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Thanks Domenic and Jamo, will add your recommendations to the list.
Thanks Cilos2 and newtogolf, I appreciate your feedback.  I am planning on spending some time swinging many irons over the next week so I can get the right ones ordered.   Gus
Will try to make this as short as possible...I was fitted for a combo set of the Taylor Made CBs and MCs back in December, but had to wait to order as my course was basically locked out of their account until the balance was paid for at the end of the year (main reason for waiting and not going to another location to purchase was because the price was worth the wait, so I thought).  Now that they were able to order, Taylor Made has since stopped custom fitting the CBs...
Can help you out a little on courses West of Baltimore, but do not know exactly where you are going to be. You may work in Baltimore, but may live up to 30-60 miles away, as that is the case for most people working in Baltimore/D.C.. Haven't played the ones you listed, but again you would be coming to a very large area.
Have a few: - So close, but yet so far To steal from jlh1508 as it is perfect - Consistently inconsistent - Out of all my different swings, the right one shows up occasionally - Must be karma, in my younger years, shouldn't have been making fun of the kids on the high school golf team
I measure and write down distances while I play using my rangefinder, but when I am on the range I sometimes just pull out old balls to use that I find on the course, they aren't that much better than range balls, but my distances are pretty solid right now. Not an expert on your second question, but I would say accuracy is just as important when changing your swing. I have went through a few changes the past 8 months after taking lessons and working harder on my swing...
Age: 41 Height: 5' 11.5" Where are you from: Bare with me (LOL) -- Born in NY, raised in Houston, lived all around the world in the Army, currently live in MD, but work in VA How Long have you been Playing: On and off for 22 years (mostly off for the first 17) Best Score: 81 (real/normal course); 75 (short par 68 pasture course) Favorite club in the bag: Driver (most confident with 7 iron) Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: To lazy on this...
104 yards with a PW. It was like slow motion, 3rd shot on a par 5, bounced once on the green and then straight in the hole for eagle. Helped me to shoot my lowest score at my home course (81).
As iacas stated, thanks for the reminder, it's things like this that we remember the most.
Can't help you in Northern VA, but the instructor I used in MD did pretty much what you are looking for with me. I would suggest going to your local courses and talking with the instructors to get a feel for what they do during their lessons and what they tend to focus on.
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