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I have no knowledge of the guy, but I hope he'll do well. I'm happy Tiger got a coach and isn't going at it alone.
 And here you are, validating the fact that it's newsworthy by spreading it.   Well, no, she wasn't. This thread made me think of this. Not so much that they're women, but how big a deal they make of things.
I'm 28, fit and healthy, but I still use a push-cart. Not because I can't carry, but because it helps my game and it means I can play more golf. I've been playing golf for over 10 years and bought my first cart a couple of years ago. I've got a lot of rounds of carrying behind me and never had any problems with it. I preferred carrying, since it meant I could walk freely all over the course with my bag.   My body is a lot better on the back nine and after a round if I'm...
Camera because I can't look in a mirror while swinging. The camera is slower, but it has uses a camera can't replicate.
No need to slide the hips with the ball that far back. 
 Not so sure about that shirt though. 
I've been happy with my Leupold GX-1 for many years now. Only thing that could be improved as far as I'm concerned, is the targetting. I sometimes have a hard time finding the flag if it's hanging straight down and I'm quite a ways from the green. I've read about lock-on technology or something, but not sure if that require the flag to be reflective, or if it works with any flag. If I got a new rangefinder today, that would be one of my top priorities.
I miss the sun. My mood is on average way better if I see the sun.
Not his best pair of pants I'd say. Seems a bit off from how we usually see him, so I wonder if there's a story behind it involving liquids and his other pair of pants.
I like non-club-gear and got lots of it, but my favourite item has to be my 8-iron. I just love hitting that club.
New Posts  All Forums: