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I'd say go with the 52's.. my humble opinion but it will make your striking skill go easier
Could be your dipping with your knee bend on one swing, then your so focused on trying to not duff that you keep your knees very straight and upright causing you to go over the ball. Your arms and elbows can also play a huge factor in this. Some say copying your backswing pattern is a way to go when your first starting but i'd have to disagree there are quite a few differences.
Sure there's many ways you can approach this problem, from my experience and a little tip from a tiger wood's book i read... play the club u favour the most, bring you the most confidence, of course it has to be within the range of the par 3 length. Your tatic is fairly good, try relaxing your swing for the par 3's but use the club u would normally use to reach the green.
Love the spin milled, after playing 45 holes i had two chip ins and of course i didn't use it every hole lol
Why do you figure your slicing? There could be several reasons why such as out to in swing pattern, or bending your elbows to much, or just hitting off the toe etc. A video would help alot, but as for something like going closer to the ball probably won't make a difference. Make sure your arms stay generally straight. But if your not going far enough right to call it a "slice" then you should be alright for the time being, just play with it until you've figured out how...
Funny that this was brought up, my dad got an almost full set and bag of counterfiet taylormade r7's from china. There nowhere near the real thing but he isn't a strong nor common golfer so he didn't care, but still it wasn't worth $500 for it all..... he could of got something way better, but refused to take my advice. I left it alone and that's my dad not just any playing partner. So your best bet is not care at all or mention it once and then drop it.
Shot a 12 on the par 4 8th hole of my old course, same one dent was talking about, not a tournament round though just a bad day lol. Back when i had a major slice problem, and with a strong dog leg right i was always in trouble.
Dent from what i can remember, didn't u used to have a constant fade with your irons? Or im i just clueless lol
Bump! Anyone wanna through in a offer i will consider other pricing
This Whole month i've shot down my handicap from a 15.2 to now my current 12.9. I don't understand where this sudden break through has rose from my play has gotten so much more consistant, and my approach has gotten to a brand new best! I feel like im finally seeing my true potential to golf, and with a few new things added to my game (tips from others, practicing swing in the backyard etc.) i've really took my game to a new level just in this month. What im getting...
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