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I've never had issues with my Pure Pros gloveless, but people's hands and grips are different. Some grips might not work as well for others.
 Such a beautiful view on that tee shot. I don't think Tiger is done. I don't think he will be back at his best, but win tournaments and contend and maybe win majors? Yup.
He didn't seem too worried about hitting fairways, with these stats. 37.5% of the fairways. I didn't watch it, but was the rough easy to navigate?   The article doesn't match up with the stats below, which has Bubba as the longest.   Day is currently 2nd on the driving distance stat on the tour, behind DJ and in front of Bubba.  
Saw this post in the anchored putter thread and wanted to reply, but it was a bit off-topic in that thread, so I continue here.  I assume people did this quiz without using the rules book. It's impossible to remember all the rules and nuances, but that's why we got a book, app or Internet to help us. I don't remember all the rules or what kind of penalty infringements cause, but I  know where to look and find the answers. Knowing the reasonings behind which penalty is...
Good to see Jason bounce back from the disappointing finish of The Open with a win. I really want to see him win a major now.  
6/12   I knew most which were penalized, but not what the penalty was.
Zach winning was...ok. Nothing spectatular or out of the ordinary. Spieth getting the third in a row would've been huge.   That's why people talk about Spieth and not Zach.   While we are on the subject, I find both of them kinda bland and boring, but they play good golf. Being bland is  more a commonality than an outlier in the mix of professional golfers.
They changed the system in 2013. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PGA_Tour#Changes_for_2013_season_and_beyond
 Rightfully so. Tiger is so much better than anyone else. If he doesn't win a tournament, the others shouldn't get any credit, as it is always because Tiger made a mistake or 100.
New Posts  All Forums: