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Why are you still here again?
I read articles like this and have to read them again just to see if it's actually grown up people that are quoted.
 He finally got out of puberty? That's nice. 
 I'd rather think about my body or something closer than 100-250 yards away. If I think about something more directly related to the target, it might be the starting angle of the ball, but that's still just the intial direction right off the club. After the ball has left the clubface, it's out of my control.
I fail to see what the problem is here. As someone who plays golf for a living, I'm sure the players doesn't have a need to watch much televised golf. He answered a question, plain and simple. He could have lied and said he watched it, but I prefer people answering questions honestly rather than making up lies just to make them look good.
 That's because people judge others by their actions and what they say. Say your only impression of someone initially is that he's arrogant, an ass or just a guy you just can't stand. Time passes, you see him in different situations, he does something you regard as positive and slowly your opinion of him changes. Therein lies the big issue with judging someone we don't know, have never met, and base our opinion on based off of a few comments. This is difficult enough with...
 If I knew he'd be healthy through the entire season, I would've upped the number of wins, possibly thrown in a major. I want to see him win more majors, but the state of his body the last years has made me a constant sceptic. Golf has always been a game that's hard to put odds on, and injuries are not making it easier.
I don't see a reason why I wouldn't try it. If done properly, I'm sure it works out.
I'll take an uneducated guess on 2+ and no majors. As usual, I believe his health will be the determining factor.
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