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I would guess that he's able to cope fine with the media and people pressure. He's been living with this for so many years. It's the tournament pressure and his own expectations, wanting to get back to something that resemble his old form. I don't think his thoughts after a poor drive is "How will the crowd react", but more "That was a terrible shot and it might cost me shots".
Tiger found 12/14 fairways and 15/18 greens, taking 31 putts. Those are pretty good numbers for him, except the putting, but that's not unusual when he's focusing on the swing. The putter will come around if he keeps the long game working.
Would've been interesting to see comparisons of other players' range vs course swings.
Besides Bohn and Lingmerth shooting -9 and -6, the rest shot -4 and higher. It's not like the leaderboard was crowded by sub 65's.
After two consecutive majors wins, I'd assume he does his homework. Only thing I'd personally think about would be sleep pattern, but he gets some days to adjust.
I haven't seen too many up-close pictures of the greens, so how are they?   Everyone is of course playing at the same greens, but I can understand some players calling it unfair if the greens got patchy spots. That means you can be unlucky if your ball happens to have a rough spot on your putting line, when the guy that put the ball a foot farther left stayed clear of it.
What did Horschel say?   And what does CB2/1 on the pgatour.com leaderboard mean?
Bogey, bogey start and possibly tweaked back? Doesn't bode well for Tiger.   Butch has mentioned multiple times already how different Tiger's range swing is to his course swing.
Interesting choice of course, I like watching tournaments on links courses. The course can be dry and brown, as long as it's playable and somewhat fair.   I won't be able to watch too much, but I'll pop it on the screen now and then. I'd like to see Jason Day take it.
 Low, but he's going out first at 08:10 AM and playing alone, so I can imagine him being around the course very quickly tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: