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Ask for the clubs' serial number before you buy, and confirm with the manufacturer that they're legit. (At least I know Ping will do it over the phone--I found a crazy cheap set of Raptures at Play It Again Sports and did just that.)   3Balls.com is great, I've bought from them a few times.
Something tells me he wasn't having the best round:   Galt vice principal allegedly attacks man with golf club By David Ruiz druiz@sacbee.com Published: Friday, Jul. 20, 2012 - 12:00 am | Page 2B Galt High School vice principal Robert E. Rappleye Jr., 61, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon July 13, Angels Camp police officials said. The vice principal's alleged weapon of choice? A golf club.   Rappleye, an Elk Grove...
I'm friends with a guy who's played with Spencer and confirmed he's a jerk. (But I try to give guys the benefit of the doubt unless they're jerks to me personally.)   I guess my nightmare would be paying $20K to play with a pro and have it being someone who was just having a cup of coffee in the PGA. "Who??"  
More great equipment from a great company!
Enter code STOCKING at checkout. Crazy good deal.   (I'm not a GG employee, just passing along a bargain.)  
Saw a guy at the range with one of these. The concept is fine, but $40?! I just made one on my own with a yardstick and large binder clip.    
Usually it would be more like driver-7i-sw (unless I mi-hit my driver, in which case it could be driver-4h-sw).   I did have a situation a few weeks ago where I had to go wedge-wedge, but that was because of a green protected by water around the front right and bunkers back left. (I'm hitting my long irons better since then, so now I would probably go for it.)  
What I've gotten smarter about lately is laying up. Rather that going for the green from 220 yards out (hoping for a perfect shot but likely leaving myself a tough next shot) I've been trying to lay up to leave myself an easy full wedge onto the green.   I still can't bring myself to leave the driver in the bag on most par 4s and 5s though. Seems like every time I do that, I mis-hit my 3-wood anyway.
  This may be the true root of my problem. I have a cupped left wrist during takeaway, which is another issue I've always struggled with. What's strange is that I can keep it straight without a club in my hands, but not with one.    
I think I've traced most of my swing woes to overswinging. Try as I may, I can't stop from swinging way past parallel, a la John Daly (without the spectacular drives). None of the tips I've found online are doing it for me. Have any other chronic overswingers managed to find a cure?
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