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I do rafi, and love it.
Nope, sorry, Everardo now has it.
I'd have to agree with Rafi. I think it's extremely high- at least for me.
Erik- Great tip! Just cause I'm a nice guy, I'll give 10% of any winnings off of rafi this weekend. Rafi, follow Erik's wisdom. I think it's a safe bet that I've just jinxed myself and I'll rattle off a dozen or so shanks now.
You know I'm gonna have to say something about the sh**ks before we start playing don't you. I'll need every advantage I can get.
what's up!? I used to live in Casey, IL and play golf at Robinson Country Club.
First tee of the 2005 Newport Cup
i'd like to get my hands on a set of x-tours, an exotics driver, a sonartec hybrid, and maybe an old callaway 4+ wood and cameron putter. oh, and a wilson 8802. i don't really want much that is brand new
so you took bogey right rafi?
WTF, Rafi...you were supposed to pick me up. i was waiting for you.
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