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I can't say that this is the worst shot I've ever seen but it was noteworthy. It was the day after the big derecho wind storm in 2012. My buddy and I got to the tee on the 4th hole of our 2nd nine (this course has 4 nines). A large tree on the left hand side of the fairway - about 50 yards out or so - had been knocked over by the wind leaving (for the time being) a stump about 10-15 feet high. My buddy, who has a fairly pronounced slice, was overjoyed since that tree...
I've played VT and TT Rawls. Love the VT course and, while I enjoyed playing at Rawls, I wouldn't call it "beautiful" in the conventional sense. Had much more look of a classic links course - not lush by any means. Have been by the UVa course literally dozens (if not hundreds) of times in the 15 years that I lived nearby. It always looked great but never had an opportunity to play it. One could ponder that after paying 4 years of my daughter's tuition, housing and...
Meanwhile, over at the Camilo Villegas exhibit.....
Back in the mid-80's I read a story about a course in a small town in Illinois that had the greens "turfed". One of the members put up a reward to catch the perpetrator. Turns out that it was his son. Guessing dinner time was awkward for a while after that.
I'm sure that it has been a lot of work but the results speak for themselves. Must be rewarding to see your efforts paying off.
I rarely shopped at Dick's simply because their prices weren't that great. Did get some shoes and some other sale items from time to time. I really avoided Golf Galaxy. Made a couple of trips there for items and simply couldn't get anyone to help me. At one of the other "big box" retailers the staff seems anxious to help. Guess who gets my business.
Haven't had a chance to play a lot of the famous links courses but my favorite is the Old Course at Ballybunion. Just like St. Andrews (walked it one evening a LONG time ago but haven't played it) I think you can feel the spirit of golf when you are there.
I usually only hit the range as warm up for my round - sometimes I will work on a problem but hard to do with range balls. A few years ago I played a course with Pro-V1's on the range. Only time I played worse balls on the course than on the range!
Bent grass is great - but requires a lot of TLC especially when it gets hot or dry.  There is a local course in Virginia that had grand aspirations and put in bent tees, fairways and greens.  Unfortunately the city ran out of money to fund the course and it took a real beating during a couple of hot, dry years.  Making a bit of a comeback but still in rough shape.  Would like to say it was poor decision making but I can also say that the Shenandoah Valley also seems to be...
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