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Thanx for the answer, I did bought them from rock bottom and was just wondering what was going on. 
I have bought the Nike Red RZN from an on-line store and they have two parallels alignment lines, I just bougth a dozen from a local store and they don't have any lines...    Anybody knows how to explain this?   Thanx
When can we expect to receive it North of the border?   Thanx
It was suppose to snow this morning and suppose to turn into rain this afternoon... guess what? Only SNOW. :(
  The same here. The coldest March ever.  
He just bought clubs... now need to know if he is gonna use them.
We put this motto on our license plate because we tend to forget rather quickly.
  Bienvenue :)
This morning :( Sorry for the moderator ..this picture contains offensive material.  
  The called shot.  
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