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It's like people forget that Tiger has been playing golf since he could walk. He was good in his early career because he'd played and practiced lots of golf. 
She cheated, so she's a cheater. I don't have a need to go any further, but I hope the LPGA will take action.
He's still not recovered from the injury. I'll hold off the review until he's healthy and has gotten more practice in. December or next year.
Might not be that hard, actually. I only use it for design, but it may be possible with Stylish or something similar. 
Ban him from Augusta!
I like women in bikini as much as the next guy, but that was not ice water.
 It would obviously cause some issues right away if implemented, but this has been effective for years in ie. Norway and Sweden, and it's not an issue. If people are told they can't play, they must go home. I hope it's not that bad where you live, that people would start shooting eachother for being denied entrance to a private property. In Norway, we got an electronic system that works very well. When you take the test and get a membership, you are registered...
 I don't know him or what he knows, but I think pros are better off with a coach that can tell them do this do that, and let them do the thinking.
Hmm. Not sure if this will be good or bad for him. We'll have to wait and see where he goes from here.
Who's wimmimh today? I'm rooting for Day.
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