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From the latest album by Steven Wilson:    
According to an article I read, it has exploded in use, and activity on other major torrent websites has dropped. I can only assume this is a website that a lot of people out there wants to shut down.
I usually remember all long shots, but chips and putts I struggle with.
Anyone know if the practice regimen in Korea is much different from the rest of the world? Asians are good in a lot of sports and games because they put a lot of effort, dedication and money into it. They are better because they work harder and more structured. I've wondered if this is the case with female golf, too.
The less people the better. I don't mind others being there, but I like my privacy.
I think the confidence will come if he starts playing well again. Maybe not back to where it were 10 years ago.
 I don't care what he says. When he flinches and WDs from a tournament in the first round, being in a decent position, he's not healthy. He might hit it harder on the course or lose focus on parts of the swing, but if he can't play tournament golf, he's not healthy. Tiger's been injured so many times the last lots-of-years, I don't doubt it when he WDs. I think he might have some mental problems, or lack of some mental strength he had before, but I don't think it makes him...
 I want it because I want to witness one of the greatest players of all time while he's still young enough to compete. And Tiger still moves the needle more than anyone else. It's not like Tiger will win every single major should he become healthy and play well again. If he wins 5 by the time he's 40, there are still 35 up for grabs. He hasn't won one since 2008, so it's not like he's hogging them.
At +2.4 handicap, you may have a game good enough to make those judgments based on more conditions than the ones mentioned in the book. And if you are really comfortable at 100 yards, but haven't worked much on 50 yards and never feel good from that distance, laying up at 100 might be the better option for you in some situations.   The book tries to catch most players in most situations, and for most players, in most situations, getting closer is better. This is...
 I wanna be a fool. Imagine Tiger got rid of all injuries in 2015, even playing some tournaments where he makes the cut towards the end. Then he plays competitively for 10 more years on the PGA Tour. 40 majors. Colin, back me up here.  
New Posts  All Forums: