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I bought my Ping G15 irons a couple months ago and was fitted for them to be cut -1/2". A buddy of mine who has the same build as I do was fitted for EVERYTHING in his bag and they had him cut his irons down -1/2" and his driver an inch. I know I should be fitted for the driver as well but IN GENERAL since my irons are cut down does that mean my driver should be cut as well? Anyone have any similar experiences with their fitting?
Thanks UT! As far as maintaining my connection, that is exactly what my instructor was saying so he put a bungie cord around my arms (around my elbows) in an effort to fix that. Any other drills you can recommend to help that? I appreciate your feedback!
This is my swing before I ruptured my achilles on Nov. 7. The doc says I should be able to start hitting balls in March so I figure I'll post my swing to get an idea of what I need to work on. Just to give you a little background, before my injury I was in the middle of lessons that started in August and I believe this swing was taken early Oct so I was in the middle of a COMPLETE swing change. Some things that I THINK I need to work on are the takeaway and the...
Mizuno windlite sweater and under armour 3.0 pants!!!
I LOVE winter golf so as long as no snow is on the ground I'll be playing! Last year snowed a lot so I didn't get out much I hope it's a mild winter. Sunday in Md looks perfect! Sunny with a high of 50!
If you can't afford lessons right now I suggest you take a look at some of Shawn Clements videos on YouTube. He will absolutely help your game!
Very nice! What course? I tried to get out but with my wife being 41 weeks pregnant wasnt having it. Congrats and be safe!
I took a 3 lesson package at my GG. Basically he took a look at a couple of my swings via video. Showed me what I was doing wrong, showed me a pro that did it the right way and gave me a drill to fix what I was doing wrong. The lessons probably only shaved about 2-3 strokes off. I'm currently with another instructor that is in the process of completely tearing my swing apart and and rebuilding it...which I am very happy about.
I went through this a couple months ago so what I did was I found a great teacher who was also ranked a top 5 club fitter on the east coast. I signed up for a 5 lesson package and took 3 lessons in the first month. After the first 3 lessons I took another month to really practice my swing. I then went back to my instructor and ordered a new set of Ping G15's fitted for me. The Pings are still on order and should arrive this week. I plan on using the irons for a month and...
I've been going through this for the past month and have laid off the golf a bit because of it. I believe it is from going to the range and hitting off a mat. When I go to a field and practice 100 yard wedge shots it doesnt hurt (as bad) but after a session on the mats it is pretty painful in the morning. After virtually no golf for the past 3 weeks, lots of ice and Tiger Balm it is feeling much better. I was so worried about it being arthritis but I am starting to...
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