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I know this works, but it's still cool seeing it on video footage.   I often watch Youtube videos without audio, but when it's Brian Cox, I put it on. He's got a really good voice.
Played some golf in Portugal a couple years ago. Made it to the fourth hole and was doing well. Hit my tee shot to the right side of the fairway and had a good angle for my approach. Picked my 7 iron and hit a good shot, leaving me with a 10 footer or so for birdie. As I was approaching the green, I noticed the people I played with were veering off to the left. I figured they were looking for a lost ball or something. Then one of them hit a shot towards another green, and...
You can't call yourself a curator if you do something like this.   Some relevant funnies:        
No, I would not. Maybe some old clubs, but I don't see it as a way to make much money anyways.
I wonder if the change in airflow when he's breathing will affect his swing. Could be a possible detail to put blame on in the event of results being less than satisfactory.   "I hit it well, but my toof was acting up."
A part of it might also be the PGA Tour protecting itself from lawsuits, should something happen.
 This is what a lot of people do. They might use players of this age as examples, but good players share a lot of commonalities with the best players through the history of golf. Tips directly from tour pros should be approached with caution, since they often get it wrong. They might be doing the right thing, but get it wrong when explaining what they do. The people behind 5 Swing Keys has studied good players from 100 years to identify commonalities between them. This...
That's lower (better handicaps) than I thought. It's been some years, but I thought the average was closer to 18.
Is the reason behind it being questioned? It seems pretty straightforward to me. They don't want fans being injured.  
I haven't made a HIO on tour either. This makes me more comfortable with the situation.
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