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It's not about being politically correct, but more the fact that we use words and terms in a derogatory way because it's what we're learned from growing up.   Like using the word "gay" in a negative way. "That was so gay" or "You're gay". We don't react because we hear it all the time and most of us are in fact not gay. What about those who are gay? Some probably don't care, but I'm sure there are many that would rather their sexual preference not being used like that. I...
 Yet you judge him based on even less information, purely by how he acts on the course, in interviews and what little information you get from articles written about him?
Of course they know that a real ball is spinning. Here's an excerpt from a PDF on the project:  Oh, and as far as I can tell, the simulation seems to be from 2008. I don't know the scope of the project, but computer limitations may be a reason why the video is of a ball without spin. And while a spinning ball surely changes the air flow, they can learn something from looking at a ball that's not spinning.
We got lots of mountains and golf courses built into the natural landscape here i Norway and I've seen a few unique rules. I've always wondered if the rules were in compliance with the PGA/R&A. I don't mind and I usually follow those rules, but it's good to know how it actually works.
With three wins on the PGA Tour next year, Tiger will equal Sam Snead on most PGA wins.   And with 4 majors he will tie up Jack. 
Yup, and he's not the only one. 
 Maybe they know someone who can appear, and I quote you, "dull, uninterested, emotionless" and looks like "an idiot" in real life, and know that how he's projected on TV may say very little about him as a person. Maybe they even see themselves as a person of some resemblence to Dufner, and see how poorly such a person's actual personality shines through in the media. Sure, he seems a bit emotionless and dull, but how do you peg him as an idiot based on what you've...
Why are you still here again?
I read articles like this and have to read them again just to see if it's actually grown up people that are quoted.
 He finally got out of puberty? That's nice. 
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