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It's been a busy beginning of the year for me, but it also included a few rounds of golf and a tournament, which is the first tournament I've played in years. I've still been working hard on my priority piece, which was to square my club face throughout the swing and I have a few good days and bad days, but I can say that it has gotten better. I've also really been pushing myself to stop working on my priority pieces on full speed swings and really just try and slow things...
I have a similar problem, but for me, it's because I tend to shut the club face throughout the swing. There are several factors that contribute to that so if you can, post up a swing and it can be better diagnosed. 
I tried out the i25 driver and 3 wood yesterday since I was looking into a new 3 wood. I didn't test out the driver as much as I did the 3 wood since it wasn't what I was shopping for, but the faces on both clubs were hot. I didn't mind the racing stripes on the crown. In fact, I do like them a lot and is a very good alignment tool compared to others. I saw they introduced and adjustable neck to raise the loft about half a degree each way, but since most newer clubs can...
Happy Birthday! 
Thanks for posting Mike. I've started doing this at the range more and practicing my priority pieces a lot slower. I saw it somewhere in the forum (can't remember who posted it) but he said that "if you can't do it slow, then you can't do it fast" or something to that extent. 
 @PeterFaragher  I agree with Scott. I had an Odyssey 34" cut down to 33" and that changed the swing weight a lot. The putter head felt a lot heavier and I couldn't control the putts especially within 5 feet. If you're going to cut it down, I would also advise the fitter to also maintain the swing weight as much as possible. 
I've always like Linkin Park since their first album and it's good to hear elements of their old sound in their new single.   
Tiger Woods -12 Patrick Reed -12 Henrik Stenson -12
 My weekends are pretty open in April so those dates work for me.
 I was thinking the same thing since you live all the way in Sac. @Rock26 we're going to cancel this weekend So @mchepp and I think I'll be available for next Saturday. I'll book two foursomes for March 22 and hopefully we'll get two groups in by that day. If you guys want to suggest a later date, we can go ahead and do that if the 22nd is too short notice. 
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