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It is imprtant , You know all clubs started off at the same swingweight ,loft , lie , shafts and length . It doesnt mean they still are though so close inspection is needed . This isnt just important to these clubs but all sets you buy.
try the topflight straight or pinnacle gold . either should straighten your drive and have a lower trajectory due to less spin . that said learning to control the shot instead of just whacking it will benefit you greatly . M
the best way to clean them is to play them . If you are looking for a set to show then brass-o works very well on them
I recently retired my Nike Oz and started using a putter I made about ten years ago . I have improved quite a bit since, as my comfort zone has doubled in size . I dont know the exact percentage improvement but everyone I play with has remarked positively about it 
I have an 08 fz1 and have been riding since 83
To be honest ,I downloaded and use Skydroid . I use it most every round and it is worth every penny I paid for it  ($1.99 )
I have the Bennington , Yes , it rocks 
black magic marker 
if they stab each other I feel we all win
the Nike PD soft seems to balloon when I hit it so it doesnt get back in the bag
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