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I can do that tomorrow. Until then, I am below plane on video in my backswing, which forces me to come over the top a bit on my downswing to get on plane - but it's very handsy and not consistent. I am more just looking for general backswing keys and thoughts than a specific analysis of my swing.
I've been working on getting my backswing steeper, as it has a tendency to get too flat. However, I can't get a consistent thought or key in my head that works. It seems like any solution to make the plane steeper eventually makes it too steep, and then I'm fighting the other way. The pendulum just swings back and forth between too steep and too flat, and I can't get consistent. I think that at hip high, my clubface should be parallel to my spine angle and the club...
I've been playing with this a bit, and I've found that it helps to keep my right knee solid, limit hip rotation a bit, and stop me from swaying. I am able to focus on making a full shoulder turn without worrying about my hips, because with the right foot turned in, as slight as 5 degrees, they really can't do much. I am hitting the ball better, but I wonder why I've never seen this. Is there some reason that I should NOT be doing this? Thanks, Jeff
Wow, thank you very much for that analysis, which obviously took you some time. I feel like I just got a free lesson! Just to clarify, and to make sure that I'm not oversimplifying what you have said. I should try to make my set up look a little more like I do at impact? I think that would also be a lot more comfortable and better for my back, too. Is it ok to have my hands as high at setup as they currently are at my impact position? That would obviously result in...
http://s278.photobucket.com/albums/k...=7iron76_4.flv This link might work better - for some reason the current one isn't working for me right now and I can't edit the original post. My clubface looks dead square to my left forearm, surprisingly - even on some of the other videos that I took that I didn't post. I have videos of a block, a pull, a hook, and a few good shots - it is actually square on all of them.
I posted my swing a while back in this thread, and got some constructive thoughts that I really appreciated. I've been working pretty hard, and I've gone from hitting the ball "okay" to thinking about quitting golf (one day at the range I literally shanked 4 shots in a row off of the shaft) to the point where I actually feel pretty comfortable again. I have at least eliminated the weak slice and feel like I'm making solid contact with the ball again. My good shots are a...
In general, if I think of the "pane of glass" that Hogan discusses, I feel like I should be able to swing the same for all clubs. Yes, this will result in a different swing plane due to being closer or farther from the ball, but I should think about it the same.... Yes?
If I have a 7-iron or less in my hands, I feel extremely confident in my swing. I feel on plane, I think that my swing is reasonably solid, and I get good results. At about 6-iron, it starts to get a little shaky, and gets slightly worse each club I go down on down to the 3-4 iron. By that point, I'm only happy with about 50% of my shots as opposed to upwards of 80-90% with my 7-iron. The driver of late has been even worse. I've read a couple different things - one...
Wow. If this works on the range half as good as it feels in my living room, I'm going to love it. Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow - thanks :)
I'd say weak/neutral. I would love to have a swing where my arms/hands were as passive as possible, I just don't know how to do it. Do you have any drills that you could suggest? When you say take it up to my waist, then hit from there - you mean as a drill, right? I know that I don't get my hips through all the way - it's because I'm afraid that if I do I'm going to hook it worse than I already am.
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