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 That's because people judge others by their actions and what they say. Say your only impression of someone initially is that he's arrogant, an ass or just a guy you just can't stand. Time passes, you see him in different situations, he does something you regard as positive and slowly your opinion of him changes. Therein lies the big issue with judging someone we don't know, have never met, and base our opinion on based off of a few comments. This is difficult enough with...
 If I knew he'd be healthy through the entire season, I would've upped the number of wins, possibly thrown in a major. I want to see him win more majors, but the state of his body the last years has made me a constant sceptic. Golf has always been a game that's hard to put odds on, and injuries are not making it easier.
I don't see a reason why I wouldn't try it. If done properly, I'm sure it works out.
I'll take an uneducated guess on 2+ and no majors. As usual, I believe his health will be the determining factor.
We've had below 10 C and rain and windy lately. I might get in some more rounds, but I just don't find the fun in playing when it's windy. Mostly it's because I've got lots of work in school and have a hard time putting off time for golf. This is the time of year I wish I'd migrate somewhere south for six months.
I currently do a strength program, with various goals in my workout.   For the future, I might want to focus more on mobility, bodyweight excersises and focusing on keeping the body as useful as possible. If I lift 250 pounds in deadlift, that's fine and dandy, but it doesn't have a huge practical use. Although I would say that keeping the body strong is good and can prevent injuries (given that you don't get injured from the actual lifting).   I see some elders on the...
I'm impressed they are keeping some of those courses up.   And the course in North Korea must be one of the more exclusive courses in the world.
Every sport has it's bad eggs. I try not to judge soccer based on those few.   The flopping and acting does give it a bad name, but I still enjoy it.
 I should've written "If you don't keep a handicap or compare scores to others that do follow the official rules, do whatever you want". You can of course compare scores to anyone that are also not following the official rules, maybe preferably having a list of rules that all of you follow. As long as you are out on the golf course hitting golf balls, you are playing golf. Play it however you find most fun.
New Posts  All Forums: