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Unless the flex of your current shafts is different, and the length is not far off, then you can probably get your clubs modified
I switched to graphite and can really tell the difference - less of a backache after a round of golf. Which shaft is best?  That's opening a real can of worms for club junkies. Maybe the better question is what shaft weight are you most comfortable with. You can get them from 50g to 100g.
For hitting off the deck, try a 3W that has a low profile face. That was the concept behind the original Adams tight lies woods.  The tradeoff is that the low profile face woods have a smaller hitting area when used on the tee.
I saw the show on the GC.  Since I like to purchase used clubs, it makes me hesitant to do so unless it is from Cally preowned or TM preowned.
After seeing the Reflex irons on the GG site, they are not bad looking. And on sale for $150.
An inexpensive brand name used driver that you can cut down is what I would do. Most drivers less than 10 years old are good.
You could probably do better than the Reflex irons. If cost is the issue, check out the Callawaypreowned and global golf websites.
I still like the old Avon Chamois. They might be softer than many golfers would like, but they keep their tackiness. I especially like them on blades to keep my hands from going numb on mishits.
Apex gets a lot of really good reviews.
If the old irons feel too heavy , then try a set with graphite shafts. Also if your old irons have old grips then that can cause swing problems.
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