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Great final pairing with Wie and Thompson.  Both can get even better. Although Wie has played for many years,  she is still new to "full time" professional golf.  Playing golf while being a full time high school or college student is a big disadvantage compared to full time players.  That's why i think both Lexi and Michelle are going to get even better.
If you are hitting 240-250 with a 90mph swing speed, it sounds like you are getting good distance.  My swing speed is around 90 with similar distance.  All the clubs you mention are quality sticks. If your fitting specs are in the "average" range for shaft length and lie, then you should be able to reduce your handicap with practice and a coach.  Of course, new clubs can always give you a confidence boost if they feel good and look good.  
How did the loft change affect the 2 iron? Is the 2 iron still playable with a stronger loft?
I like to take my old laminated and persimmon woods to the range, get a hitting station next to a guy with the latest shiny new driver, and then whack balls that go about as far and straight as his. Also interesting to note that modern "hybrids" are basically the same setup as old persimmon or maple fairway woods. Very similar club length and head size.
The next time you are on the course hitting a 5 iron, throw down a second ball with higher compression and see if there is a significant difference in ball flight and distance. Do the same for the driver. Sometimes the low compression golf balls are designed to have a very high trajectory so you might find that they balloon on you with a higher swing speed. I also use the 50 Elite but have never had a problem with ballooning even if I put extra power into a swing.
Also depends on the course. If greens are small and rounded, I use a urethane ball. If the course has narrow fairways with trees and water close to the fairway, a ball that hits straighter off the tee is better. If the course has small greens and narrow fairways...well just play a different course.
You can take the club to a golf shop to get the specs. It probably hits easy because all the specs just happen to be a perfect match for your swing.
Even if the top has 14 dividers, the clubs will still get tangled up unless the dividers are full length. A few bags have full length dividers but most are not.
I've used the Bag Boy 180 for the last few years. Well built and easy to push. But it is a bit heavy and bulky to load and unload from a car trunk
Yes, I agree with the posts above. I made it sound more simple than it actually is. You would need to use the method on a hole that is straight, level, and has a yardage marker on the tee box. And it would still be difficult to separate carry distance from total distance with roll out.
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