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Just some notes for future reference:   Irons Take club back on plane. High hands, left arm in line with shoulders.   Driver Softer right arm at address, more back tilt. Full rotation of upper and lower body. Keep flex in back knee longer in downswing, not extending it too early. Feels more backwards leaning through the finish. Full follow through, belt buckle at target.   Chipping, pitching, bunker shots Take club back on...
Tiger was ranked 17th last year and 6th in 2012 on total driving. IIRC, he led the driving stats for quite a while last year.
It was just everyone else also trying, and they read it the other way.
It'll be interesting to see if Tiger has improved from The Open, but I'll be surprised if he wins.   Currently, everyone's favorite, Patrick Reed, has taken the lead.  
I can see it not being a very large market, yeah. My bag currently got 8 Callaway irons in it. After not being a fan for a long time, trying out various clubs during fitting made me think otherwise.   Hope she'll be happy with them.
I tried looking for the myths in that article, but didn't find any.   He's a good sand player because he hits the green and closer than everyone else. Sounds reasonable.  
What is the definition of a good ballstriker?  
Nice! Has she tried them out yet?   How did you decide on these clubs?  
I really do not like how we calculate handicap in Norway. It is based on your Stableford score and any kind of round can count (which is fine). If you score better than 36 points, your handicap drops by 0.1-0.5 per point over 36, based on what your current handicap is. There is also a buffer zone, which means that scores down to 31-35 (again, based on handicap), does not negatively affect your handicap. If you shoot below the buffer zone, your handicap goes up with 0.1,...
Not a lot going on here this year. I've played a lot of golf, but not put much effort into practice. My final year at school is coming up and I want to get back to it after that.   My club had a fund raising campaign during the winter where they sold packages of greenfees, range balls, lessons etc. I bought one with three lessons that I will be spending before school starts again. Already had my first, where we focused on irons and ballstriking. He had nothing to comment...
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