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Shanks are typically caused from too much of an inside-out swing path (i.e. you are coming at the ball too much from the inside. The club doesn't rotate enough and thus the hosel gets to the ball before the clubface does.
You didn't like Putterham?!?!?!?! They didn't have the goose droppings when I was there, and no, it wasn't in the best shape, but I thought the course had a lot of character. If someone dumped $1 or $2 million into that place, it could be extremely nice. For me, my worst courses are as follows: 1. Massanutten (near Harrisonburg, VA) - it's a mountain course and I'm not sure there was a flat part on the mountain. Every fairway was sloped severely to the point you...
#10 - Tobacco Road #16 - Royal New Kent #24 - Spyglass Hill #26 - PB Dye #32 - Pinehurst #2
There is the Suntrust State Open of Virginia. Other than that, I don't know much about it. Here's the website. http://www.vsga.org/tournament.asp?id=5367
At least they beat the snot out of the Hokies. That had to be worth something.
That's awesome. You'll get huge brownie points for the creative idea. Congratulations and do let us know how everything turns out.
As the saying goes, "when you go to Pebble, the cheapest thing about your trip will be the airfare." I went back in 2004 (only $395 then). We stayed at Spanish Bay (highly recommend that over the Lodge) from Sunday - Friday, played Spanish Bay, Spyglass, Poppy Hills, and Pebble. I think for 4 of us (only 2 golfing) the entire trip cost about $12k.
I might also add that I think the final group was coming down 18 AFTER CBS' allotted time slot for the golf was over. I seem to remember looking down at my clock as Tiger was holing out and it said 6:01 pm or something close to that. While I agree that they weren't important to the story (and thus I didn't care to see them either), I think CBS also wanted to get the Tiger interview in and then be off to 60 Minutes or whatever is shown on the left coast after golf.
Why not? I would! I'll also echo the guy above who said Raptor Bay was decent. I played that as well and it was a good course. I still think Tiburon Gold was better though.
About the only thing I can offer is that I really enjoyed the Gold Course at Tiburon last time I was in Naples (December 2004).
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