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You are right - couldn't open the link before.  I did like how the article said that golfers were hitting "from just out of bounds".  Whats up with that?
Good news that this isn't a new bout of cancer but does serve as a timely reminder to take proper precautions when out in the sun.  My folks live in Tucson and too many conversations amongst their friends on having "stuff" cut off.  I'm now a devoted fan of hats and SPF50 sunscreen.
WUTiger - I lived in the metro-east area from 1983 to 1988 and golf could be tough to come by - courses were crowded though I wouldn't say expensive.  My wife and I would golf a lot of Saturday afternoons at some of the public courses and it was well within our budget.  We still visit family in the area and I'm amazed at the number of courses and, as you pointed out, the number that started out as high-end housing developments.  I've also seen a couple of courses that were...
Have often seen some sparks off buddy's clubs if we are playing near dusk.  That was probably from the titanium in the ball cover (titanium dioxide for whiteness).  The big question of course is whether a club staring on fire is considered damaged "in the normal course of play"?
Not sure what its current status is but many (20) years ago played a course called the Mid-Carolina Club near Prosperity, SC. Should be within your driving range. Also, Hunters Creek near Greenwood was quite nice - a little bit of a drive but it has 27 holes so might be worthwhile.
I use the pre-printed line as a general indicator after I line up the putt from behind - i.e. left, right, way left, way right.  But I find my most accurate reads come when I'm standing over the ball and get a feel for direction and magnitude.  So sometimes I ignore my prior read (sometimes successfully, other times less so).   Some of the gizmos purport to show the actual equator of the ball - i.e. where it spins true.  Idea there was that if you lined up the ball with...
Had a similar experience at two of the other Big Box Stores.  At BBS-A would have had to light myself on fire to get anyone to pay attention.  Went to BBS-B and had an experience similar to the OP - what did I want, what did I expect, how was my game, etc. etc.  Walked out with a Titleist 913D2.  First driver I've used regularly in 25+ years (NOT the first one I bought unfortunately) and absolutely love it (much of the time).  Had the same experience again at BBS-A when I...
"It's kind of like "Stick-em" that goop NFL wide receivers used in the 70's..which was banned..."   I had this mental image of a golf ball sticking to the club, the player looking down the fairway and saying "Wow - I hit that one out of sight!"   But I would think that it needs to lessen impact of contact (i.e. slippery) rather than increasing the effect (i.e. sticky).  And if you remember football back in the '70's you'd see guys just covered in that stuff -...
As I survey the (ridiculously long next shot) - "I can get there in two." or "I've got that shot."  Sometimes even "It's good to try different shots into the green."  I know those are on the lame side so its fortunate my issues are usually directional and not distance.
Still have my Golden Ram aluminum shafted driver - has to be from around 1975 or so. Also a Ram 5 wood - no idea of vintage - it was my dad's but ended up in my bag at some point.
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