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First and foremost LMFAO!!!! Just to add what you said. I've heard Johnny Miller say about a thousand times when the ball is just off the green or in the rough---"That shot is very makeable." All the times he's said that I've never seen anyone hole it. It's almost like a jynx.
Can you play on both tours?
Everyone knows Callaway is taking over the world.
They need to change the entire format of the President's cup. I understand that it's there so international players other than Europeans can be involved in team play. But why must everyone insist on beating us, the United States. The U.S. vs. the World. Come on now, the game of golf globalized to the point where I think we can have like a East vs. West showdown. That would be interesting.
The American team is better without Tiger. He should stay home in '10.
Okay, I think you should e-mail Sergio and tell him to swing steeper because his ball striking isn't good enough.
I didn't catch much of the BMW Championship, but I was able to see some of round 2/3. Sergio Garcia was in the rough and Miller was criticizing how Sergio brings the club from the inside into impact. Because of this Sergio is more likely to hit the ball fat... Does he know Sergio is one of the best ball strikers ever? What makes it funnier is that he continued saying that to make good contact in the rough he needs to come "over the top" like J.B. Holmes. LOL I don't...
Tiger Woods will win player of the year via Affirmative Action.
I like it alot. I'm just not a big fan of the points getting reset. I hate how 33 weeks of hard work gets reset just so someone who's number 141 has a chance to win. Instead the points should stay the same and just allow these tournaments to be worth alot more points.
Ahhh thank you.
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