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Sorry, did my own google search. Looks like a few companies are at it already, but the courses mapped out will be limited compared to the dedicated golf GPS devices...http://www.itinerantsoftware.com/productshttp://www.plumamazing.com/
Tried to reserve a tee-time today; they only allow 7 day advance reservations. Will try again tomorrow, and keep you posted.
Anyone know of any 3rd party software that will enable the new iPhone with GPS to function as a yardage finder on the course? Sort of like the SkyCaddie things? I'm a techno-phobe, so don't even know if it's possible...
Oh, ok, so now it's an "event"?! Cool, first ever Sandtrap Open, MidAtlantic qualifier... Sunday, 1pm or so, Manor Rock in Wilmington, DE ($50 green fee). So far, it looks like: LilGasPasser SonicBlue jwkde I can make a tee time over the weekend, if I get some feedback. I'll post official time once we get it. Anyone else to fill out the foursome? ripsid? Sam004? If this goes over well, I say we all crash MonkeyClaw's posh new club for round 2...
104 @ Hartefeld Nat'l (PA). Pretty good for me (tough course). 45 on the way out, round of my life coming up, then the wheels fell off the wagon back in. 3 snowmen, and my head/focus really got in the way. Mental stamina tips, anyone?
Oh, snap!
If you're AutoX'ing a Lotus at a high level, calling it a money pit is like calling the Grand Canyon a nice little hole in the ground! Slicks, truck and tow, fees, compressors... God Bless America! Used to run my WRX, now a Cayman S. Ever take it to the track? I've been hesitant for insurance purposes, and the costs of tires, brake pads, etc... but a brand new road course opened up near me...http://www.njmotorsportspark.com/ Oh yeah, my other money pit is bicycling. ...
I hear you... I'm in the same boat, and it doesn't go very fast! I enter maybe one MTB race a month, and pretty much pay the entry fee so that I can go out and ride a marked course and not get lost. My leg-shaving, heart-rate-monitoring days are well behind me, unfortunately... By the looks of your handicap, and mine, mountain bikers don't make very good golfers
anyone interested in Rock Manor, Wilmington, DE? Just over the PA border, and recently renovated. Haven't played it, but it looks pretty nice. http://www.rockmanorgolf.com/
Anyone else interested in the 20th? Maybe around 1pm?
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