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very nice
Heard this strange tip on the golf channel. Try gripping the driver very tight as you approach and address the ball, then before swinging loosen up your grip quite a bit to where you have very light grip, he explained it as almost feeling like only the skin on your hands is holding the club, then swing away. I thought it was a very non technical strange solution, but I actually tried it and it did work. First shot hit a dead straight shot to the left rough, guess I was...
Kenny Perry
Tiger, the greatest golfer ever, has not hit his driver consistent for about 5 years. But he still wins more than anyone. I would love to know the inside story about his driver issues, because it's gotta be causing some major headaches in his "camp'.
Sorry, what I mean is do you allow improving ones lie, either in the fairway or in the rough. I don't mean moving your ball to a better position (i.e. around a tree) but "rolling it" as others have coined, to improve your lie.
Does anyone on a busy course play a ball OB or lost like a water ball, i.e., one stroke from point of entry?
Do you all play the ball up or down? Or maybe up in the fairway and down in the rough.
Yep, you all pretty much summed it up. Better than most people I play with, worried about slowing others down and "being in the way", feel the need to impress others, and just wishing that I could play my game and impress them. Maybe opening up to you all will do something, next step, psychologist, ha.
Please help, I am a COMPLETELY different golfer when going it alone than when I join a group. I strike the ball clean on every shot by myself but when I play amongst others its a nightmare, balls go left, right, topped, shanked you name it. It's obviously in my head and I have done it for as long as I can remember. Should I just quit, play alone are just continue the suffering.
Recently traded in x20's for a used set of mp67's with 6.5 rifle flighted shafts and am hitting at the flags like never before. I will never use anything but a mizzy from now on.
New Posts  All Forums: