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 I've never had a Google ad that led me to something useful. They usually show up after I'm done looking and often advertise stores I've already looked at. I care as little about feminine products as I do about the other stuff I get, so I don't mind. If it's for products I have no interest in, it's easier to ignore them. When the ads are "relevant" and something I've been looking at recently, I spent a bit more time looking at them.
I've started noticing it myself. I google looking for a microphone and headset, Google Ads tells me about microphones and headsets for weeks. Not talking about TST specifically btw.   They've probably got filters that avoid certain items from being used, but I still don't like it. I really don't need Google to tell me what I'm currently searching for. So I went here and opted out: http://www.google.com/settings/ads   That only goes for Google, there may be other...
 I might be misunderstanding you here, but to me it looks like you're saying that every professional bodybuilder since the beginning of time has limited their protein intake to 30 grams per meal. You believe what you want to believe. I'd rather put my trust in multiple studies, people educated on the subject and actually knowing what's going on, rather than anecdotal evidence. There are far too many bad studies, conclusions based off correlatives and personal experience....
Reminded me of this guy losing his temper over a missed putt. This one even seems real. He should take an anger management class or something.  
  Not this, not this, not this. Please stop saying this, because it is not true. Protein magically turning into fat when you consume more than 30g per meal? No no no no, all wrong. It does not matter (within reasonable limits) how much protein you get from a single meal. The body will spend a longer time absorbing 100g than 30g, but it will never be wasted and it will definitely never magically turn into fat. Fat is aquired by having a calorie balance greater than that...
Impossible to list only one, so I'll extend it to a few, based on the albums I've listened the most to.   Tool, Porcupine Tree and Opeth.   All within the rock/metal genre, but very different from eachother.
I listened a few seconds to the first "music video" he made. I will not make this mistake again.
I've never flown in USA, but never had an issue here in Europe. I like to keep expensive electronics in my carry-on, so I bring it in the cabin.   I don't see why it should be a problem, but if they ask, maybe you should call it a range finder, not a laser. Say it's a binocular that tells you the distance.
This is why Youtube is becoming less fun. Too much staged material.
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