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The only club you mentioned was a 3-iron.  If you have 3-5 irons in your bag, does the same thing happen with 6-iron down through wedges?   If you're hitting your shorter irons more solidly, might want to consider easier to hit hybrids than 3-5 irons.  Just a thought.   dave
Played with my wife's adult son Sunday.  Also a decent baseball player in HS.  His drives were all carbon copies:  Double to the wall in right-center field.   Definitely a different swing, baseball to golf.  Think about hitting a double to right-center if you're a righty.  Then, think about pulling one to left-center and the difference in how you'd do that.   dave
FWIW, I introduced my wife to the game of golf and have helped her along the way.  In her 5th season of play, she finally broke 100.  My wife was fairly athletic as well having played softball in HS and she bowls well if that counts.   Anyway, we used the hole-to-tee approach.  We started in the basement during the winter months with balls and a putter on carpet while watching college and NBA basketball games and putting during timeouts and commercials.  Trust me, true...
Here's what I think:  Zach Johnson had an interview after having to either play with, or play behind the group last week that included Jim Furick and the other player with an extremely compulsive pre-shot routine.  Zach mentioned that several things affect pace of play and that most factors are interdependent.   What Zach mentioned as a possible cure is a shot clock.  I am all over this idea.  Implementing it would be beyond easy.  On TV, there appears to be two or more...
Odessy Versa #7 model might be worth a look.  I think it's a great balance of weight, balance and feel.  Within the Versa #7 line, you can go all the way up to $250 (ouch!) and down to less than $100 on a 'last year's model' that isn't painted.   Putters are a real 'feel' buying decision.  Either it feels great or it quickly finds its way back onto the rack.  Give the Versa #$7 model a try.  There's a good reason more than several tour players use this model.   dave
 No mountains.  We have a couple of large HILLS where kids ski.  Guess I could have skied down the driveway Sunday morning to get the paper from the box after the 5" of slush turned to ice.  Point is, it easily could be sunny and 65 and we could be out golfing or at least hitting balls.  Since December we've seen avg daily temperatures 15-30 degrees BELOW normal.  Like everyone else in the east and midwest, just venting along with the rest. C'mon WARM WEATHER!!! dave
Best = short game.  Wedges, pitching, chipping and putting see a lot of practice time.   Worst = midrange game 140-200 yards from green.  This includes par-3s in which I RARELY hit a green.   I'm ok with hitting drives in the 200-225 range. Generally hit fairways and rarely cause any trouble with a tee shot.  It's that NEXT shot that kills my game unless of course I'm inside 150 which isn't very often on a par 4 or 5.   dave
 Good vids.  Thanks for posting the links. dave
Amen, brother.  What's ironic is that the weather could just as easily be sunny and 65 in our area.  Why do we always seem to get the s&it end of the stick?   Woke up Wed morning to 6" of fresh powder in NE Ohio.  Great if your a skier!  And yesterday (Sat) another 5" of the wet slushy stuff that froze to ice overnight.    Will it EVER END?!!!  Sheesh!   dave
At this point in the season, I'd be happy just to get TO the range!  Tuesday night into Wed., 6" more snow.  Yesterday another 5" of the thick wet slushy stuff that froze overnight.  My league starts Thursday.  Mon and Tuesday look like possible days I could go to the range for some practice.  Weather turns bad again mid-week and back to 20+ degrees below normal temps.   Why do I live in NE Ohio?  What a moron.   dave 
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