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Her public statements can give some indication, but the argument is primarily that I don't know her well enough to consider her a potential partner based on her personality. She might be perfect for all I know, but since I don't know her, I can't really tell. This thread is primarily pointing out that she's appeared on the front cover of a magazine, wearing little clothes. They wouldn't put her there if she wasn't good looking and had an attractive body. But her looks...
My first  round of golf in 2014. Haven't touched the clubs since September.   Last year, this happened in the second half of May. This year, it was April 3. Warmest winter ever.  
Physical attractiveness and personality does not necessarily go hand in hand. I'd rather have someone looking less like a model, but with a personality I love. Also, I don't find her all that attractive. The face is what attracts me the most, and she doesn't get there. I could pick out lots of girls on the street that I'd rather look at.
  10 wishes. Since we already are in an imaginary situation, I'll imagine we can wish for anything. I'd pick 10 things in life that I desire above everything. Stuff money can't buy.
Tiger being outdriven (outdroven, driven out...?) by Furyk and Tim Clark. Welp. I don't even know if I want to see that. Healthy or not. 
  Well that sucks. Not that I expected him to contend, but Masters without Tiger is not the same.
  No.   That's a good (and lucky) shot. Nothing else.
I often find myself walking around the women's department, looking at clothes. If I do find something that looks good, size can be an issue.
Give him a cart and fuel the fire of the haters. :D
That puts him far away from winning, should he play at all, in my book. With a healthy body and a decent start to the year, it's possible. But this has been a terrible start, and now he's hurt and can't play golf properly.   If not the lack of majors, then I wonder if not his injuries will be what ends his career. He can play most of the time, but it's always looming it seems. And when it hits, he's out for weeks or months.
New Posts  All Forums: