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Started playing tennis last August. Been wanting to try it for some time, but never got around to it.    I love it so far! Only thing that's a bit unfortunate compared to golf is that you can't practice all that much alone. During the summer I can practice golf for hours days in a row, but in tennis I really want someone to practice with. Currently live in a small city, so I don't have that many to practice with.   I'm especially happy about being able to play it all...
Fake or not, I would never trust a cup on that course again.
At least we get to hit more shots in a round than those that never hit provisionals. 
Because my parents gave me a 4 iron for christmas 14 years ago.   I like the challenge of golf, the fact that it's all up to me and I can both practice and play alone. I like the fact that it's outdoors (even though it means I can only play golf half the year). I like a good walk, especially on green grass in the sun. I like the precision of it. I like the social aspects of it, spending time with people I normally never would. I like the mood of golf, the way golf...
 Does that mean the speed or movement of the hands needs to change compared to what he does, to let the clubhead catch up? With the style he uses today, do the hands go too fast to allow the clubhead to drop only with gravity? Let the hands slow down as they approach the impact area to allow the clubhead to catch up?
With the deals Tiger's got and the money he brings into Nike, he can ask for whatever he wants. It's of course in the interest of Nike as well to give him the best equipment they can. A winning Tiger is worth a lot more than a mediocre one.   If anything, getting used to different equipment or feeling mentally okay with them might be a bigger issue than the performance itself. Especially when you compete at the highest level, you don't want to stand over clubs and not...
 Given that he gets healthy and doesn't retire I'll say yes to 83 and no to 19.
Heartattack and diabetes at once. A twofer.
Potato photo from my course today. The opened for play this weekend.   We've been getting 5-10ºC the last week and lots of sun. It's still early and we might yet see frost and snow, but it's a start. Very warm winter this year with very little rain or snow.  
Too many.   I can play entire rounds without losing a single ball and I can play rounds where I lose four in two holes. Especially the driver is notorious for sending my balls in woods, tall grass and water.   I probably got around 20 in the bag most of the time. I use a pushcart, so the weight doesn't mean much.
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