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The man has been injured since March and played two tournaments since. Let him recover, let him practice and let him get tournament reps in. Wait until next year before you judge too harshly. After all, he did win five times last year, but some seem to consider it bad since he didn't win any majors.   His days of smashing the field is probably over, but his era is still here, and it will be his era until he retires.
I was a excited when finding this book in my mail. On the back, it says "We show you the new way to shoot lower scores - immediately." As a cynic and critic, I must admit that it's a bold statement. I haven't been able to go out the next day and shoot lower scores after reading other books.   I've read a few books on golf through the years. Most on the swing, some on the short game and putting, some which focus on specifics of the swing, but this book takes on some...
Tiger is now apparently Eldrick, the golfer formerly known as Tiger.  
Luckily, Tiger doesn't run on peoples faith.
E isn't necessarily the target, but you are always lined up parallell to E. Your target can be F or D if you like. The chart simply visualizes the 9 different trajectories you can hit. We use the same alignment since that makes it easier. You could rearrange all arrows to point to E, but then you would have alignments going all over the place.  
Getting around in 2:30-3 hours with nobody stopping you is no problem, but I rarely get that large windows during the summer. I never expect such short rounds when I bump into larger groups, but when it's creeping over 4 hours, it starts getting to me.
You are always aligned parallell to the target (where E, C and G ends up) on that chart. The D and G has the same shape of flight, but the angles are different.   On D, your swingpath is in-out and the clubface is aimed at the target. On G, your swingpath is in-out and the clubface is aimed right of the target.   You could say the relationship between the angle of the swingpath and clubhead is the same in degrees, but everything is skewed a bit.   Since the...
Some Rory-stats from pgatour.com:   Clubhead speed: 120.73 Launch angle: 11.46 Spin rate: 2,355 Carry: 286.4 Driving accuracy: 59.64%
Only thing I noticed right away is that your feet are pointing straight forward. It is generally recommended to flare out both feet. It helps with hip rotation on the backswing and getting your leading knee forward on the downswing.   And I think I've read something about it putting the knee in a better position to avoid injuries. Overall, I think it looks pretty good. The lower back looks soft, hands hanging almost straight down, head is down so you can look at the...
I'm going with Rory. He's been close at Augusta before and has shown he can win majors.   If Tiger stays healthy, he can of course come out roaring next year, but I'll believe it when I see it.
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