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That is it Harry. I absolutely love the look and fee of the blade. But my index has come down much more using the cavity backs than anything else. I am really curious to see what others think. I know on this board many people feel as though if they swing is right, then the blades just give you more control. And to an extent, that is true. But with the technology today, the CB's seem to do the same or close to the same. With the custom fitting options, people dont...
So I was at the Championsgate Resort last week for a day or two and was watching quite a few tour players practicing. Every one of them had some sort of GI irons in their bag. I then pick up the new Golf Digest and the WITB is also someone with GI clubs. Yet all us amateurs still say that to be a "real good" player one should go with blades. I grew up playing with blades. Hogan Apex blades to be exact. From there I moved around between blades and GIs, and just recently...
You are correct.
I think you mean the current doesnt offer a spin mill below 54 not above 54. THanks for all of the info, look forward to it
Check out www.groovesharpener.com I think you will find out differently. I use the tool as do many others on here. The reason that most pros dont use them, is because they cannot guarantee that it is not reshaping the grooves hence making them not USGA compliant. While I have not seen that happening, you can definately see shavings and them have a like new feel. Can you please show some evidence to support your statement that grooves cannot be sharpened? I have not...
Yeah, I really dont have any regrets, except every now and then I miss opening the garage door and seeing it. But we have the Volvo and the Lexus in there now, and they look great. But its just not the same.
That is freaking funny. And possibly true. "Not that there is anything wrong with that."
Try as many things as you possibly can. Go with what feels the best.
Just an update to see about why??? But in your world, I know things are a bit different.
I guess it was down for a while today as well.
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