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Go Jason Day!   Impressive to see Ryan Palmer two shots off the lead after recently losing his father.
I like Windows 8, but will probably install 10, at least on one machine at first, to see how it holds up. I'll wait a while until things stabilize a bit.
 My thoughts too. So maybe people don't want to trade them and the others end up buying new ones instead. Sounds like a good way to run a business.
Reminds me of a guy I played with some years ago. He had a very vertical and violent move in to the ball. Didn't step off it as much, but made clean contact most of the time.
 Absolutely not. Some are also questioning his priorities, but for all we know, playing more can be the right thing for him.
 Because of his recent injury and there being a lot of tournaments in a few weeks. It's not like he has to play this tournament to have a shot at the Tour Championship.  http://www.pgatour.com/news/2015/08/15/rory-mcilroy-to-miss-barclays.html
I rate wins over OWGR, so for me it's Phil beating Vijay.
Sorry, I meant LSW. But I should note that 5SK is a very good addition to the book, which doesn't go that deep into the swing
I don't watch football anymore, but when I did, I did not watch La Liga and Bundesliga (Spain and Germany), because I wasn't interested in those teams. I primarily watched the team I supported and sometimes big matches between others. It's silly to say that you should watch golf only for the golf and that the players do not matter.   Also, the "true golf fan" argument is silly. You can define create your own group of people that watch any golf, regardless of who is...
New Posts  All Forums: