-news story.   When are people going to realize that when you put stuff out to everyone on the planet bad thing can and DO happen?   Personal rant:...
Some useful and overlooked items:   1. Always stay well behind anyone hitting a shot 2. Stay well out of the way of others and keep still while others are hitting 3. Pick up your feet while walking on the green! 4. Figure out which club is working and use it until you need your wedge and putter 5. Make use of the practice putting green before stepping on to #1 tee box   good luck playing with your buddy.  Hope all goes well and he enjoys the experience.   dave
You can also see how weather (Honda classic this week) affects their ability to score well.   dave
A buddy had the onset of shanks during a round which seemed to worsen as the round continued.  Near #17 green, the rest of us watched as he shanked the ball completely around the green.  When he got near the cart path, rather than attempting a 4th chip shot of similar result, he picked up and walked to 18 tee and sat on the bench while we finished out.   More than one shot, but wow.  I've shanked more than a few in my day but completely around a green?  I'd pull the...
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