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Well, the muni where I play has a huge population of gnats. I've got the strongest DEET I could find (something for hunters, don't remember the name), but that hasn't worked. Last time I played, my neck was literally covered in dead gnats by the end, and when I took off my hat, quite a few more fell out... Is there anything you can recommend to keep the gnats away? I'm playing again this afternoon, so I'm up for trying something new. Thanks!
31. Finally got some beginner clubs appropriate to my game (or lack thereof) and have seen my score drop from 140 (yes, that's right) to 112. I should be at double bogey golf soon, and flirting with low 100s by the end of the summer.
First time I've ever done this -- 9th hole, and I'm about 20-25 yards off the green (overshot the approach), down in a ditch (probably an old bunker), the green is about level with my head, so 6 feet or so up. used my 64 degree wedge with a full power pitch swing and the ball pops up, bounces once, hits the flagstick and goes in. Par. It's things like this that delude me into thinking I can actually play the game if I just practice more. Of course, my next drive went...
Pro Action (?) 64 degree wedge. I got it about 3 years ago at play it again sports for $1.99. It was in pretty good shape, True Temper steel shaft. Whoever had it must not have liked it. I put a new grip on it, and it became my easiest club to hit (perhaps that's an indicator why I stopped playing golf for around 3 years). Incidentally, the grip (Winn) cost $8, or 400% more than the club... Anyhow, it's a useful club in that lob shots don't really require serious...
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